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Syrian Army Is Preparing To Attack Turkish-Occupied City Of Al-Bab – Reports

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Syrian Army Is Preparing To Attack Turkish-Occupied City Of Al-Bab - Reports

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is preparing to launch a large military operation to liberate the city of al-Bab in northern Aleppo from Turkish forces, several pro-government sources reported on February 19.

The claims came following the deployment of large reinforcements from the army’s 5th Crops and 25th Special Forces Division near al-Bab. According to pro-government sources, over 300 battle tanks, armored vehicles and artillery have been deployed there.

Major Youssef Hammoud, a spokesman for the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army, told Enab Baladi that a number of SAA units were deployed in four areas near al-Bab city.

The spokesman didn’t rule out the possibility of the SAA and its allies, including Russian forces, launching a surprise ground attack on the city.

“We do not trust the Russian side because it is untrustworthy, and all the understandings which were reached with it were not based on mutual trust,” Hammoud said.

The Turkish military and its proxies occupied al-Bab city after a heated battle with ISIS, which took place between 2016 and 2017. Since then, a state of lawlessness has been prevailing over the city.

Al-Bab city is located right on the M4 highway, which links northeastern Syria with the country’s northern and coastal regions. This makes the northern city of great importance for Damascus. Turkish forces will not likely give up the city without a fierce fight.


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5th Corps means Russia is giving a green light and probably coordinating this hypothetical offensive. Something must’ve been arranged in the Astana talks for this to happen, cause otherwise SAA would have to be committed to lose quite a few of those 300 tanks


Which, if this hypothetical case is correct opens the question as for what is Turkey receiving in exchange for Al Bab?


Soon will come,


With any luck their life.

Icarus Tanović

Absolutely None.

Jens Holm
Adam ShitBit

Russian Airforce would have to be providing 24/7 CAS/CAP for SAA if they launch an offensive on Al-bab. It’s near Turkish border, TAF can easily bring in their TB-2 drones. Also, SAA would need to bring in lots of BUK and Pantsir to reinforce. Hopefully we start seeing RuAF jets swatting turkish drones like they did in Georgia 2008 :)


Syrian national army? Who the fk is this dumb piece o sht trying to kid?

Hasbara Hunter

Every inch of Syria back under One Flag….no matter what…

Lazy Gamer

Artillery on Turkish soil with drone support by painting or missile fire will be deadly. SAA will need to be fast and should have an answer to drones. The battlefield will creep to the whole idlib and NE. SDF and Israel/US might take backstab shots too.

Peter Jennings

I agree.
The US, under their new warlord Biden The Pretender, is also reported to be moving more troops and setting up more camps in Syria.
Now is the time to reunite the country but the Syrian admin will have to ensure that the isreali apartheid regime on their flank, is occupied with something else other than Syria, preventing Damascus being stabbed while its back is turned.


I’ll sort the champagne in anticipation of that. 2021 could turn funny in the end.


If “Russian side ” is “untrustworthy” that is good sign.
How about some SAA-Russia bombing to “soften” up the enemy… And prepare them SNA-turkISIS to be raped ?
Is Russia finally pushing back, because Turkey is going back in bed with US?!


Well i hope Russia is taking the gloves off.

Narine Joa

It is just not based on reality and I have seen these articles they pop up every 3rd or 4th month. Why would Russia and Turkey fight over Al-bab what significance does it have? It is an irrelevant city for russian interests and a Turkish buffer zone currently


Why would Russia and Turkey fight over anything…but they do fight, just like everybody else.
….at the moments it looks …as if in Syria everybody fights against everybody.
and most of the time (if not always) the “fight” is done through the proxies.
Al-bab is very important for Syria and it would be a huge boost for the moral of SAA.
And for Russia who tries to play top dog and must keep all these over-ambitious “regional powers” itching for fight, at bay…
There is hole other game behind the curtains, behind these appearances.. Change of alliances and seeking to prevail with all methods possible…

Narine Joa

Why Would they care about the SAA moral? Yes I agree everyone fights but you have to realize that opening such a massive war it will engulf the world and it is basically WW3 and nothing will be the same ever again.

