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Syrian Army Is Conducting Large Combing Operation In Central Region With Russian Support – Report

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Syrian Army Is Conducting Large Combing Operation In Central Region With Russian Support – Report

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was conducting a new large-scale combing operation in the country’s central region, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on September 6.

According to the UK-based monitoring group, the operation is covering eastern Homs, eastern Hama, southern Aleppo and southern Raqqa. SAA troops are searching for ISIS cells and their hideouts.

The Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) are supporting the SAA’s new operation. VKS warplanes are conducting intense airstrikes on ISIS remnants in the region.

“[The operation] is an attempt to contain the escalating operations of the group, the combing operation also enjoys large Russian support and backing through intensive daily airstrikes by Russian warplanes,” the SOHR’s report reads.

Hundreds of ISIS terrorists, including senior commanders, are taking shelter in the Homs desert, in heart of Syria’s central region. The terrorists are reportedly receiving support from U.S.-backed fighters in the southeastern area of al-Tanaf.

Last month, Russian and Syrian forces conducted a large-scale operation in the desert. As a result, 327 terrorists were eliminated.

The new operation could limit ISIS activities in the central region in the short term. Only a large ground offensive could end the group’s presence in the region.


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Should try Deir ezZor, plenty of terrorists there

Walter White

Why can’t Russia just deploy 50,000 troops to this region and make sure cells are eliminated once and for all?

Lone Ranger

Because it’s not an invasion force. An army that size deployed would cost $10s of billions a year, plus losses were mount up. Russia is doing it smart, small tactical force maximum effectiveness combined with SAA troops. Russia is only having around 6000 troops there in total with 50 jets and helos and around 6 ships and subs. It’s a very small force compared to what they have achieved.

alejandro casalegno

The only thing than Russia need in Syria is the SS……Sukhois and Spetsnaz.!!!!……


I think, that is what YOU need. Russia already has everything they need…

Smith Ricky

Or defense line by al tanf.


Because you AmeriCunts are greedy, warmongering, pain in the ass.

Lone Ranger

Condolences to fallen wahabbimossad and CIAisis operators. May they rest in pieces…



How do hundreds of terrorists hide in this without being located from the air or by special forces? i don’t buy it,they are operating from somewhere else then returning.


Mountains dude, mountains. And the Desert is vast, like you would need a combined force of 50k troops, supported by air to truly eradicate ISIS. We won’t see the ultimate defeat of ISIS until Idlib is dealt with. only then can Syria regroup and push to clear the desert entirely of all hideouts.


Good point,but they are being prevented from liberating Idlib by that stupid ceasefire,even though the terrorists are still attacking.


There’s a bunch of caves in the region… but I have the same concern, seems like they should be easy to detect… unless the sands and “soil” holds a lot of heat from the daytime, which might present problems for FLIR.

ISIS in the Homs desert are assuredly getting supplies from the outside. One of their cells got nabbed the other day attempting to procure supplies. They definitely arent meeting their needs by foraging for food locally.

Bill Wilson

They’re hiding in the villages and towns where they still have supporters due to still having plenty of cash on hand. Money buys loyalty. ISIS planned ahead to create safe houses with underground rooms where they could stock supplies and hide out. ISIS also has no problem getting assistance from common Syrians that are happy to do anything to make some money.

Assad must stay

How do u know this?

Bill Wilson

From some online articles that stated what US military intelligence had figured out and learned from disgruntled ISIS fighters that were left behind when their commanders and more experienced fighters fled the advancing SAA and SDF to a safe location to hide. The unhappy former fighters said ISIS squirreled away money and supplies inside the earth berms then took their GPS co-ordinates so they could find them later. The SAA should try using trained sniffer dogs to find that stuff.


Explanation how ISIS arrives to the dessert and all other places…


Assad must stay

Great job keep combing and killing

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