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JUNE 2023

Syrian Army Is Ready To Launch Large-Scale Operation In Greater Idlib – Report

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is fully ready and awaiting orders to launch a large-scale ground operation against terrorist groups in Greater Idlib, the Q Street Journal reported on December 18 citing a source in the army.

According to the source, Syrian and Russian warplanes as well as the SAA artillery force have been pounding terrorists’ positions in the region for more than 24 hours.

“Army units are fully ready to launch a large-scale military operation to liberate Idlib and its countryside from the militants, and they are awaiting military orders, which only could determine when the big battle to liberate Idlib will start,” the outlet quoted the source as saying.

The source didn’t provide detailed information on the targets of the upcoming operation. However, many credible pro-government activists revealed that the operation is aimed at reopening the strategic M5 highway.

In order to achieve this goal, the SAA will have to capture the cities of Ma`arat al-Nu`man and Saraqib, the two biggest urban centers in southern Idlib, as well as dozens of villages and towns to the east of the M5.

Another obstacle that would hinder the army’s advance along the highway is the presence of five Turkish observation posts, which are located near the district of al-Rashidin in western Aleppo, the town of al-Eis in southwest Aleppo, the towns of Tell Tuqan and Surman in southeast Idlib as well as the town of Ma’arr Hitat in southern Idlib.

Syrian Army Is Ready To Launch Large-Scale Operation In Greater Idlib – Report

A map published by pro-government activists.

Turkey established these posts, and seven others, under an agreement with Russia with the aim of pushing terrorists away from front lines with the SAA. A commitment that i6s yet to be fulfilled by Ankara.

With the low efficiency of diplomatic means and the ever increasing terrorists’ attacks around Great Idlib, the SAA appears to be closer than ever to a decisive operation.


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I wish it was true, but I don’t think it is. SAA does not have the appropiate size, hardware or training for such a campaign


SAA has all to make this and other action on the whole Syria land, with the help of Russia airforce. What has happened so far is that Russia has continuously stop SAA offensive on Idlib to please Erdogan who is Putin’s friend.

opet ja

I wonder what is going to be with Russo/Turk friendship when Turkey military starts supporting Libya’s government and Russians support general Haftar forces??!!


¿ Really ? and ¿ approved by Russia ? This looks very unlikely since Russia is supporting and protecting Turkey (NATO member) and its actions on Idlib.Efrin-north Euphrates. Facts are Facts words are just words with any effect at all.


Agreed entirely. Putin’s double-dealing with Turkey are simply a disgrace with regards to their so-called “strategic ally” Syria to which they do not even offer the expected degree of protection a smaller power should expect from its patron. Damascus has practically open-up its military, political and economic sovereignty to Russia, and does not even get an hermetic protection for its mainland or its integrity. Israel strikes and humiliates it at will, Turkey and the US encroach on their territory from multiple sides to this day.

If Moscow persists in such “talk to all, deal with all” with a zero-risk approach without developing an ounce of principles or audacity involving a firm grip vis à vis other competing actors, they will end up setting an extremely bad precedent for times to come where the encounter critical common interests with a future actor entailing a deep partnership. Indeed any government willing to deal with Russia on strategic matters will do so while being extremely wary of their treacherous nature and hence will probably only moderately walk the Russian line anywhere even if they come with major concessions, lucrative and generous MoUs, or other official understandings.

As much as I understand pragmatism and patient chess-play are a norm in geopolitical calculation, and friends & foes can change overnight and need to be viewed as ever-changing factors, I do not see Moscow behaving like an ally should even by these cold standards, with regards to a country that conceded so much to them unconditionally. The least they could do is to secure their national integrity, which Putin seems absolutely not interested, willing or in a hurry to address, and even adds insult to injury by evidently using pieces of Syrian land as a bargaining tool with Turkey.

