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Syrian Army Is Advancing On Kafr Nubl In Southern Idlib (Map Update)

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Syrian Army Is Advancing On Kafr Nubl In Southern Idlib (Map Update)

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Units of the Syrian Army and other pro-government groups have been developing an advance against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the southern part of Idlib province. Since the resumption of operation on February 23, government forces have liberated several villages and are now advancing on the town of Kafr Nubl.

According to pro-government sources, the Syrian Army is aiming to shorten the frontline south of the M4 higway and clear the rest of southern Idlib from militants. Government forces already control the crossroad of the M4 and M5 highways. So, in the event of success, they will likely be able to ouflank Jisr al-Shughur from the eastern direction.


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Looks like SAA is going after M4


Crucial for commerce and economy,conversely brussels tyrants would do anything throw jihadis under tanks,buses,anything to protect their us petrodolla,based on hegemon,not nationalists so,

Whom sides with gods law of the land,inherits true freedom and life as sees fit it,no exceptions.
Indeed,beware of false phrophets who come in pretence of freedom,yet whom are only tyrants!


Brussels tyrants? This has nothing to do with the EU but with another middle eastern war, fabricated by the US! Turkey is no part of the EU. Syria government had every right to regain its territory! Get your facts straight before you say something so stupid.


All the UNELECTED EU commissioners are in fact tyrants, for they wield absolute power within the EU.

The elected Euro MP’s are no more than a ‘Dog and Pony Show’ in order to create the illusion of democracy in the EU.

Concrete Mike

Pffftt little eurotrash, you are as much to blame to this war that Turkey or America.

Look at the Billions Lafarge made in Syria during the war?
Look at the terror that was spread througg europe, were you aware that western intel services controlled ISIS from day 1.

So bataclan, ariana grande on and on was all done in cahoots with the war in Syria.

There is no way the brussel tyrants wash their hand out of this mess.


Yes great american (Lol!) No use debating with a concrete wall is it?

V. Mecki

Yes! Brussels tyrants!

We decide on something, leave it lying around, and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.

Jean-Claude Juncker

Xoli Xoli

The fact remains their NATO’s driven by same ideology of devide and blundering and force full rule.That is the Europeans tyrant hidden agenda and supreme policy.

Rüdiger Preiss

I totally second that – if anything the EU put the brakes on the Anglo and French Zios to get involved. One big reason for Brexit is that UK Zionists want to do whatever they please (most of all, increasing their wealth in UK tax havens). The fact that Rupert Murdoch was involved in the Brexit propaganda says it all.

Bill Wilson

Nah. They’re well south of the M4 and are advancing on either side of a east-west highway to force HTS to flee the larger towns along it and the HTS units in the slender SW salient to head NW to avoid being trapped in a pocket. The SAA has already passed Kafr Nubal and retaken most of land to their south.


Yes, the actual tarjet is to secure Saraqib – Lattakia road

Harry Smith

If they will take heights near the road, that means fire control over it. In this case kafir jihadis won’t be able to used it.


I would suspect that some serious Russian firepower will be utilised to destroy and suppress the jihadi’s currently controlling the High Ground.

Harry Smith

Several TOS are enough since Afghanistan war.


Idlib Rebels????? No Such Formation Exists, except in the arseholes of msm commentators.


Ah ahah! LOL.
Let’s better say Idlib head choppers

opet ja

Yeah good. Advancing along M4 and cut rats in south pocket. At the same time front line will be much shorter, giving excellent position for final advance on Idlib city. Somehow Syrian and Russian AF must cut supplies coming from Turkey.


Erdogan has little choice now except to cut those supplies himself. He just might save the nose of his face. If he doesn’t hurry the only surviving substance left will be a load of snot


On the map I see a Turkey Resort place in the South of Idleeb, the area that’s gonna be a cauldron not far from this day…
Maybe the resorters there should shorten their holidays and take the next train as long there is one available.
If they don’t: no problem. Some dozens of captured “Turkey heros” (better say invadors) at the disposition of the country’s true owners could lead to a serious brainstorming in the inner circle of Erdogan’s system that obviously missed the deal of Astana and any other deal to divide the “moderate” (headchoppers) from the “terrorist” (headchoppers) resp. stay off the brutal terrorists that are changing their names on a monthly base.
At this point I repeat my wishes to the defenders of Syria: Go ahead as you did the past week. SAA, you are writing great history!

Assad must stay


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