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Syrian Army Is Clashing With Militants In Aleppo’s Rashidin 4 (Map Update)

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Syrian Army Is Clashing With Militants In Aleppo's Rashidin 4 (Map Update)

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Units of the Syrian Army liberated the areas of Tal Kalariyah and Kalariyah, and advanced on positions of militants in the Rashidin 4 district of Aleppo city. The Rashidin 4 is among the few suburbs of the city, which remained in the hands of militants during the last years.


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klove and light

dead meat…no evacuation Agreements no ceasefires….

welcome to the jungle motherfuckers

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

Yep. Kill them all. Complete extermination of jihadis.

good american

So? What do you say about Putin now? He probably has something to do with this, yes?


lol all that preparation wotn do any good if you get attacked from the rear…

Ricky Miller

The way I see the map the SAA rear in this case is protected by both a Hezbollah unit and some topography. The people of the city of Aleppo need safety. This move signals that the Syrian government fully intends to bring that to them.

Joe Doe

Very poor move by SAA. This only will create more casualties to SAA. The better approach will be go more West-North, Urma al Kubra, Basratun, Qabtan al jabal, alway till the SAA close the packet, than go Est from West. This move will collapse militants defence lines alway to Aleppo and SAA wil have a lot less caulties

Assad must stay

Why it will create more casualties?


Did u fill out the application form to be general in the SAA?


He did, and was advised to improve his abilities and to re-apply in 50 years. :)


No, this is the most effective approach as militants have reinforced west-north. Now, they will retake the entire highway linking Aleppo city. After that, a cease fire will be announced and fighting will stop for a while.


Liberating the M5 is good enough.


Maybe also the gaziantep road (Anadan, harityan, …)


quite possible the area around aleppo is heavily suburbanized its not like you are steamrolling over a few tiny villages, the opposition could be well entrenched, maybe the south pocket in idlib will be pushed again ?


Yes, this the most effective approach. But there won’t be ceasefire after the M5 is taken. The M5 can take 25th to Aleppo area within hours and then there will be a trouncing for the shithadists.

Assad must stay

I remember seeing rashidin 4 and 5 on the map 3 years ago in 2017 when I first started following the war


Time seems to surge by.
I first took interest in the Syrian conflict in 2011.

Assad must stay

yes, time goes by too fast when we are enjoying life and too slow when we are not! it is not right :(


A friend of mine is currently in prison.
My words to him were , ‘ Embrace what you can do, to and do not fret about what you cannot do. Time will then slip by ‘ .

He agrees with that pragmatic philosophy and has not lost his ‘spark’.

Assad must stay

yes for sure, we must not worry about what we cannot control, only what we can control, although sometimes it is much easier said than done :(


That’s very true. Its beneficial to be pragmatic and not to bow to anger.
Anger served to make things worse in most cases. Cold and calculating is better.

There have been times when I have literally waited patiently for years for the opportunity to someone a disservice :)

Tim Williams

RAF is bombing the RAT positions right now, they have to be smoked out.

This will be a fight to their death in an attempt to stop the SAA forces from the south linking up to ALLEPO CITY … it will be futile


The area is free of civilians I would think after years of war, so thermobarics and bunker busters will hopefully be on the Jihadi’s menu list.


Looks like Akram al-Kaabi is on frontlines.
comment image

Tim Williams

SAA forces meet up with existing ALLEPO CITY forces at AL KHALIDIYAH … heavy resistance on the western flanks, being neutralized … SAA forces just south of ABU SHAYLAM now


the start of the dead the saillant djihadist of hattan!! very nice news!! :)comment image


Once the M5 is freed and cleared of mines etc. SF 25th will drive to Aleppo within hours, fully armed and dangerous. Even though the Rashidin 4 and surrounds are like swiss cheese with defensive works the daesh scumbags will run like rats from a sinking ship. They might anticipate it, and run before 25th gets there. Within days Aleppo will be secure from all but the most long ranged attacks.
Nostalgia makes me think of the days when Tiger Forces went east from Aleppo all the way from the Khanasser plains to lift the siege of Deir Ezzor. It is an awesome story full of heroism and drama! Thank you SAA, you really are one of the best!

Assad must stay

yea that was awesome when they liberated DeZ in fall of 2017 God i miss those days

Kire Stojanovski

This is the 4-th division, I think?

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