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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army Imposed Full Control Over Harasta Following Departure Of Last Batch Of Militants (Map, Video)

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Syrian Army Imposed Full Control Over Harasta Following Departure Of Last Batch Of Militants (Map, Video)

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Late on March 23, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) imposed full control over the Harasta district east of the Syrian capital of Damascus follwing the departure of the last batch of Ahrar al-Sham fighters, who had headed towards the northern governorate of Idlib, according to the Hezbollah media wing.

The media outlet said that the last batch of fighters had included 111 commanders and leaders of Ahrar al-Sham. Right before their departure, 16 of Ahrar al-Sham commanders and fighters were killed when clashes erupted between them for unknown reasons.

The Ahrar al-Sham Movement was the first in the Eastern Ghouta region to accept an evacuation agreement on March 21, after the SAA and its allies had successfully besieged its stronghold, Harasta district, a week ago.

Soon, local observers expect to witness the wirthdrawal of the first batch of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and Faylaq al-Rahman fighters from their positions in the western part of the Eastern Ghouta region towards Idlib governorate.

Syrian pro-government sources reported that HTS and Faylaq al-Rahman fighters had already withdrawn from Jobar district and had handed over most of their positions in Ayn Tarma to the SAA.

The last opposition force in the Eastern Ghouta region, Jaysh al-Islam, is yet to accept an evacuation agreement. However, local observers believe that it is a matter of days only before it accepts a similar agreement.

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Shadow Blade

comment image


fantastic news great victory the saa glory doctor bashar el assad!!


Last-minute infighting? Or did they turn on their “handlers” from abroad?


I do hope so :)




???- Putin has forced Assad to ‘pardon’ every terrorist of East Ghouta who was prepared, after years of butchering innocent civilians, to walk away with their weapons. And that’s a ‘good thing’ is it? Have IQs dropped here to the low single digits?

Putin is a walking disaster. His one strategy-appeasing the Deep State, has blown up in his face (most EU nations are now preparing to kick out Russian diplomats in an event never even witnessed during the height of the Cold War.)

Do you know how many members of the SAA Putin allowed KSA, Britain, Israel, France and America to butcher while sitting on his hands, so Israel’s desire to have Syria set back decades could be met? Only when Syria was completely ruined did Putin intervene.

Today’s Syria is an active target for terror attacks from the West, Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. In the future every time Russia withdraws or drops the ball, these four will attack as they have very publicly promised to do. So Syria’s future is literally hell on Earth, thanks to Putin.

Putin has allowed the jews to perfectly demonise Russia while licking the backside of the jews at every opportunity.

Temp military victories are good for the ‘football hooligan’ crowd who follow any army, but lousy for the civilians. Only LASTING PEACE serves Humanity, and that just isn’t zionist Putin’s bag.

While fools cheer Putin’s very very very belated cleansing of East Ghouta, John Bolton- the insane war mongering mate of Tony Blair- has just been appointed minister for war in Trump’s cabinet. Just to let even the stupidest (ie., Saker trusting) person here know that the Iran War is coming very soon indeed.

Putin has very carefully chosen to leave Iran defenseless, while rushing to provide Saudi-friendly nations in the region with Russia’s best air defence systems, so they’ll be more comfortable with the West attacking Iran.

Putin the appeaser has taken us to the very edge of World War. The Iran War will help push us over that edge.


u show how uninformed u are!
do u hear urself? do u?
U are saying that Putin is to blame for NOT killing all terrorists / rebels in EG and thus is some of the proof why he is allied with Israel!
Those of us with brains understand that YOURE AN IDIOT!
Sorry to get personal with u but there is no other way to deal with passionate people like urself WHO ARE WRONG!

First of all…why dot u see the full picture? Do u know the geopolitical map or are u just going by 12 months of information?

Is Russia contained by missile shields that also act as offensive missile launchers?
Can Russia do this geographically to the USA? NO!
So its in Russia’s interests to CONTAIN ISRAEL (little America) without being the actual nation containing them! They allow IRAN todo this!
do u understand?

Releasing rebels in EG is a no brainer, if u cant figure tat one out for urself im not going to explain why its a no brainer! U only show me ho dumb u are! YES u are dumb!

Do u not think that this internal war is not in some way promoted by Russian or Syrian intel?? Huh?

