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Syrian Army Is Preparing To Launch Large Ground Attack In Western Aleppo – Report

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Syrian Army Is Preparing To Launch Large Ground Attack In Western Aleppo – Report

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) may soon launch a large-scale ground operation against terrorist groups in the western Aleppo countryside, the 180o Post reported on December 28 citing a Syrian military source.

The source told the Beirut-based outlet that the army deployed reinforcements on the frontlines in western Aleppo over the last two months.

According to the source, the attack in western Aleppo will complement the ongoing operation in southeast Idlib, which is aimed at reopening the M5 highway that passes though both regions.

Earlier this month, the SAA advanced towards the highway from southeast Idlib, liberating more than 40 towns from al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir a-Sham (HTS) and its allies. However, the advance was halted a few days ago

The source told the 180o Post that the army stopped in outskirt of Ma`arat al-Nu`man because of “the trough affecting the region and the political movements between Turkey and Russia, following Turkey’s attempt to impede the military operation, in addition to some initiatives from the Reconciliation Commission and some social figures.

Despite these obstacles, the Syrian source emphasized that the army will soon resume its advance in the southeastern Idlib countryside.

A ground attack in western Aleppo could push HTS and its allies to the brink of complete collapse. The terrorist groups have already sustained heavy losses in southeast Idlib without making any achievements what so ever.

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idlib is certainty so all is good – I await the time when the alliance of resistance consisting of turkey, iran, syria, iraq, hezbollah (houthis, egypt) will start a massive missile attack on the squatters aiming to clear palestine of each and every one of the squatters in the criminal enterprise called israel and turn the much vaunted iron dome into the iron dooooom kaboooom and no more squatters in palestine. a day to behold!


It will never happen. Middle East Arab puppet regime states are built by Anglo Saxons in such way that they never unite. First Saudi regime must fall as symbol of Anglo-Saxon dominance. IsraHell will only be annihilated by Islam (like it was in the past).

Wolfgang Wolf

always those fucking turkish bitching and whining around.. and stupid russians licking asses…. by doing so, it will take another 8 years to finish off those camelfuckers

Xoli Xoli

True as long as Russians buy face with Erdogan he will continue fuck up everything and cause instability in Arab and Muslim world.In Greece Erdogan. In Cyprus Erdogan. In Bahrain Erdogan. In Qatar Erdogan. In Syria Erdogan. In Libya Erdogan. In Ukraine Erdogan. In Georgia Erdogan. In Iraq Erdogan. On traitors table with USA,ISRAEL,France and Britain Erdogan. On eye blind table and Russian backstabbing Erdogan.


Who can better “lick (US) asses” than Germany? Even when they f**k you hard by imposing energy policy bad for Germany the only German answer is : Can we kiss your U.S. ass at least one more time please? While in the meantime NATO German, French, UK special ops and spy whores are running around the Syria trying their best to destroy Syria and block Russia wherever they can as usual.

So you are the same pigs just like Turks supporting terrorists in Syria you filthy motherfuckers!!!


Very nice to see, Aleppo needs a substantial buffer to the west, too many lives lost breaking it free. We certainly don’t need to give the MB boys any low hanging fruit.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

bout damn time!!!!!! fuck them all up SAA!!!!!!

You can call me Al

Kill them all, no prisoners.

John Wallace


Very apt..

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“A ground attack in western Aleppo could push HTS and its allies to the brink of complete collapse. The terrorist groups have already sustained heavy losses in southeast Idlib without making any achievements what so ever.”

So even SF are saying just one more major ground assault could push the enemy to the brink of complete collapse, I say it can’t come soon enough then. But I hope they don’t tackle Aleppo yet, that’s still too hard a fight for the SAA just yet, there’s much easier pickings to the south anyway, why waste men’s lives fighting ferocious battles when winning easier ones will achieve exactly the same results. Get the refugees stampeding again, give them their one way tickets to Turkey, just a few more days of insecurity and they’ll flood into Turkey like a breaking dam. Erdogan’s safe zone in north eastern Syria is becoming less and less appealing to the Syrian refugees that already live in Turkey, I have a funny feeling events in Idlib are about to have a direct impact on Erdogan’s ever increasing unsafe safe zones feasibility. Is that what you call killing 2 birds with the 1 stone, LOL LOL LOL.

Azriel Herskowitz

The butcher regime thinks they can push into West Aleppo? These guys can’t even push into Maarat al-Numan which is surrounded by flat land and tanks could easily roll through. They still can’t make a serious offensive even with air support. Everyday rebels repel attacks on Kabani. Do people really think this incompetent “army” can take West Aleppo?


This “incompetent” army liberated Beit Jinn, Western Ghouta, the syrian desert, the Western bank of the euphrates, Abu al-Duhur, Eastern Ghouta, Dumair, Eastern Qalamoun, Southern Damascus, Daraya, Rastan, Daraa, Qalaat al-Madiq, Kafr Nabudah, Northern Hama, Southern Idlib, and parts of SE Idlib. The advance was only halted, because of the weather. Within few days they liberated over 40 towns and villages how about that Jacob? You’ve always been saying they couldn’t advance one inch into Idlib and now you’ve so quiet about that fact. Their attacks on Kabani have only been repelled, because the Jihadis have the territorial advantage (Hill 1554). It’s not because their better, but because the SAA has to advance uphill and before they have to cross an open terrain without any cover. Kabani is the strongst point of the Jihadis, but when it’s liberated by the SAA they have a free ride to the al-Ghab plain and Jisr ash-Shughur.

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