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Syrian Army Is Preparing To Enter Afrin Area – Media

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Syrian Army Is Preparing To Enter Afrin Area – Media

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On February 16, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) began its preparations to enter the Afrin area after an agreement had been reached by the Damascus government and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) on February 15, according to the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV.

Al-Mayadeen’s correspondent in the Afrin area reported that the SAA is currently selecting units, which will be deployed inside and around Afrin. According to the correspondent, the SAA and YPG will also establish several joint positions.

The Russian media outlet RT reported on February 15 that the SAA had refused to enter Afrin unless the YPG had agreed to give up its arms first. However, al-Mayadeen denied this and said that the SAA didn’t set any preconditions.

Regarding the timing of the SAA deployment in the Afrin area, the al-Mayadeen correspondent said that the move is very complicated and may take a long time because Afrin is currently a war zone. The correspondent also stressed that the SAA will participate in the military operations against the Turkish Army side by side with the YPG.

YPG officials didn’t deny al-Mayadeen’s reports yet. This indicates that the Damascus government and the YPG may have indeed reached an agreement. However, many observers still doubt that a deal had been reached due to the lack of any official confirmations from both sides.

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“The correspondent also stressed that the SAA will participate in the military operations against the Turkish Army side by side with the YPG.” Yeah right. Sounds like garbage news. :/


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ypg propaganda manip!!! scrab totally!!!

Bjorn Metaal

Now the Kurds need help? They claimed they would win the battle but they lost. give the Turkish military until the summer and it’s all done. No more Kurdistan over there. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/93352a25a269d9673880f97c8a07d30877b078087cc48efcb640b46b1f237a03.jpg

Bjorn Metaal



Leopard 2A4 near Al Bab. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f810c7d548225e781c3f02d54d637b91c1e6138a8cf1ba5b3e03a0bf33a3f204.jpg


Those Turk shitholes have no right to be there


and neither do the Kurds.


Syrian Kurds belong there


They belong there within the SAA .


Agree but still belong there. Turds not


US can be there from 11 000 km away together with lots of EU garbage . Iran and Russia can be there although having no borders with Syria. . And some dimwitt comes and tell us we can not ,although we have 1000 km borders with Syria Those days are gone dear . If you threaten us , we will fetch you from your bed in the middle of the night while you are sleeping next to your wife.


lol hush bitch u stink


Looking at your comment , we will have to pick you up while you are sleeping next to your mama.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That is a Turkish kink in particular , lots of “mama’s boys” there in land of Mongol-Turk.


Little girls slapping wild beasts , geographical maps about kinks , jumping right into the conversation when you read about mamas and boys..

What was your agenda exactly ?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Simply they cut and run when the going gets tough, they would never been able to take Al-Bab as they lost too heavily against ISIS they are not the ineffectual TFSA.


Last time I checked, Al Bab was under strict Turkish control via proxies and war spoils left by fleeing ISIS gangs and opportunist SAA were neatly placed in FSA inventory. (Look here ; Facts. No assumptions , no wishfull claims ) Anyhow I always have sympathy for sad statements going as ‘’ we were defeated , but .. ‘ , so please go ahead – I am all ears.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Fact was that Turkey lost 500 in a short span to an inferior force and relied on SAA,SDF to chase away ISIS and Turkey was the opportunist, but notice you are relying on MSM “Facts”, you should stop “sleeping in the belly of the dragon” stop taking their drugs you will do fine without them.


We have seen that SAA of yours when they tried to inflitrate at Abu El Zandin , Ghuz and partly Tadif . Epitome of opportunism. It took a whole day of Ahrar Al Sham to collect their bodies and deserted APCs from the field.

We also saw the other secterian clowns funded and supported by their Persian sugar daddy ( whom I am sure you love dearly ) at Arisa 2 years ag ,when the town was about to fell. They were running like hell on foot.

BTW next time you try to come up with some numbers , do not forget to include some 2500 ISIS creep as well as a few dozen of SAA trash, so that your lousy ‘analysis’ may sound a bit better.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Turk clowns have always been opportunists what do you expect from illegal combataants in Syria. Look at how Harakats are now joining one another shows their sugar daddies are mad at each other ,lol.