Have u not noticed how handy this has been at times especially when SAA was stretched thin on many front lines and whilst all that was happening, Russia somehow managed to make temporary peace deals in certain areas! And also, extremely conveniently there was infighting amongst rebels groups! They were literally attacking and killing each other!
Russia and Syria understand that different groups are proxies of different backers! Qatar,Turkey, KSA, USA etc etc! All of these backers have slightly different geopolitical goals! Turkey is playing either side for example! and as u have seen,dependng on which way the wind blows (in the war as to who is winning) the backers cut their losses and make deals to whom they think will win the war (hence Qatar and Gelnncore buying 20% of rosneft and Qatar making relations with Iran).

If u actually mentioned some of this in your rant I might actually respect what u have to say! But u dont! U show me and tell me NOTHING! U only illustrate what u dont know!

Forget about Bolton! Trump was always going to do something with Iran but here is the thing! Iran is not NK!

Trump will have to make ideal with Russia before he gets Iran todo what he wants! If Russia gives the USA the OK then perhaps yes Trump will get what he wants! But what will Russia want in Return huh?

Here is the deal as follows:

Israel is now CONTAINED!
Saudi Arabia is CONTAINED!
By who? Iran!
Could Iran do this without Russia’s help? NO!

Why is Russia containing Israel?
Well it was never their main goal in Syria, it was more about Russia energy market with Europe as the US tried to cut off their energy market to Europe via Ukraine!
DIDNT WORK! But whilst that threat was there Russia did make quick deal with China and started building pipelines towards china!

In the meantime the EU (under pressure from NATO) disallowed Russia’s SouthStream project to go through Bulgaria so the Russians were forced to make deals with Turkey (who is not in the EU)! Turkey already had a sweet deal with the US proposed Qatar pipeline which was going to steal the Russian energy market fromEurope and prop up the US Petro Dollar (and Reserve currency status)

But again, turkey saw which way the wind was blowing (especially with the US helping Kurds which would soon be upgraded to a Kurdistan statehood) and decided to play both sides but seems more so Russia (now that Russia was winning). So now Russia has blocked Qatar pipelines! So Qatar buys shares in Rosneft (to profit from Russian market) and makes deal with Iran who shares half of their gas field who will then go onto making pipelines through turkey and to india as well!

As for Israel!
Israel has a plan B!
Make a Kurdish state between Iraq and Syria (thus gaining land and bases closer to Iran)! Israel will be profiting and getting cheap oil and gas from the 2nd biggest oil field in the world which is in Iraqi Kurdish territory! (some people say this is apart of the greater Israel project)

After making a Kurdish state, this land will be landlocked between nations who despise and are against a Kurdish state! Therefore just like the arab spring, uprisings within Turkey’s Kurdish population and also Irans will be FUNDED!

This will join onto Kurdish populations in Iraq and Syria and we can all be sure that the USA and Israel will be flying sorties and dropping bombs on Iran from bases within the newly formed Kurdish state!

So whats the entire outcome of this?

Iran will contain Israel and Russia will be happy as Russia is contained!

If the USA does not want Israel wiped off the fucking map then they will back off containing Russia! UNDERSTAND?

There is only one nation IRAN will listen too! RUSSIA! Without Russia backing them Iran will lose easy!

So the deal is….. drop the missile shields in Eastern Europe! Get the fuck out of ukraine! If u dont do that! We will ARM IRAN and SYRIA with extremely good Air defence systems! And Iran can do as they please with the very small Israel!

So of course Russia is against Israel but not because they hate them! they are against Israel because they are as important or maybe MORE important than the USA is to the USA! They are the Jews who run the world!

I guarantee u that the USA will talk with PUTIN before they do ANYTHING with Iran!

And I also guarantee u that Russia will demand the USA to get out of Eastern Europe!

Its a trade!

Now if u dont see this or understand this then what the fuck is ur problem?

You know damn well that is the USA shot down a Russian jet or if russia shot down a USA or Israeli jet, then we can easily go to WW3
This is why proxy wars exist! U should know this!
Russia has blocked Qatar pipes, made a deal with Turkey (which would be another reason why he didn’t slaughter AASham in EG because they are a Turkish proxy) AND U SHOULD FUCKING KNOW THIS!!!!)

So at the moment we can say that Iran is Russia’s MAD DOG that is on a leash! So this Bolton guy aint doing jack shit with Iran until he deals with Russia! And Russia has AN ACE UP THEIR SLEEVE! They have ISRAEL CONTAINED! They can if they like protect Syria or at least grant them early warning radar from incoming attacks! They can arm up syria’s defences an extent they wish and / or raise it by many levels depending on what Israeli deals are made behind closed doors!

