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Syrian Army Killed Gunmen In Daraa Following New Attacks On Its Posts In The Governorate

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Syrian Army Killed Gunmen In Daraa Following New Attacks On Its Posts In The Governorate

Illustrative image, via Sputnik, by Ilja Pitalev, source: arabic.sputniknews.com/military/201801241029455678-سوريا-جيش-هاون-إبداع/

Early on August 15, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) shelled Daraa al-Balad, the southern part of Daraa city, where more than a hundred gunmen have been holding up for several weeks now and causing a serious crisis in the southern governorate.

The shelling was apparently a response to several attacks that targeted posts of the SAA in the town of al-Sanamayn in the northern Daraa countryside late on August 14. The attacks were carried out in support of Daraa al-Balad gunmen. No losses were reported.

Local sources in Daraa al-Balad reported the death of a civilian, Mahmoud Ali Saleh al-Qutifan, as a result of the SAA shelling on the area.

However, pro-government sources said that al-Qutifan was in fact a local gunman. According to the sources, the SAA targeted al-Qutifan and other gunmen with mortar shells after detecting them with a drone.

Local leaders in Daraa al-Balad are yet to accept the demands of Syrian authorities, which are still determined to expel all gunmen from the area.

The local leaders held a new meeting with Russian mediators on August 15. A new roadmap to resolve the crisis in Daraa al-Balad was reportedly present to the local leaders. The details of the roadmap are yet to be revealed.

The SAA, that has been besieging Daraa al-Balad for nearly two months now, will not likely wait for much longer. The failure of the new Russian initiative may force the army kick off a military operation in the area.


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Americunt animals

These Wahhabi terrorist scum have only one solution, wipe them out. Daraa is in need to urban renewal, burn it down and start again.


FFS stop talking to those bastards and give them an ultimatum.

G2 Man

A very good investigative journalism on the Cradle.com. The defeated and corrupt US military is now stealing more oil from Syria as officers and CIA line their pockets. Erdogan family is their partner in crime.

US forces spotted smuggling dozens of oil tankers out of Syria
80 oil tankers were smuggled out of Syria earlier this week


cosmo kramer

hopefully they all explode in a fiery explosion


Why are those convoys not incinerated on sight by the airforce,they have been in the past,they should be attacked 24/7 on the roads,then they will get the message.


Those convoys should come under attack every day,its ridiculous that they are allowed to do it,hit them from the air and with missiles,why is that border crossing into Iraq not being bombed? even the resistance in Iraq could hit the convoy,but Russia could end this shit today by hitting them from the air everytime they are seen,seems the will to do it isn’t there.

cosmo kramer

great job SAA!!!!!!! KEEP KILLIN DEM!!!!!


Rest in peace brave mujahideen… Revenge will come….

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