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JUNE 2023

Syrian Army Is Close To Full Liberation Of Wadi Barada Area Near Damascus

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Voiceover by Harold Hoover

Last weekend, the Syrian government and militant groups operating in the Wadi Barada area reached a reconciliation agreement. The agreement was brokered by a delegation of Russian officers.

According to the agreement:

  • Militant groups must hand over light, medium, and heavy weapons to the Syrian army.
  • All foreign militants must withdraw from Wadi Barada. They can move to Idlib with light weapons.
  • Local members of militant groups can stay in Wadi Barada or move to Idlib.
  • Local members of militant groups that choose to stay in Wadi Barada will be pardoned by the government.
  • The Syrian army will enter villages in the Wadi Barada area and will set up checkpoints there.

Recently, the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces made a major advance in Wadi Barada capturing Dahret al-Nhaylah which overlooks Kafr al-Awamid.

That advance, and the participation of the Russian military delegation in the negotiations, pushed the so-called “opposition” into accepting the terms of the agreement.

However, militants didn’t allow government engineers to restore the water supply line to Damascus.

The army relaunched the offensive operation in the area to push militants to fulfill the agreement.

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Trustin Judeau

There is no agreement Soutfront.It can reached in the next few days,but for there is none.


Dear friend, according to local sources. there is an agreement. The copy of the text is avaliable here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C1gNlOvXEAEqmLw.jpg

Yahu Savant



There may be an agreement but Al Nusra in denying the repair of the pipeline is just depriving Damascus of water for another day or two . The longer they keep the water off , the greater the possibility of damaging Assad . I’ve read they have snipers up in the hills making any advance impossible . They need to be droned , and this crew of Al Nusra eliminated . There is a real push on destruction of infrastructure . Jihadists who engage in this must not be shown mercy . Its a language they do not understand .


Hopefully mass murderer Assad does not kill a few thousand civilians to achieve his goal


Hopefully you’ll start taking your medicine again – did you run out of Prozac?

Malice In Wonderland

Yeah… because the alternative of letting 5 million people in Damascus be held to ransom by these terrorists who are denying them water is SO MUCH BETTER. Right?

I can only assume your powers of reasoning are severely impaired or you’re just wilfully ignorant.

Nardeep Pujji

You are working for synagogues of satan the leader of all liars His time is ending soon the jews know this very well read AMOS 3 warning to all jews


If those militants give up on their weapons they will be swiftly murdered….

Malice In Wonderland

Good. After what they’ve done they don’t deserve clemency. If they’d pulled the same stunt in the USA they’d be treated no better… or sent to Gitmo to undergo some “enhanced interrogation” USA style.


Swiftly convicted as terrorists and executed that would be good. May upset the vile Saudis who are supporting them though

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