Russia has won what they themselves needed in SyriA!

There are rules to avoid escalation but ways to achieve the same results as if u had done them directly urself!
1. dont shoot down super powers aircraft of military assets with your own weapons
(this includes Israel)
2. free up as many front line soldiers as fast and painless as possible and transfer the rebels to an area in which you yourself can freely dominate them with tanks and bombings! Also ramp up the infighting between fighting with some sabotage attacks and blame their counterparts! get them fighting amongst themselves! rebels killing rebels is better than rebels killing SAA and civilians in a capital city! AND UR DUMB ASS SHOULD KNOW THIS!
3. Use your expendable attack dog (Iran) to play enemy number 1 to Israel whilst u urself just keep friendly relations with them! at any time Russia can give Iran advanced weapons or deny them! Which is what Russia has done with the S-330’s! Denied Iran and then gave it when it suited Russia’s interests!

Why do u think Israel is not bombing Syria any more?
Why do u think America did not send more cruise missiles?
Why do u think he king of Saudi Arabia went to Moscow and bought billions of Russian weapons? (a ransom)
Why do u think Iran s able to transit through Iraq to Syria with Weapons?
Why do u think turkey stopped bombing the Kurds for a few days and then started back up again?
Why do u think only 24 of the 59 cruise missiles hit that Syrian air base?
Why do u think Syria is not already fucked up by Isis and Al-nusra and the USA inst bombing the hell out of all of it just like they did in Lybia?


And what are YOU doing??



Russia is containing Israel! and if the USA does not get out of ukraine and does not stop invading ME nations and does not drop its missile shields in South Korea, Japan and especially Eastern Europe, Then Russia will allow Iran to build S-300 air defences in Syira that are networked with Russian radars!

Russia will keep its own air defences!

Iran will have mobile missiles in syria (because russia allows it) ready to launch at Israel!

Russia has been invited to set up bases in Somalia! (across from Israel!)
Bases in Egypt (next to Israel)!

Russia is literally surrounding Israel!

Its a geopolitical game of chicken! AND FOR SOME STRANGE REASON, YOU CANT SEE THIS!!! WHY???


Why should he see ? Seeing the truth destroys the “Bad” Russia narrative.


Go SAA baby!!

Ishyrion Av

@janearcher:disqus : There are plenty of reasons why SAA accepts moving the armed gangs in another location:
1) Lives of civilians are saved because war is over in their region.
2) Lives of Syrian soldiers are saved because when people have no choice fight to death (I’m talking about “moderates”).
3) Soldiers are available for relocation on another war zone.
4) Being merciful makes the other side to question their motives to continue fighting, is a soft power.
5) Some moderates quit fighting, in fact I’m sure a lot of them are tired of this prolonged war with no chance for victory.
6) When you put a lot of factions in one place they don’t simply celebrate the brotherhood, they start fighting between them, which is good for civilians, for soldiers, for Syria.
If Putin would be in an alliance with Israel we would know it by now. But Russia actions in Syria are a nightmare for the zionist empire.
You accuse Putin of not involving Russia from the beginning in the slaughter but you know nothing of the reasons which might be plenty, including not being asked!
But enough with the reasonable arguments.
Because you are not reasonable.
You are sitting in a chair in Tel Aviv and cry for Syria wishing it to be destroyed.

You can call me Al

WTF are you on about. From 1-5 I was thankful for your comment, but as for No.6, I ended up with the feeling that you had some mental problems or you are a US troll.


I thought it was ok.

Tom Tom

not at all.

Ishyrion Av

If they fight between themselves, they don’t fight Syria and SAA has less to deal with. I think is good. What’s wrong?


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info last minute the pocket irbeen JOBAR!! libered!!!


The SAA’s objective seems to be to establish total control over the greater Damascus area, which is helped along by the fact that each Rebel unit seems to be more concerned with its own problems than anything else.




Perhaps one day, well discover that they’ve been penetrated by Syrian-Russian etc counter-intelligence and set against their US puppet masters.


Come on, I was being serious.


Me too


comment image&exph=742&expw=576&q=laughing+snoopy+images&simid=608022841366416770&ajaxhist=0&selectedindex=23


That’s because the so called rebels are no more than rival gangs of criminal thugs with guns, tanks etc :)

It would be no different if street gangs near you were armed with heavy weapons and coordinated by professionally trained advisers.

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