When you talk about the so called FSA and HTS as sectarian clowns is hilarious and didn’t realize that Turdo doggy was Persian thanks for the info you sound like Lister just shows how clueless you really are.

Haven’t heard Al Qaeda killing each other guy so please stop with your false narratives just as you never see anything other than regional land exchanges in accord with NATO/GCC handlers.


What a collection of crap. I really dont know where to start or what to do with you..

Legal base of TR presence in Syria is UN Treaty article 51 and various UNSC decrees Get your facts right. If you are calling FSA as ‘illegal combatans’ , they are Syrian citizens, not like IRGC backed NDF creeps posting videos from Jinderes yesterday with broken Arabic.

Speaking of opportunism , just look what happened at Tel Rifat today. PKK simply handed the city to SAA charlatans just to save their own cheap ash. A complete surrender. Now you tell me if SAA had any chance to get this city if we were not beating PKK in Afrin so hard ? What did I tell you yesterday ? You are the Epitome of opportunism..

The main reason why Ahrar Al Sham & Nur Al-Din Zinki merged as Syria Liberation Front is Astana Agreement, dear. You simply call it ‘’Harakats’’ , because you dont know who is who. You also have no real idea why they are fighting with HTS right now and why Turkey is silently watching.

Anyone with an avarage IQ would understand the secterian clowns I was mentioning were NDF. It was NDF running like hell from Ariha in 2015, neither FSA nor HTS. You are clueless. You dont know what actually happened there , do you ?

See below video Nr 1 . See how they are running See also video 2 , see how fast they are. See video 3 from Al Ghouz , Feb 2017. Your SAA trash even forgot to pick up their flag and their APC.

What you were saying about sources ? Do you Need more ?

Unless you are talking about author Charles Lister, I dont know who Lister is. Anyhow let me tell you that I am definitely not interested in the unidimensional parallel universe you live in, or your childhood traumas.

One additional note ;Things seems to be going from bad to worse for you nowadays .Have you seen Russian call for an urgent UNSC meeting for Eastern Ghouta.? It seems to me that they are getting prepared to throw you and your embergo improvished Persian sugar dady under the bus if you all dont behave..

Plus a humble personal note ; before jumping into a conversation with hidden Sexu0al perversions about infant girls and beasts ,kinks, unwitty slurs , ‘ LOL’’s , juvenile slogans from 20th century, may be you should be a bit more carefull next time. No offense, just a guidance for you on your long path to being a better human being.

Watch and enjoy..









“If you threaten us , we will fetch you from your bed in the middle of the night while you are sleeping next to your wife.” Lol classical Turkshit comment.


Thank you. I have many more cliches like this. Just trying to use one by one.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Turks talk tough and can be easily slapped down , Erdogan will find out his Turkish slap is effective as a little three yr old girls slap to a grizzly bear.


You have any concrete evidence supporting this trivia above , or just heartfelt wishes ?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The evidence is their past and present actions , like I said some people are not too bright.


When you reply with further personal assumptions to someone requesting concerete evidence, vogue statements about being a bit dim may be perceived as a sincere self criticism. You should really try to furnish your claims with serious proof or locigal analylsis instead of being a complete waste of time.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There has been plenty of major analysis and longstanding proof that is beyond credible, but little internet trolls like you seem to be in denial stage of the reality still.


Seems to me that the only ”serious” source you base your argument is the one you are sitting on right now. Otherwise I would really like to meet some of those day dreaming friends of yours.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Haven’t seen any of your fake sources or you even provide credible ones that have been proven wrong. Besides when you try to deflect as you do its very annoying when you are the one that can’t ever deliver fact other than debunked garbage. Stop trying to be a trawler and go find someone else to waste time with, like your girlfriends Harriet and Rosie Palmer.

Tired of your no fact conversations as you spout nothing but propaganda.


Seems that you are a bit annoyed after the disclosure of your best source of information.

When I stratch the thin veneer of poch words on your ‘groundbreaking analysis’ , what I find is nothing but bits and pieces of wishfull thinking and lots of BS.

Nevermind. Keep up the good work for the gullible.

Now get lost. Your ignorance is beginning to bore me.


