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Syrian Army, Iraqi Militia Launch New Operation Against Militants In Damascus’ Jobar District (Map)


Syrian Army, Iraqi Militia Launch New Operation Against Militants In Damascus' Jobar District (Map)

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On November 25, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) started a new military operation in the district of Jobar east of the Syrian capital, Damascus, according to pro-government sources. The SAA reportedly captured some buildings in the district. However, no major breakthrough was reported.

From its side, the US-backed militant group Faylaq al-Rahman said that it repelled the SAA attack in Jobar. Local sources said that Syrian warplanes bombed several positions in Jobar and in Eastern Ghouta in general on November 25.

Syrian Army, Iraqi Militia Launch New Operation Against Militants In Damascus' Jobar District (Map)

Meanwhile, opposition sources claimed that a fighter of the Iraqi Liwa Abu al-Fadhal al-Abbas militia was killed during the clashes in Jobar today. If these claims are confirmed, this would be a prove that Liwa Abu al-Fadhal al-Abbas is operating once again around Damascus since its withdrawal from Syrian back in 2014 to stop ISIS in Iraq.

Liwa Abu al-Fadhal al-Abbas was formed in 2012 by an Iraqi leader named, Abu Ajeb. The group received a huge support from Iran, Hezbollah and major Iraqi Shiite militias. By 2014, Liwa Abu al-Fadhal al-Abbas had around 10,000 Iraqi fighters all of them gain their experience during the 2003–11 Iraqi insurgency.

The Iraqi militia played a key role in securing the district of Sayyidah Zaynab and the Damascus airport highway during 2012. Later, the group launched very successful offensive operations in Western Ghouta, like the attack on the strategic district of al-Sabinah south of Damascus in November 2013.

The return of this powerful force will for sure boost the SAA operations around Damascus, especially in the Eastern Ghouta region, where the SAA suffered several setbacks in the last few months (for example Ahrar al-Sham Movement attack on the Armored Vehicles base on November 16).



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  • Dejan

    Noo, why they dont wait for Tiger Forces after defeat of ISIL and than launch full scale attack on all postions around pocket

  • Michael Qiao

    this front is just a waste of time and manpower

    • That Guy

      If a big amount of troops and efforts were poured into this area, it would be finished in a month, I guess ……

  • Serious

    As long as you have foreigners (kurds) and stupid people (sunnis), expect nothing. You lust have anticipated thes things. Now, it’s a big mess.

    • Jens Holm

      The foreigners there are Turks and arabs. There would be much more space for the normal people if some of you went east of the Caspian Sea and others went back to Yemen.

      • Serious

        Nobody went from Yemen. Syrians speak Arabs but are not Arabs. kurds are just foreigners and strangers. Syrians make a big mistake taking them.

        • Jens Holm

          Syria got Kurds because the new country named as Syria took half of Aleppo of , Raqqa province and Syria went north.

          Kurds are in genetics as well as in languagegroup indoeuropeans almost 100% and has been there more or less the last 4000 years.

          So they are the real ones like others, which now almost are gone or gone.

          You are spught in by arabic nationalisme of the worst kind ignoring all facts about it.

          So You are correct, that the old Syria probatly had close to none kurds. But that was before Ottomans collapsed and before that Syria was no country itself at least 1000 Years.

  • Zainab Ali

    the illegal occupiers, ameritards should be kicked out of syria asap – their satanic presence spells nothing but trouble

    • Tommy Jensen

      USA were invited by Israel, Kurds, SDF and tribal leaders to fight terrorists and make peace in Syria.
      Now that US/NATO have cleaned Syria for ISIS despite the obstruction from Russia, Assad and Iran, we have established 13 US military bases to overlook the terrorists dont return and to protect Syrian civilians and refugees.
      This work is not done overnight. It can take decades before United States have finally secured peace in Syria.

      • That Guy

        Israel has no right to invite someone in a territory that belongs to other countries. So eat shit.

      • Εμ Παυ

        Are you older than ten?

      • Gregory Louis

        Note the Hypocrisy in your own logic so the US will protect the Syrian people by being there not being called by the actual legal government in Syria or the majority of people and then support the Opposition which have ties to Al-Qaeda…ok seems legit right?

        • You can call me Al

          Apologies – previous post went was not intended for you.

      • LOL!!! This is sarcasm. Right?

        • Tommy Jensen

          Satire :-D.

      • Rob

        This is another bs, propaganda.

        Who created and brought ISIS and Al-Qaeda to Syria? Who are MFs that finance and arm them.

        US senator John McCain and HClinton openly said that US Congress recommended us to finance and Arm those terrorists so we are doing.

      • You can call me Al

        Are you a troll or just insanely stupid.

        TROLL FOOOOOOK – you are blocked.

      • Tudor Miron

        Tommy, are you serious or is it the way of sarcasm or something?

        • Tommy Jensen

          You guys jumped right into the mud……………..LOL.

          • Tudor Miron

            Thanks :)

  • Serious

    Syrians must have get rid of kurds way way before. You wanna play the nice guy that bring all people together, don’t be surprised then. kurds are just foreigners and traitors.

    You don’t wanna to keep an eye on these stupid sunnis ? Don’t be surprised. Where all these weapons come from ??? They entered from extern countries.
    You must have made a big propagenda to prevent these stupid sunnis falling into USA trap.

    You wanna to have a weak army with no weapon, don’t be surprised.

    • Richard Noel Hedditch

      Profoundly correct analysis.

      • Jens Holm

        Very “anal”. Wish you a toothbruch for it at the next Eid.

    • Jens Holm

      People like You should be some years in a foreign refugee camp.

  • Jim Prendergast

    This is good. Iraq and Syria working together.

  • Thegr8rambino

    very nice :))) was that a rooster in the video making that noise? lol

  • Ronald

    Cleaning up around Damascus is now a priority , then Homs and Idlib .
    Liwa Abu al Fadhal al Abbas , welcome help .

  • Xanatos

    Iraq and Syria should build a closer military alliance. Their armies should train together and operate together like NATO forces. Syria needs manpower. Iraq has manpower.

    • Joe

      I don’t think it would happen. Against small terrorists they fight as one. But against Israel they keep quiet and allow Israel to fight eg Hez or Hamas who .
      have to fight alone

      Thatis th

  • Vitex

    I don’t think the Israelis were bargaining on upgrading the Syrian and Iraqi armies, but that’s what they have done