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JUNE 2021

Syria’s Army Hits ISIS Militants in Key Regions

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The Syrian army is reported to have destroyed dozens of ISIS and al-Nusra terrorists across Syria after the country’s army launched offensives in the key provinces of Hama, Homs, Damascus, Aleppo, Idlib, and Daraa.

Syria's Army Hits ISIS Militants in Key Regions

Over the past 24 hours the Syrian army has staged major military operations in key regions of Syria against ISIS and al-Nusra Front militants. In result, dozens of terrorists were killed and many more were wounded, the Iranian news agency FARS reported.

The operations were held in Hama, Homs, Damascus, Aleppo, Idlib and Daraa.

In Hama, Syrian warplanes pounded IS positions in the key village of Qteishesh near Al-Salamiyah. The operations were supported by the Russian airstrikes. Following the airstrikes, it was reported that the terrorists suffered heavy casualties.

In Homs, the Syrian army managed to kill al-Nusra Front terrorists after jets bombed the militants’ fortified positions in the village of Ter Maela and the town of Talbiesh to the north of the city of Homs along the Damascus-Aleppo Highway.

In Damascus, heavy clashes between the Syrian forces and the militants took place in Damascus, where the arm and the National Defense Forces stormed militant groups’ strongholds along one of their main supply routes in the east of the province. Syrian troop finally managed to take full control over the road.

In Aleppo, there were at least 12 Takfiri militants killed on Wednesday, after the army had targeted the terrorists’ positions in Rasm al-Sahrij and Abad in the province’s southwestern countryside. What is more, the army managed to destroy al-Nusra Front terrorists’ positions in the city of Aleppo. The fightings there took place in al-Sheikh Lutfi, Hanano, Karm al-Tahhan and al-Jazmati.
In Idlib, there were a series of airstrikes that were launched by Syrian fighter jets in the southeastern parts of the province. The city of Daraa was also staged in the attacking, where the Syrian forces inflicted heavy losses on terrorists, destroying their positions in the Aba Zaid and al-Manshia neighborhoods.

These successes of the Syrian army add to the Russia’s air campaign, which was launched on September 30, when more than 50 Russia warplanes, including Su-24M, Su-25 and Su34 were included in the anti-ISIS coalition.



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