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Syrian Army In Control Of 30% Of Al-Nazheen Camp After Advance In Daraa (Videos)

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On Wednesday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued advancing in the Al-Nazheen camp in Daraa city after capturing 30% of it earlier this week and imposiing fire control over Ahrar al-Sham’s main headquarters inside the area.

At the same time, government forces continued a large scale bobing campaign. Syrian Air Force helicopters Ka-28 and Mi-25 as well as SAA rocket launchers pounded militant positions in the Al-Nazheen camp and Daraa al-Balad.

In turn, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) shelled the Marj al-Rahil airbase with Grad rockets and claimed that the shelling caused heavy damage to the air base. However, SAA sources denied that rockets hit the airport.

On Tuesday, the FSA and HTS shelled the Al-Tha’la airbase in western Sweida with no damage done to the airport. On Wednesday, the FSA and HTS shelled the Damascus-Daraa highway with artillery, resulting in material damage in civilian property.

Opposition sources published a photo of a UAV over Daraa city claiming that it belong sto the Syrian Air Force, but it turned out that the UAV is a Jordanian. This is a direct evidence of the support provided by the Jordanian Army and the US-led coalition to HTS and the FSA in their battle against the SAA in Daraa.

Syrian Army In Control Of 30% Of Al-Nazheen Camp After Advance In Daraa (Videos)

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Solomon Krupacek


Alejandro Calero

I love the FSA (sarcasm). They took a photo of one of their jordanian supporting drones and now they claim that it belongs to the SAA. What a bunch of idiots.


They are US trained. What do you expect :)

Alejandro Calero

You’re right. But I expected them to be at least a bit more intelligent than ISIS terrorists. It seems like I overestimated “moderate” rebel forces.

Gary Sellars

It looks like the ISIS applicants who fail the IQ test go to the FSA recruiting office as a consolation….

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Coalition forces are witnessed fighting alongside the FSA even videoed alongside or fighting ahead of these clowns , Israel is operating in the area west of the FSA .


Let us hope that Israeli and US forces are captured soon and paraded in front of the world as warmongers and supporters of terror.

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