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Syrian Army Is Preparing To Launch Large Ground Attack In Western Aleppo – Report


Syrian Army Is Preparing To Launch Large Ground Attack In Western Aleppo – Report

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) may soon launch a large-scale ground operation against terrorist groups in the western Aleppo countryside, the 180o Post reported on December 28 citing a Syrian military source.

The source told the Beirut-based outlet that the army deployed reinforcements on the frontlines in western Aleppo over the last two months.

According to the source, the attack in western Aleppo will complement the ongoing operation in southeast Idlib, which is aimed at reopening the M5 highway that passes though both regions.

Earlier this month, the SAA advanced towards the highway from southeast Idlib, liberating more than 40 towns from al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir a-Sham (HTS) and its allies. However, the advance was halted a few days ago

The source told the 180o Post that the army stopped in outskirt of Ma`arat al-Nu`man because of “the trough affecting the region and the political movements between Turkey and Russia, following Turkey’s attempt to impede the military operation, in addition to some initiatives from the Reconciliation Commission and some social figures.

Despite these obstacles, the Syrian source emphasized that the army will soon resume its advance in the southeastern Idlib countryside.

A ground attack in western Aleppo could push HTS and its allies to the brink of complete collapse. The terrorist groups have already sustained heavy losses in southeast Idlib without making any achievements what so ever.

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