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Syrian Army Is Aiming Jisr Al-Shughur As Next Target Of Idlib Offensive

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Syrian Army Is Aiming Jisr Al-Shughur As Next Target Of Idlib Offensive

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The implementation of the Russian-Turkish agreement on Idlib has been sabotaged by radical militant groups. The security zone along the M4 highway remains a merely formality on the paper, while in fact the area remains in the hands of al-Qaeda-linked groups – Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) and their allies.

Furthermore, the situation is escalating with more and more militant groups are not only declaring that they reject the security zone agreement, but diretly threatening Russian forces that should conduct patrols with the Turkish military there.

In these conditions, the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces have started deploying reinforcements in southern Idlib and northern Lattakia preparing for a new round of escalation in the region. According to pro-government sources, the city of Jisr al-Shughur – the stronghold of the TIP – will become the next target of the operation.

Jisr al-Shughur is located just on the M4 highway. So, if government forces are able to besiege and capture it, they will get an opportunity to implement the safe zone agreement by themselves.


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Excellent move if true. Turkistan can’t have any objections since they do nothing about it themselves

Xoli Xoli

It’s not only the terrorists which sabotaged the agreements.The sabotage of agreements are led by Turkey under Erdogdig instructions and command. Erdogan violates Greece border peace,Libya peace existance.Disrespect even their evil Nati organization structure.Prolong Syria wat to destroy Russian economy which is under NATO and USA sanctions.Fail to protect own citizens from spreading coronavirus just for personal Syrian oil deals.

Karen Bartlett

You think Turkey knew all along that their terrorist allies would sabotage the M4 Highway patrols, etc.?

Jens Holm

Everybody apatrt from fanatics supportying Russians and Assads know that. Those Johadists are their own.

You should learn – if You can – that those people not even has great support, but most people live there and they has their own agenda.

Erdogan trading with them as well as Putin hardly has any effect.

Tou should compare with SDFs. They are their own ans are not “americans”. The Jihadists are like pest is fine against cholera. They are like are and will remain as they are having their own deciese, which for now continues tellin: NO DAMASKUS.

You can see the same for Afrin Kuirds. NO ONE THERE PREFARE ASSADS.

MILLIONS of SYRIANS DONT prefare Assad. Assad must go.

Very few like Turks – Get it.

And I again will remind You and others, You for years totaly has lost perspective and are in total deniel for the need of changes adding no needed changes as well as incommers has supported: No more Assads.

The last part of course is dirty, but Assads has done everything to make have fire and the wonly way was to arm those people too.

Its anbout the glass became more then full. I repeat a simple one: If a Goverment can ignore 50% of the men are unimplyed and maybee forever, many of those will take any job against people keeping like that.

They anytime – for good reason see – Assads declare and INSIST, they are the responsible. Well, they are.

Tempting to go back to the “Kurd-SDF” version. It says: You Assads cant handle we are more and more poor andn are either not able to nor willing to devllop our part.

Give us the possibility and we will try our way ourselves and not bother You. We do need our parts of the oilmoney. That money should not go to Damaskus pockets.

Its very simple even have devellopment programs reforming the agriculture and educate all there in a sekular and usefull way.

And what do we read here about it: Well all up there will be indoctrinated to be Kurds. Kurds also dont steal oil. They take their part. Before that they and most people in Syria got no oil money. Most things there as well as the structures for Governess almost only was for Damaskus control, where You were taxed into vidit the toilet fort money …

Evereybody know those relations and the relationships between those very different solutions and systems. Thats totally ignored. Here Turks has their own agenda, which parts of Turks has had sinece the collapse of the Osmans.

Assads are supporting that. Some might even say Erdogan has 3,5 milion Strians supporting no Assads and it might be more then Assad has in Syria itself.

Turks are notr against devellopments. Look at them. They certainly has devellloped their country compared to fx Syrí and Iraq even they have no oil.

We actually can ask how it is in Golan. The people there do prefare to live as a part of Syria, but they certainly prefare the Israelian model for production and dayli life.

Karen Bartlett

Why would it matter to you, a foreigner to Syria, that “Assad must go”? On whose behalf do you speak?


That’s a very cynical view of Turkey, Karen :)

Its a view that is 99.99999999999999999 % reality though :)

Karen Bartlett


Xoli Xoli

Yes Karen it is plan game by dayly intruders and reinforcements Turkey.

klove and light

not taking this seriously anymore..
.offensive-Momentum-ceasefire-Agreements—–rearm-regroup-reorganize—-back to starters

James R

Agreed, but the map changes to the benefit of Syria every time.

James R

If they could take Kobani in NE Latakia, Jisr ash Shigour would be impossible for the jihadists to retain because Kobani overlooks the town. Apparently this is beyond the capabilities of SAA and allies, much simpler path though.

Zionism = EVIL

There is a PEW poll today and the Turkeys are fed up of the losing war in Syria as casualties rise. The best strategy for the SAA and its allies should be to inflict heavy losses on the Turkeys and obliterate the terror have OPs. No more ceasefires and Russia should unleash hell from the air.


EXACTLY! Everyone except the most indoctrinated of turkoids (as for them who cares if they rage or not, they are hopeless) know that Erdogan’s regime is the one that bears responsibility for the damage Turkey sustains because of his ILLEGAL OCCUPATION!

Karen Bartlett

God go with the SAA!

Jens Holm

It seemes all has their own good or one good must have many pretty many faces or trick You.


Could you just write in Danish Jens…we’d have a better chance at understanding you mate. I do enjoy you naivity but its just getting too hard to understand.

Jens Holm

You might be right about this one. I try again:

There must be many Gods and not just one, of Gof is on all sides as people sat from those sides.

That goes for not only Islam as well as Sekularisme…

Jens Holm

What is naive. I propose better solutions for Syria, they You insist in now and whats has made it for decades.

The naive thing seemes to be people like the kind living there as well as foreigners can change into something.

But they can. I live in such country and we mainly are doing fine. We have no time for killing each other.

We produce many times more then Syrians ever did. We live longer and better then Syrians do as well as we use less then 2% of our income for killing each other.

Is it naive to wish that for Syrians and tell them how ??? I dont think so.

I could understand if all Syrians and the rest around it was happy about things. But if You were happy, Ypu would not kill each other. You even has a socalled Govermerment systematicly destroying houses and building even 10 million are not in their own homes – if those homes even exist anymore.

We never has had that traditon here since we had civile wars 700 yars ago.

Peter Jennings

Carry on regardless SAA. Victory awaits.

The sooner it is done, the better for all concerned.

Jim Bim

A Turkish post is in Jisr al-Shughur, supplying the terrorists.
This post will help the terrorists, when the SAA cleans up Jisr al-Shughur,

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