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Syrian Army Kicks Off Advance In Countryside Of Daraa Provincial Capital

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On June 26, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have kicked off an advance against militants in the countryside of the Daraa provincial capital.

According to pro-government sources, government forces are aiming to retake the siols and the Gharaz prison. This move pursues two goals:

  • to outlfank the militant-held part of Daraa city from the eastern direction;
  • to isolate militants in the village of Elnaymah from their counterparts in the city of Daraa.

Some sources say that the SAA may make an attempt to reach the Nassib border crossing with Jordan in order to cut off a major part of the militants’ supply lines in the area. However, this is much less likely than the previous two points.

The SAA attack in the Daraa countryside comes amid the developing anti-militant operation led by the Tiger Forces northeast of the city of Daraa. Government forces have recently liberated the entire district of Lajat and some nearby villages there.

Syrian Army Kicks Off Advance In Countryside Of Daraa Provincial Capital

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They are already scared of you so GO TIGERS !
Grab them by the pussy!


Looks like a deal between Russia-USrael, about who what becomes in Syria


Give up of yours bla, bla, bla, Siegfried, you are more intelligent than that, make an effort to write something interesting, not the the same old mantra that can’t convince no one.

Elisabeth Jenders

As a fellow Kraut, I remember how, in English lessons, we often got confused with these words “bekommen” (“get”) and “become” (“werden”) – you surely mean “… who gets what in Syria”.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just no deal as Russia told Bibi not to interfere and why he listens and walks behind and not beside like Assad does.


Why do you think there is no deal? It does fit the evidence so far. Netannutjob goes to Putin, gets a prime seat next to him on the Victory Day parade, just as the IDF hammers Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Syria. Russia then tells the Iranians and Hezbollah to leave Southern Syria. They leave, the SAA launches its operations in the south and the US tells its headchoppers they are on their own. The way I see it it does fit the pattern that there is a deal between Russia and Israel.

At least over southern Syria. Idlib, Al Tanf and US/Kurdish occupied northeastern Syria are still up for grabs.


Barba, I think that what is dealing the situation it’s the correlation of forces on the ground, pi, period, the rest are consequences. By the way, I think also that this war isn’t go to finish without the Golans problem resolved, or resolved next after its end.


I respectfully disagree. As has been shown many times, if the US and Israel wanted to nothing will stop them from providing air support to their headchoppers. Nothing stops them from bombing the SAA when it tries to move against the SDF or At Tanf. If these countries were to oppose a move of the SAA against the Daraa headchoppers nothing but a direct confrontation with the Russians will stop them. Again, the US abandoning its Daraa headchoppers, the Iranians and Hezbollah being moved up north, they all point to a deal having been reached.

As for the Golan. Not! A! Snowball’s! Chance! In! Hell! There is absolutely nothing that the Syrians can do about that. The Russians won’t support them in that, the Iranians don’t have the means to support them, the Syrian army barely exists anymore, other then firing some rockets Hezbollah does not have the means to do anything. I’d say Assad’s father already gave up any chance of getting the Golan back, I doubt that after 7 years of civil war that has seen his country in ruins Assad even dares to dream about getting it back. Its sofar down his list you’d probably have to check the appendixes. He’s probably counting himself extremely lucky if he were to even get control over Idlib, At Tanf and SDF controlled eastern Syria back. Even 1 of those 3.


Okay, two different point of views.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Russia has always taken this approach as Israel would run and cry to the US and NATO you are not very bright for a European even you should realize the catch twenty two of it all.


Just to remind you that Israel was and still is the major force on the West that has blocked revisionist attempts of the West on WW2
West wanted and still wants to place USSR from the winners to the side of the aggressors.
If they have succeeded that would have direct impact on Russia in many ways.
Just to mention what consequence that would have on Russian borders like Kalinigrad would become occupied German territory and Kuril islands Japanese occupied territory.

If I was in Putin’s shoes I would always invite Israel on WW2 victory celebrations (Israel is the heavy weight in WW2 propaganda and influence in the world)

Israels blocking of WW2 revisionism is VERY important for Russia.



Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The objective here is 3 points Palestinian camp the prison and the silos then push to Nassib crossing towards the border and cut of supply to the western areas.


pockets, the SAA will create pocket it has been the strategy for over a year now and its works, One of the reasons it’s works cuz the terrorist are so scared the get surrounded and cut off that the just flee leaving all their hardware behind. And after one side/group/warlord flees right away animosity starts between groups and the alliance shatters :)


Golden bridges

Cedric Hunter

About damn time. SAA GET IT DONE. Now that Eastern Daraa is nearly taken, head for the Jordanian border, dammit! You must close off those supply lines before the Jordanian army get army fortified the those border crossings themselves. Mobile or airborne strike teams will be perfect for this type of mission. The rebels will be stunned into surrender. Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, glorious. The SAA has done well. Keep moving


Better cut those supply lines from Jordan.

Gregory Casey

So good to see “Rebel” Forces surrendering to the Syrian Arab Army in Daraa!! Issue now is where do these 450+ fighters go to? Will some of them join up with SAA? OR will they take their chances and go to Idlib to join the ever-developing bloodbath between Jihadists there!! https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-over-450-rebels-surrender-to-syrian-army-in-daraa-state-tv/?utm_medium=ppc&utm_source=push&utm_campaign=push+notifications&utm_content=English

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