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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army Is About To Divide Beit Jinn Pocket Into Two Separate Parts – Reports

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According to pro-government sources, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces have established control over the hill tops of al-Ahmar, al-Madjahan and al-Khazzan inside the Beit Jinn pocket in southern Syria.

Thus, the SAA and the NDF deployed within a striking distance from the last area, which they have to capture to divide the Beit Jinn pocket into two separate parts.

If this is done, militants in the area will be put into a no-win situation and the military victory of government troops there will become just a matter of time.

Syrian Army Is About To Divide Beit Jinn Pocket Into Two Separate Parts - Reports

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Buena estrategia del ejercito sirio y sus milicias, asi sera mas fácil dejarlos completamente aislados y derrotarlos. Lastima que el ISIS, como siempre, ataque al ejercito sirio en la cuenca del Eufrates, permitiendo a las FDS ganar mas terreno al gobierno sirio. Al fin y al cabo, los dos grupos armados rebeldes son aliados de EEUU

Jim Prendergast

Verdaderamente los terroristas trabajan juntos. ¡Deben ser cortados desde el exterior y las fronteras de Siria reestablecidas!


Beware of these terrorists’ Zionist ally in the south-west.
I doubt they sit idly and watch as their investment goes down the drain. They attacked Syrian troops before, whenever terror groups were under pressure from SAA and NDF:

Oh look! A stray bullet shot by Wahhabi terror groups hit Syrian soil under our occupation! That’s the signal we agreed upon, quickly fire at Syrians before they destroy our investment!

Richard M

By seizing the lower valley the cauldron of the upper valley is sealed. SAA positions atop the ridgelines make for easy fire control of the valley. The cannibals will be unable to move, except in tunnels as SAA fire rains down on their nests. The end is very near for this Beit Jinn Cauldron. Only choice for the cannibals is whether to be Green Bused to Idlibstan, or to Ziostan!

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