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Syrian Army Is Storming Town Of Tadif In Just Few Kilometers From Al-Bab

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Syrian Army Is Storming Town Of Tadif In Just Few Kilometers From Al-Bab

Click to see the full-size map. Source: @Tutomap/Twitter

The Syrian army’s Tiger Forces and the National Defense Forces (NDF) are storming the town of Tadif in just few kilometers from the ISIS stronghold of al-Bab in the Syrian province of Aleppo.

Reports appear that Tiger Forces and NDF troops have entered Tadif and clashes between them and ISIS terrorists are now ongoing inside the town.

If Tadif is captured by government forces, the army and the NDF will be in less than 2 kilometers from the southern gates of al-Bab.

Meanwhile, rumors have appeared that government forces are going to enter al-Bab despite the fact that pro-Turkish forces are also storming it.

AlMasdarNews reports:

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has been given the green light by their high command to enter Al-Bab City in east Aleppo, Al-Masdar’s Syria correspondent Yusha Yuseef reported on late Friday.

According to Yuseef, the Syrian Arab Army will enter Al-Bab once the strategic town of Tadef is liberated from the remaining Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists.

The only stipulation that may prohibit them from entering this Islamic State stronghold in east Aleppo is whether or not the Turkish Armed Forces seize the city before them.

Similar to the Syrian Arab Army’s other large-scale offensives, this military operation will be led by their elite Tiger Forces and their Russian allies, who will be providing necessary air coverage over Al-Bab.

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Trustin Judeau

SAA is 2 km from Al Bab.And some report on Twitter claimed that SAA have taken the southern sector of the city.And if SAA enter Al Bab we will see Daraa 2.0


This is a really bad idea. So we have a united jihadi force to the southwest, ISIS to the east and Turkey to the north. How do the SAA think that this will end well? Turkey have like a million troops, Syria can’t hope to beat them, not if their entire force was pitted against them, let alone so heavily bogged down all over the country, with manpower reserves already at crippling levels supposedly, and for a long time, basically the length of the entire war.

Dink Smallwood

Turkey has Tadif roundabout.


Ah, what a ploy..

888mladen .

Russia’s MoD and SAA are again on collision course. It seems like Russia has turned Syria into his protectorate. However it could be just a bluff.


SAA should had stablished several defensive lines with Russian, Iranian and Lebanese support down Al-bab, an offensive there has very little to none benefits

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