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Syrian Army Kicks Off New Attack Against ISIS In Al-Safa

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Syrian Army Kicks Off New Attack Against ISIS In Al-Safa

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies launched a new attack on the remaining ISIS positions in the area of al-Safa north of the governorate of al-Suwayda and advanced 2km deep into the heavily fortified area, a source in the army told SouthFront on November 11.

According to the source, the SAA killed several terrorists during its advance in al-Safa. A pickup truck and many motorcycles of ISIS were also destroyed by the army.

Meanwhile, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq claimed that the terrorist group’s fighters killed and injured 25 Syrian soldiers during clashes with the SAA on November 10. However, SouthFront’s source denied Amaq’s claims and said that he is not aware of any loses in the last 48 hours.

The new attack, which is led by the SAA’s 4th Division and backed by Russia, will likely mark the end of ISIS in al-Safa and the entire Damascus desert as the besieged terrorist group’s capabilities were drained by weeks of clashes.

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matew ivanson

SAA brougt huge military forces, armored divisions, Republican Guard, NDF, Palestinian militia, Rusian advisers, drones, heavy artilery but 1500 ISIS soldiers stop all attacks, on the main front line around vulcano Safa SAA and alies cant advance even 300 metres, each SAA progress ISIS return to their control by counterattacks, Safa is a hell for Assad and his army

al quaida

Which is testament to the heavily fortified nature of the area.


and the full support of the US coalition, they are desperate mercenaries with zero future


ISIS have the courage of Captagon.

Bill Wilson

It’s quite easy for ISIS to conceal their positions since the ground looks the same over a huge area. They can dig out trenches and firing pits, cover those with tin or tarps then cover those with sand, stones and rocks. The openings can be concealed with hung tarps painted to resemble the surfaces next to them.

Jens Holm

You have no idea about how many or few ISIs are there.

You also seemes to not know, how small Your socalled “huge forces” are.

Assads organized that hell themselves. So far 500.000 spendables 12 mio. not at home. Soon it will be difficult to find men having 2 legs.

Tudor Miron

Jens, saying that “Assads organized that hell themselves” is insulting to common sense. What Assad did is defended against hell unleashed upon Syria by US/UK/Israel irregular armed forces.

Jens Holm

And hafez too ???


The only possible fate of ISIS is being annihilated, and now that fate is finally nearing it’s overdo fruition.

al quaida

Been hearing that mantra for a while now, yet ISIS still have a presence elsewhere in Syria and beyond. As despicable as they are, their tenaciousness is not to be underestimated.


Without US and Israeli clandestine aid ISIS would have been dealt with long ago in my opinion.


It would never have existed.


I somehow don’t think so Ivanus59! You’re talking about a group that still has tens of thousands of fighters in both Iraq and Syria, are attacking both Iraq and Syria on a daily basis and can survive constant air strikes by a ‘Worldwide coalition’ by just getting up and carrying on fighting as if nothing ever happened. And even if they are somehow defeated in the Middle East, their ideology has spread to a potential 1.8 billion Muslims across the globe.


But how many ISIS fighters are left in organized groups with equipment to fight?
Agree that there will always be sleeper cells, although many are being hunted down.


How many fighters are left in organized groups with equipment to fight? No idea, but they seem to be doing alright so far!
And yes, many sleeper cells are being hunted down, especially in Iraq, however, bearing in mind that they are still launching attacks on a frequent basis, there must be countless cells still scattered across the entire country.


damn, if isis had the capabilities of a real army they would have acheived world domination by now, as much as i hate them i gotta admit they are really commited and capable fighters….


For a while they actually had a real army. They’re one of the few terrorist groups who made the jump from insurgency to conventional warfare. Underestimate them at your peril, as the Kurds are doing in the Euphrates Valley.


that was sarcasm correct?


Looks like SAA and Tiger Forces are about to launch an attack from Abu Dhuhour. MG Suheil Al Hassan has placed Tigers on High-Alert. Breaking info on AMN


This may be just noise to put pressure on Turkey to actually clear the “DMZ”.
Though I doubt the Jihadist rats will leave. The deadline has been put off to when?
SAA should clear out Al Safa before making any moves in the north, but some arty is good.


Turkey has good relations with all kinds of terrosists there, but some of them are just fanatics. sure they like their money (given by Turkey,sa,US etc) but their only goal is to keep fighting .cant control them. idlib is a good oportunity for them to start their ‘state’ again as they did before. tensions arise every now and then between fsa(turkish puppets) and ISIS fractions……they dont mind killing fsas’ at all.


You are probably right. Seems kinda strange that the SAA would be fore warning the headchoppers of their arrival. Although, the headchoppers have a an absolute dread of the Tigers.

R Trojson

Since Russia-Syria-Iran has had al Safa ISIS surrounded for months and just resupplied them with at least 4 truckloads of food, money, drugs, ammunition and arms this is how the farce will play out. As we speak ISIS is being moved to their next stronghold south east of the Euphrates. They will use that stronghold to attack Kurds and US. Within a week or two all ISIS fighters and working equipment will be moved and Syria will declare complete victory over al Safa ISIS.


This ISIS group will either die or flee with nothing.
The hostages where freed, so the rats have nothing left to hold back the SAA. :)

Tudor Miron

You repeat this resupplying mantra over and over again. You try to tell that Russia/Syria is using ISIS against US/Kurds :) Do you think that we’re idiots here? That says a lot about you :) Everyone knows that ISIS/Queda/Rest of terrorist rats are nothing other than irregular armed forces of US/UK/Israel.

Vince Dhimos

Thanks. I just noticed the same thing. I searched for this fictitious report and ONLY found the post by Trojsan.

Vince Dhimos

Please send us a link to this news of Russia-Syria-Iran supplying ISIS with food, etc. I did a search and found ONLY your post, no such report elsewhere.


If the Israeli air force doesn’t intervene they are over, and the aviation is over if it intervenes. The only question of the street man is: Why Russia doesn’t end immediately ISIS with the thermo-bombs?

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