I mean, as the saying goes, with an ally like this, who needs enemies ? The only thing saving Moscow from a major confidence crisis with Damascus is that the usurper sitting at the throne in Damascus is one of the region’s most pathetically weak and thoughtless leaders that his country has ever seen in more than a century. His father must be turning a thousand times in his grave every day. Who could imagine Israel doing its constant pin-prick attacks there in such total impunity when Hafez Al-Assad was in power ? the IDF still recalls the regular losses they had when provoking skirmishes over the Lebanese border regions, at this time Syria was in tit-for-tat mode and almost always took down their attacking birds whenever they tried something fancy around. A4s, F-4s, F-15s, F-16s, you name it. All of those types fell at least once. Today ? no comment. And the collapsing home-front is not an excuse anymore. Syria has the military ability to respond hard in the Golan every time Israel strikes, just as Hezbollah does in the Shebaa Farms whenever needed as well and Tel-Avis tries to question the status-quo.

King Cliff

The whole world is saying lunch,called it decisive storms!!!

The Farney Fontenoy

“Ready To Launch Large-Scale Operation In Greater Idlib” They’ve been ready since August 2018-Russia stands in the way b/c Putin wants his pipeline deal with the Turks.


Exactly. This, and tocontinue his forey into the NATO ally’s military establishemtn through S-400 and Su-35/57 deals.

Mustafa Mehmet

Saa wants pay rise first. then maybe


What pipeline deal? Where did you get that info; from Jewish newspapers? The pipeline is already finished in the Turk section of the pipeline. Agreement was signed long time ago and if Turkey breaches their part of the agreement they will face penalties which are proscribed in the contract. So Russia doesn’t have to become patsy of Turkey or anybody else like you pretend them to be. What are you saying actually is usual anti-Russian propaganda accepted and parroted by the people without independent critical thinking . Badmouthing Russia is the easiest way to find scapegoat and cover SAA’ s real limitations. Nobody is blocking SAA in liberating of anything, specially not Russia who would prefer to get rid of Jihad lunatics as soon as possible. Hezbollah and Iran are not helping any longer SAA . And on top SAA is spread over even more territory now, on the other side of the Euphrates. So they simply don’t have enough soldiers to quickly mount big offensive. I was stating well known facts. But you were talking only assumptions. You do not explain why would Russia be in submissive position to Turkey with that “pipeline” when the contract was signed long time ago and pipeline built already? Turkey also buys lots of gas from Russia, they need Russian gas. And they need profit from gas “Turk stream” transit so HOW can they blackmail Russia without hurting themselves why would they do that ?! It is Russia who saved Erdogan from failed CIA coup and since Erdogan can’t trust US he can’t also trust their stooges from EU either. So that leaves only Russia and China option as world powers support of his regime in case things got worse with US and NATO. Specially now when they are in process of buying S-400?! They also have loans from Russia and depend on Russian tourist coming to Turkey and they have huge loans and investments from China close allay of Russia. So how exactly For simpleton it is easy logic pipeline in Turkey = dependent on Turkey If you can have proves for your propaganda

Saso Mange

Good luck to all SAA members and to Tiger of Syria, Mr. Assad.


I have been waiting for news like this for years and hoped that some day it would come true. But things don’t run like they are imagined in optimistic minds. What can SAA do when their partners in arms (Russian side) don’t support a tough action onto the highway area against the beheading fraction that is supported by the Turkish gangs? Nevertheless I hope that things are unfolding into the direction like reported here…if not by a big step forward but at least step by step…

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

i wish SAA absolute best of luck in this operation, i hope it is the most successful operation yet, that every sacrifice is worth it, and that all of idlib will be red by the end of next year :))))


As the US gave SAA back their northern border with Turkey, east of the Euphrate, getting that sorted out has naturally been a priority. Not to worry Commander, one step at a time.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

I read on almasdarnews.com now that US is going back to the abandoned bases can u believe this?


Hopefully they will finally launch that operation now.

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