Псето турско то само и знате – да кољете жене и децу. Твоја срећа што само лајеш у празно, јер ако те схватим озбиљно – ми ПРАВОСЛАВЦИ имамо нешто за вас веома лепо на шта ћемо да вас набијамо, матер вам турску!

Bjorn Metaal

That’s right… But I was joking about the attack on the kurds that they’re losing and chit. Nothing can safe the defeat of their forces accept a deal to retreat to raqqa or any other area East of the Euphrates. And a deal with the SAA. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8e33e91566141ac14135cdcebc77fd2710be291de80727fa243b40101548526b.png

Bulgarian God

Hahaha ! Assad weaklings will be pulverized… :)


Syria defending groups intent on stealing it’s main oil fields east of the Euphrates hand in hand with the US would be a suicide mission for Syria. A proper agreement would be the Kurds laying down their weapons and departing the lands east of the Euphrates before garnering support from Syria. Then there’s Russia and the various PMCs working with Syria to rid the land of Isis, Nusra and squatters from the ‘west’. Nahhh, this sounds like just more bs.

Smith Ricky

SAA needs to destroy Turkey and their HTS terrorists


This is extremely unlikely in my opinion.

Pave Way IV

Agree. Smells of wishful thinking on the part of the anti-Syrian forces along with some kind of desperate attempt to ‘make this the new reality’ using planted news.

The long-standing CENTCOM strategy is to do exactly this: multiple battles on multiple fronts splitting SAA and allied forces into many pieces and stretching troops and supply lines to the point of collapse. The Russian military keeps reinforcing the necessary strategic discipline to the SAA and allies – don’t be reactionary, stick to the plan, you don’t have enough military strength to fight every manufactured threat everywhere in Syria at once.

Afrin would be little more than a death trap for the SAA right now. The place would be swarming with US assets and electronic eavesdropping. Drones and satellite imagery would be fed to Turkey along with all other intelligence on SAA positions. The SAA would be picked off unit by unit, but slow enough that more doomed replacements could be sent into the planned meat grinder. Aside from chewing through SAA personnel and equipment with little effect, it would be an unnecessary distraction while the US re-supplied the ISIS and al Qaeda elsewhere.


Yeah, good news is SAA front-line is getting shorter day by day. Kurds should have made the deal earlier. Now I see no reason for SAA to engage turkey.

Once the head-choppers are vanquished, all will come to the table to settle things. No matter what turkey cannot grab land. This is 21st century.

Let them fight now.


Very tricky situation for SAA in case it’s true… In my opinion, Syria should rather find an agreement with Turkey so to frustrate “Kurdistan” plans. Indeed, being allied with Kurds would be absurd, yet it would serve nasty US regional fantasies.


No way SAA will go after Turkey directly. That would just play into the hands of Neocons and would return Turkey into the NATO camp. Also Russia would be forced to choose between the two and if it chose Syria the Bosporus would be automatically closed for Russian shipping and the most important Syrian supply line would be cut. If this news has any truth to it than SAA and Russians would go in and establish observation points and patrols – much like the Russians did previously, but this time with significant SAA presence. And that will enable serious political settlement between the government and Afrin Kurds. Now that in it self may be the reason why US is trying to pick a fight with SAA and the Russians in Der Ezzor. Because SAA in control of Afrin would mean one less US Kurd-pawn in this chess game…

Gue Bjuen

the problem is afrin actually doesn’t have much value in economic issues unlike raqqa and der ezzor which are very important regions because of farmlands and water control and oil, gas etc. there is a political value in afrin to split some of the kurds from the US but i doubt even in a case where kurds lose the whole afrin area, the majority of the kurds will ever leave the US.

the best gain for the syrian government from afrin would be the absolute collapse of the turkey-US relation. unless the afrin kurds totally obeys the syrian government and it’s demands, which kurds will never do, there just is no point for the government to intervene.

russia iran and syria can’t recover the very important areas of raqqa and der ezzor. nobody wants a full scale direct war with the US, it’s just not the time yet. but turkey is the only player in this war, who can openly hunt down those damn kurdish pigs not only in afrin but also in manbij and raqqa province without having to go to war with the US. this progress could lead to a collapse of kurdish influence over der ezzor and without the kurds the US won’t be able to occupy der ezzor unless they deploy much more of their own troops in that area.

the only hope for the US, to stop turkey from attacking kurds, isn’t possible. as the US just can’t go to war against turkey.


