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Syrian Army, Hezbollah Seize Another Town in East Ghouta


Syrian Army, Hezbollah Seize Another Town in East Ghouta

The Syrian Army, Hezbolalh and alied militias have stormed the town of Mayda’a in Damascus’ East Ghouta, pushing Jaysh Al-Islam militants to withdraw from it, AlMasdarNews reported on June 24.

The government forces’ advance reportedly started from the direction of Base 39, located north of Mayda’a. According to the report, Jaysh Al-Islam ordered to withdraw from the town after a seires of heavy firefights with pro-government forces.

Syrian Army, Hezbollah Seize Another Town in East Ghouta

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  • Naim Zuri

    How can those pockets exist for years ? I dont understand how that is physically possible. They should run out of suppy/manpower after days/weeks but instead we even see them going on the offensive. Seriously,explanation anyone please ?

    • Best Guess

      I guess those pockets were not tightly sealed. Also ISIS takes over a town with civilians living in it. You can’t do things like cut off all food, water, medicine, electricity etc.

      When the heat gets turned up militarily then ISIS can no longer hold those positions and has to withdraw.

      • Kire Stojanovski

        It really is a weird thing! And what about ammo? How are they getting it?

        • Lord Lemur

          I’ve heard a number of these pockets formed around concentrations of the most potent weapons to fall into terrorist hands, so the SAA prefers siege warfare than a costly assault.

        • Horace

          Smuggle in via tunnels etc mostly. But yes a lot of these pockets formed around military bases etc. East Ghouta bases were very well supplied prior to the war due to their close proximity to Damascus