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Syrian Army Is Preparing To Chase ISIS In Damascus Desert – Report


Syrian Army Is Preparing To Chase ISIS In Damascus Desert - Report

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After liberating the area of al-Safa, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies are preparing to launch a military operation against the remaining ISIS fighters who withdrew to the Damascus desert, the Syrian al-Masdar blog reported on November 21.

According to the pro-government blog, the SAA has already redeployed its forces from al-Safa to advanced positions around the Damascus desert. The operation is expected to begin in the upcoming few days.

The SAA operation against ISIS in al-Safa lasted for more than two months due to the rough terrain of the volcanic area. The Damascus desert is less harsh than al-Safa. However, the upcoming SAA operation there may also last for several months because the desert is closer to the terrorist group supply routes in central Syria.

The number of ISIS fighters who have fled from al-Safa to the Damascus desert is likely over 500. The battle in al-Safa showed that these fighters are not only highly-experienced, but well-armed and motivated too.



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  • gustavo

    There is not time to waist, just do it. Eliminate all terrorists form Syria land, that is the goal (including USA-Turkey).

  • John Whitehot

    Time plays against the terrorists.
    The SAA could develop its operation under its own times and terms, which is the important thing.
    The surrounded ragheads will die anyway.

    • FlorianGeyer

      The important thing to do is cut of the ISIS re-supply routes from the US occupied Al Tanf and Kurdish held zones. That would include the shooting down of any US Coalition of Terror aircraft flying in Syria, especially over the ISIS occupied desert.

      • John Whitehot

        it should be clear by now, that US planes won’t be shot down by Russia, if they aren’t attacking Russian assets and personnel.

        It’s the wet dream of Nethanhyau, the pentagon, ziowahabists and the other scumbags on that side – an escalation that would give them excuse to start a generalized war to remove Assad – who gives a fuck if it becomes a nuclear war.

        These people hasn’t apparently still gotten that Russia and allies are serious in their resolve to expel wahabi terrorists from Syria, or have become detached from reality to the point of not realizing that such war would cost them everything, including their lives, as well.

        • Concrete Mike

          An eloquent and reasonable position. Well said, ive been saying the same thing…dont give the ennemy what it wants.

          • John Whitehot

            “dont give the ennemy what it wants”

            Lmao, you couldn’t resist couldn’t you?

          • Concrete Mike

            Hehe no sometimes i cant turn captn obvious off…my wife is worst.

          • John Whitehot


  • R Trojson

    More Russian propaganda. A week ago they could not fight al Safa ISIS because of bad weather. Then when the weather cleared up and they we again talking about attacking al Safa ISIS they had a change of heart and let ISIS leave al Safa to fight Kurds and US east of the Euphrates.

    Translation: al Safa ISIS is having trouble moving all their fighters and equipment so Russia will send in the air conditioned busses to move them to the next battle. In addition military trucks will load up all of ISIS equipment and stuff and “chase” the air conditioned busses across the desert. Russian-Syria-Iran did have al Safa ISIS surrounded for almost a year, but that translates to al Safa ISIS was being protected from all those evil ISIS haters like the US and Kurds. No one dared attack al Safa ISIS as long as Russia-Syria-Iran was protecting them.

    • Concrete Mike

      Proof positive your a dickweed…white is black and down is up.

      Ive never seen so.many proclamation crammed into 3 paragraphs..your efficient i guess. Russian airnconditionned buses…really?

      Id like to be able to pick and choose “facts” like you do. It musy be nice to live in a made up reality where all is good when your on the side of the benevolent west….we only wantnto help the people right?

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Too easy, 500 fighter, open desert, no friends except for the rebels at Al-Tanf, it’ll take 2 weeks not 2 months.
    Between october and december last year, the Russians/SAA/Iraqi’s all coopertated together [US was invited but refused] to eliminate Isis from this and the Iraqi side of the border, all the way from Jordan up to the Euphrates, after that 2 month period Putin announced [prematurely] that Isis had been totally eliminated from southern Syria. Even though Isis has made a resurgence since then, at that time he was correct, they had been totally eliminated from southern syria.
    There were many thousand Isis fighters back then [maybe as many as 5000+], and they were well equipped and armed, and had at least some support from locals, and a porous border with Iraq to flee across when they needed to. They also had access to the crown jewels at the US enforced 55 km exclusion zone, which was a key factor for all the previous Isis successes in nearby areas. 2 months is all it took to eliminate them completely back between oct and dec.
    This time we have 500 fighters, not so well armed, not so well supplied, hardly any friends at all, no open border, and nowhere to run to but the safe areas around the US enforced exclusion zone. The refugee camp at Al-Tanf is going to increase its population by 500 if they get away, or hopefully the Russians and SAA will get to them before they get there. If the Isis fighters get to Al-Tanf and set up camp, they’ll be able to strike north every now and again to help their mates fighting the SAA in Dier ez-Zor.
    I think there’s more chance they’ll get away than there is they’ll get caught, 500 split into groups of 3 4 or 5 and traveling at night will be hard for even Russian allweather choppers to spot, but I hope they get a fair few of them before they get to where they’re going.

  • Bill Wilson

    This winter’s rains should eliminate the existing tire tracks out in that desert so any new ones made by ISIS vehicles will show exactly where they’re going to hide out and get supplies.