Must countries don’t want to open that door unless they are ready to go all the way. It could over escalate and bring in multiple sides against each other in one massive war. Simple miscalculations can over-blow into something much bigger and gather different entities making an already big war even bigger and bigger. Which is why I tell you it is completely off the table for the next 2-3 decades


What massive war? If Al Bab fight takes place it will be SAA against Turkish proxies for the most part, and the fight would take place on Syrian territory. :/

Narine Joa

Learn about geopolitics.. Al-Bab is under Turkey


I can read a map. Al Bab sits on a Syrian highway quite a ways from the Turkish border. What is your definition of the Turkish buffer zone?
BTW: many Turkish OPs where eventually vacated due to being surrounded by the SAA in Idlib. :)

Narine Joa

It’s okay I get it your in your infancy when it comes to geopolitics. Lets just leave it here


Not so fast Mr. wise one !
What value is Al Bab in geopolitics, is it like controlling the Suez canal ?? :D

Icarus Tanović

Al Bab is illegally occupied by Erdogan’s turks, and Al Bab is in Syria. So why would someone asks ‘why’? Because IT IS SYRIA.
It have very important geostrategical qualities. Because it marks continuation of liberation of Syria.

Narine Joa

It is Syria and held by Syrians with the assistance of Turkish armed forces. They have no intention of moving an inch whatsoever

Icarus Tanović

Then what Turks doing there? It is called AGGRESSION! Be gone with you.

Narine Joa

Assad is the aggressor trying to push his citizens into turkey by forced displacement they will remain on their territory free and with their self-determination. It is non-negotiable

Icarus Tanović

No, he can not be aggressor in his own country, that is nonsence. All he is doing is getting rid of payed headchoppers Wahhabis, imported terrorists, and only aggressor here is USA and Turkey.
Rebbels terrorists must be dealt with, or they must be in compliance of Republic of Syria.

Mustafa Mehmet

Then ovic what Russia Iranian Mullah Hezbollah terrorist and the rest doing in Syria.. they don’t have borders with Syria they should piss off first… we are there to stop them coming any where near Turkish border now you know clueless idiots

Jens Holm

I agree very much about it should be stopped.

But all history books and maps says its a very old dispute, where Persians in periods for vey good reasons has a belt therough and partly with Iraq and Syria.

I wont waste my time by a whole calender, but Shiitisme actually was invented in Iraq. The disputed in those days was 2) If there should be a religios Leader on Earth and an organized Islam and which copies of the first Choran was correct, because it came in 2-3-4 versions.

Here most Iraqian shiits are “old” islam and in Islam Sunnis. Thats why You actually has had more shiits in Syria of today.

The second good reason is, that Islam according to what we think we know now actialy was born in scrips and libraries in the Aramean Surroundings. some high ranked supporter of Muhammed even has his grave there.

But thats the maincenter for all we know for Jews as well as Christians made, taken, created and spread from same sources – as the correct and best ones.

So the Syria ælandscape was a strong Arameans state and by that main center for history and power

Hard to compare, but fx Ruussia has those hard relations to KIev and the name Russ and not have it.

Today many scientist also support, that Muhammed Co was aware of those many 1000 scrips and Mecca and Medina was very myúch in contact with the rest of the world and by that even Al Bab.

So its a historic powerbelt where the acces has been Eufrat and as far west from there mainly stopped by the coastal mountains(which we also see names for being their own states).

Syria was by those mountains very much controlled as an inland state and not even had territory for a harbour in Aqaba

So they and others all has been influencers there. For the old jews its very visible in religion and as state. They were deported to Egypt(Moses) as well as Bagdad.

Jens Holm

You have no rights telling this and that and even name people as clueless idiots, becaus eYou hardly know anything for real as well.

Number one is You are not Osmans at all and the declining ineffective corrupt empire collpased itself even assisted already dead before 1914.

Your right was defined in Lausanne 1923 and You doint keep them at all ven You got much more and treated it with no respect for all the other Osmans from the same country as Yours.

Killing Armenians didnt stopp at WW1. No Izmir armenians hjad to be killed too in 1926. Greeks was expelled. Much parttly was their fault. You even expelld Jews, which was the reasons for the Osmans could be develloped into a long tome Empire.

