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Syrian Army Kicks Off New Ground Offensive In Southern Idlib, Liberates Two Towns

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On February 23, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a new ground offensive in the southern countryside of Idlib.

The army’s elite 25th Special Forces Division is reportedly leading the offensive. The 4th Division and the 5th Corps are also participating.

In the very first hour of the attack, army troops liberated the towns of Hantoteen, north of the city of Ma`arat al-Nu`man, and Sheikh Dames south of it.

Syrian Army Kicks Off New Ground Offensive In Southern Idlib, Liberates Two Towns

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Warplanes of the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) and the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) provided the army with a close air support. Intense airstrikes are now targeting most of the southern Idlib countryside.

Earlier, pro-government sources reported that the SAA is preparing to launch a large-scale operation to liberate all the areas south of the M4 highway. It remains unclear if the ongoing offensive is a part of the operation, or a limited action aimed at further securing the newly-liberated areas in southeastern Idlib.

Al-Qaeda-affiliated Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and other Turkish-backed factions are showing a fierce resistance in southern Idlib now. However, the army will likely advance further in the upcoming few hours.

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klove and light

SAA.. be nice… and give them weirdos what they want.Their fuckín virgins!!!!


Out of virgins!

John Wallace

Just about out of recycled goats as well. All the kids are in hiding. Should have got in earlier.

Gabriel Hollows


Ray Douglas

Seems foolish to fight them twice. Kill them first time, no more green buses, no more ceasefires or deconfliction areas. Just kill them and move on.

Arbaches Glaukus

Farewell Green Buses, Hello NAPALM.


At the time the Green Busses served a useful purpose, as the SAA was fighting on dozens of fronts and could not afford a costly and lengthy battle of annihilation, with the added danger of Jihadis on other fronts opening up an offensive to take advantage of the SAA being occupied. And I reckon that at the time there was the hope that the Turks would keep their proxies under control.

There’s obviously not going to be any more Green Busses, unless Turkey wants to supply them. But then again Turkey seems loath to take these ‘moderate freedom loving rebels’ in. Hmm, I wonder why?

Daily Beatings

The wheels on the bus go round & round …
Round & round, round & round …
The wheels on the bus go round & round …
but not through Idlib …


Let the woman and children….


So far it’s an op to liberate all of Idlib. The SAA is talking about a storm that will engulf all of Idlib.

Lone Ranger

Vaporize the headchoppers and dont take prisoners.
I consider myself a civilized man but for rapists and headchoppers there is no mercy.
God Bless Syria, Russia and the SAA.


Another news: Turkey started arresting Jihadists in North east who didn’t want to fight and fled back to Turkey.
So the only pocket of resistance is Idlib. Their weak fighters though, were able to beat the Kurds in Afrin and in the North east. The Kurds should really fight alongside the SAA and give back the territory to the Syrian government.


There are ongoing negotations, and even some early reports about Kurds joining with SAA in select parts of Aleppo front. Though the push to take all areas west of Aleppo south of Afrin until the Turkish border seems now to have been halted in favor of this new move to (i hope) take the M4 highway, and all of south Idlib, including Jish Al Jugur, the major Jihadi stronghold.
Sadly this will become very costly for SAA. No flat perfect tank terrain like last operartions, and very skilled and motivated Jihadis from TIP in hills, caves and rocky terrain.
Lets hope it will go better then the previous failed and bloody attempts by SAA to take Jiash Al Jugur from Latakkia axis. At least now they can take it from both sides, possibly encircling the Jihadis and avoiding their fortifications..

Ray Douglas

Exactly as I said some months ago, ‘Take them from the rear’. All their fortifications, gun emplacements, and defences are geared towards an attack from the south. it would take months to organise a defence from the north. Go on SAA.


Direct and indirect ground fire with air strikes would thin out the jihadis and their fortifications.


AA little more difficult, I agree. But nothing like an air campaign to thin the herd.
Actually right now they are drawing them to the western side of Idlib.
The SAA does not need to take Jisr El shughour immediately. All they need to do is grab as much land as possible. This will have a devastating effect on the morale of the jihadists. Think about it for a moment. The SAA takes all except Jisr. Most will retreat there and bombing will generate a better yield. It’s a good investment.

Afrin is next (3-6 months from now)

Bill Wilson

It appears that the SAA plans to roll west down the secondary highway from Maarat al-Numan to force the HTS to withdraw from southern Idlib.

Xoli Xoli

No more free ride on green buses.Now it’s pay back time for first free ride on green buses.Die rats die no more coronavirus spreading.


Very good, but keep on going since there is a lot of Syria land needed to be recovered.


Interesting, they are advancing along a new axis from the last series of battles to north…..seems like SAA is carefully creating new weak points by diverting forces of enemy and then attack in that sector.


The restored M5 allows them to deploy fast on a wide front and always concentrate the strike at the weakest point!

Peter Jennings

I’m guessing that a 100% of the SAA and airforce want a piece of this Idlib action. I hope the helmets have stolen enough equipment to cope with what’s coming.
As the SAA squeeze the terrorists left in Idlib into an ever smaller area, what remains will be the bottom of the barrel. All the best mercenaries have gone to apply for Turkish citizenship, in Libya.

Tudor Miron

Things there (Libya) don’t go too well for them either. 100 rats and 16 turks killed recently.

Peter Jennings

Lots of terrorists from Syria refusing to fight apparently. No relaxing at a Turkish resort for them. Turkey’s over rated anyway. They have a Syrian prison to look forward to, if they’re lucky.


The story forever of mercenaries. They are the bravest and toughest soldiers, as long as there is no fighting to be done!!!
Niccolo Macchiavelli wrote about this long ago – that no national project can rely on mercenaries. They are happy to collect the wages as long as possible, and when the time for action comes they run away!

Willing Conscience (The Truths


jhon malakiat

this is what I will do to the terrorist.

1. catch alive terrorist rats as many as possible.
2. put them on septic tank. let human shit hit them everyday.
3. make them die suffer with amoniac gas

Chris P

The M5 gives the SAA the ability to move quickly along its front lines. Is this a diversion, a new Frontal area, or just a way of creating the battlefield they want. Meaning hit them where they are thin and make them move to you. Not let them dictate where the battlefield should be. Very smart! This area is where I though they would attack first and get the mountains. The SAA was much smarter. They took Allepo and the M5. SAA POLICY. Constantly: Make them move to you. This is Russian tactics. They control the skies in this area too. Look at the locations of the closest airfield. 4 minute flight to front lines.
How many Pansirs, S300s and SU24 are flying into Syria these days that we don’t hear about? That was hilarious that Russia tried to fly 5 though Turkey yesterday. They Turks must have shit their pants. hahahahaha

Assad must stay

crush crush crush pound and annihilate the rats

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