Syrian Army Is In Only 5 km From Strategic Water Treatment Plant In Aleppo Province


After today’s advances, the Syrian army’s Tiger Forces deployed in only 5 km from the strategic Water Treatment Plant in the provine of Aleppo.

The plant had been damaged by members of the ISIS terrorist group in order to disrupt water supplies to the government-held stronghold of Aleppo.

If the army is able to retake this strategic site, the Syrian government will start working ot restoring water supplies to Aleppo. This will be an important victory which allows to improve the humanitarian situation in the city.

Another obvious target of government troops is the ISIS-held town of Khafsah. This is the biggest ISIS-held point in the area. If it’s retaken by government troops, the rest of the ISIS-held villages will fall into hands of the army soon.

Syrian Army Is In Only 5 km From Strategic Water Treatment Plant In Aleppo Province

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  • Trustin Judeau

    They already liberated it.This map is from 6 hours .And SAA created another pocket.

  • Brad Isherwood

    Watch as SAA move and Kurd/ISUS/US….
    Safe Zones** declared. ….even the propposed Jordan border to Golan,
    As Media coverage for the Rand land grab.

    Based on How Russia/SAA move in the near future may indicate if the show is already

    • Michael Burman

      Scripted? Unlikely. This is pretty common scenario in any war, ISIS is on the run and can’t form defense lines -> they have to retreat until they can reform.

      That is, if they even want to fight for these areas.

    • Behold a Pale Horse

      I sense a script being played out too.

      • Brad Isherwood

        Russia Insider has an article about Netanyahu demand Summit with Putin.
        Instead of Netanyahu being frustrated,
        It may be Netanyahu demanding more concessions from Russia concerning
        Hezbollah and IRGC in Syria.

        With Syria partitioned,….Israel will not have to give up the Golan
        But rather. ..via Safe Zones. ..They get access to Syrian Oil fields, Nat/gas,
        And possibly water brought to Israel from pipeline/Euphrates.

        Technically…..Syria was already Partitioned before Russia entered in fall of 2015.

        • Thegr8rambino

          Man netanyahu can fuck off and die!

    • Kell

      Mmm interesting when did Rand release this?

      • Brad Isherwood

        This map appeared recently,….picked up via
        Global Research,Fort Russ in similar time period.
        Online…2015 had extensive articles on Partition of Syria via Rand and MSM
        Which carried that allong with political blogs.

        I’ve seen earlier Syria partition maps, …yet the Rand map shows Syria keeping
        Deir Ezzor City,…with the Euphrates and outlying East Syria oil/nat gas going
        Under .. International Administration *

        It’s the International Administration designate that has me pondering if Russia
        Has agreed already. ..even Assad….
        If so….what is playing out now is contrived drama. ..