Your history books are creations of the worst kind too made by Tukish nationalisme as bad as it can be. So far You have had 100 years to make some sensible solutions with 25% of Your population. And the stupidisme has not being stopped and even Your Kemalists are like that.

The Turkish Governess even treat Turks bad and not only Gülens. So I do understand Your selfmade problems. Its kind of pathetic You will let in 2 more million Kurds as well as not lettingseveral milllions comming back to Syria.

The mainproblems here are very much Yourself but others such as Assad and Iranians are others.

And And its very visible You create active opposition for no peace in Turkey as well as in Iraq and Syria.

I can only recommend You to read about what really has happend and happens in You Region by Internet, which is not 100% information driven by Erdopedia only.

Jens Holm

They cant solve their socalled Kurdish problems in their own country, so they invade Ira and Syria to do it :(

Here Kemal is very semilar to stubbern Camel.

Peter Jennings

It seems Narine got tired and moved on to Icarus. It must be a hard life being a troll, especially when all they have is a script.
Your question will not gain an answer because it deviates from their propaganda.

Icarus Tanović

Al Bab is in Syria, for that matter.

Servet Köseoğlu

heyyyy jumbo…did you fuck your goats yet?

Hasbara Hunter

Hahahaha World Wars have started over Minor issues

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie are shot to death by the Masonic “Black Hand” during an official visit to the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo on June 28, 1914. The killings sparked a chain of events that led to the outbreak of World War I by early August….

Icarus Tanović

Andric, was there, Princip shoot, etc. Andric got nobel prize for literature.

Jens Holm

Assads are storing ammo and diapers for all their childsoldiers.

Adam ShitBit

Jens is projecting what the IDF are doing in preparation for the next war with hezbollah


Don’t announce it,just do it.

Narine Joa

Anyone who thinks Russia and Turkey will engage in such a massive war for an irrelevant price like Al-Bab is out of his mind. History will write Al-Bab started WW3 lmao which would be a joke. Syria’s only way forward is political solution


Why is it whenever Russia talks about taking more action its going to start WW3?

Jens Holm

Not at all. The will loose WW3 and therefore ignore it and plan for WW4.

Insects are winners, because they are in sects. The Russains will reduce their airforce and instead start as bekeepers. Much like “To bee or not to bee” for them.

Russian lives in old days and the new Russia will becosmopolits and have this for all their high heels


They also have an alternative flying force by BeeGB. We have seeen pictures taken by the IAFcomment image


I would lie down in a dark room with a damp cloth on your head if i were you.

Jens Holm

Thats how many are here. Its what their brains with no realisme can create, which is the real world for them.

Peter Jennings

There will be no war between the Turkish admin and Moscow as the Turkish admin will just roll over.

The Russian admin are committed to Syria and have been for some while. Whereas the Turkish admin are committed to nato. President Putin obviously thinks there can be some progress in making Turkey realise that they are backing the wrong horse. If and when the Turkish admin pisses on the Russian admin’s chips, the tune and tempo will change and Turkish forces will be out of Syria in a heartbeat..

Narine Joa

I don’t think so. They made their intention clear already they don’t want any humantarian crisis on their borders nor forced refugees into their territories Syrian should remain in Syria. They put in a mechanized division in Syria last year that says. If they had to fold they would have done last year but they didn’t at all but on the contrary. This is their borders by the way. Russia has no dog-fight here in reality but in Ukraine and others close to their borders

Adam ShitBit

Great news. No wonder RUAF is constantly scouting Al-bab airspace. Mapping targets and turkish army positions

Rhodium 10

Its easy to guess….SAA and Russian will take Al Bad and later there will be a buffer zone along Turkish border where Russian military police and Turkish army will star to patrol.

Diana Cornwell

We’ll watch the Turks destroy Syrian tanks and kill Syrian infantry with drones and laser-guided artillery, as the Russians watch it all with great delectation — just as the Russians enjoyed watching the Turks and the Jihadis slaughter Armenians in Karabakh to the great pleasure of NATO and Israel.
ISIS on the rise means NATO’s man on the job Mr. Putin himself just got his marching orders from his new boss President Biden.
Enjoy the show, boys.
This is what you want, this is what you get.

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