Syria will have to take Raqqa area sooner or later for the simple reason that it can’t afford not to. But when that dance starts I’m sure they will not be dancing alone. Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Russia have all important stakes in the game and I’m sure that it will be a joint effort. And that particular fight may be conducted on several fronts, from Lebanon, Golan, eastern Syria, Iraq and even Afghanistan. US is poking the Russian bear these last couple of weeks, but once the bear decides to react they won’t be in a way US expects it. And it won’t be gentle either. Russians rarely bluff…


I don’t think that bosporus would be closed, i mean they could try, 1 rocket and it’s open again :)


the Bosporus would be automatically closed for Russian shipping


John Whitehot

you are offically solomon. now get another name.


Syria must not support or protect kurds (USA-puppets) since they will not return north Eufrates land to Syrian…never.

leon mc pilibin

This means that the SAA are helping the jewSa invaders by indirectly helping their proxies.What a total mess that the backstabbing Kurds have made by their stupid greed and belief in anything the plundering american zios say.All the zionists want is control of the oil,,and using the stolen land as a military base to conduct further wars in the area


Hatred is always a poor response. Shows your frustration. Syria must negotiate with the Kurds. Syria must make the Kurds into an equal partner just like the French Basques, but unlike the Spanish Basques.


This would be a step in the right direction and a good thing if it happens. Which I hope that it does.

Anthony Paul Mapes

The problem here is that even IF the SAA entered the Afrin area there would still be confrontations between Turkish backed forces. Turkey considers ypg terrorists and Damascus the majority of the opposition and that’s the impasse, only possible outcome is for Syria to concede the northern Afrin area for a Turkish buffer zone! Something the Turkish want and allows them to save Face and claim a tactical victory over “terrorist”.


The SAA are setting themselves up for a war they can’t win and a war Putin might not even join them nor help them.

Nobody can stop turkey from AFRIN they are obessed with it. Anyone entering there will be targetted and this could cause a big backlash for Damascus. Assad could quickly turn PKK in Turkey’s eyes

Joe Doe

Putin will put his tail between legs and bark from distance. Syria is on it’s own. Assad should look for other partner to arm his army with better Air Defense System if Russia refuses

Joe Doe

SAA enter the Afrin now is very complicated and very danger. If, I would be Assad I will check first is this is not some kind trap organize between Americans, Turks and Kurd’s. Assad can’t count on Russia, therefore he should double check

Real Anti-Racist Action

SAA should not worry about Afrin till after the SAA has liberated the Syrian-Golan heights! After that, most terrorist and NATO-Turks will be dead from fighting each other for 9 months. Then SAA can move in and pick off the last stragglers.


It’s a cover move by USA and Russia secret deal, so Turkey can’t say USA supplies Kurds with missiles, now they have them from Assad ;)


Let us see this. Turkey wants to protect its terrorists in Syria and wants to have a pace of Syria cake. On the other hand, Kurds (USA-puppets) just want to have a pace of Syria cake. Why in the world would Syria help of any of this two aggressive guys who want to robe Syria land ? Let them die together, and let us attack to both of them.


The way I look at it, the objective of the Turkish, Syrian & Russian plan is the total eradication of this Kurdish pocket through 1) the creation of a Turkish buffer zone and 2) Syria ‘administrating’ a majority of the area. The Kurds have been played, with the SAA being ‘invited’ to Afrin as the final nail in the coffin. Even if they knew, the Kurds have no choice seeing that their two major foreign sponsors can’t do much here, the way they could in the SDF controlled areas.


Google says this is Serbian. Translation is not accurate, but seems that you have some wet fantasies about Orthodoxy , priests , little girls and women.

Lingua Franca please , peasant.


Or you translated too badly or you showed us your way of thinking with a commentary. In addition, I’m proud to be a Orthodox Serbian peasant. Are you proud of being a dirty Turkish dog?


Call me master, peasant. And avoid that strange language of yours when you are addressing me.



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