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Syrian Army, Hezbollah Prepare For Anti-ISIS Operation In Homs Desert (Maps)

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Syrian Army, Hezbollah Prepare For Anti-ISIS Operation In Homs Desert (Maps)

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On December 6, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger forces met with Hezbollah and Iranian-backed militias north of the al-Bukamal city in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, according to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria.

Military situation before the final push:

Syrian Army, Hezbollah Prepare For Anti-ISIS Operation In Homs Desert (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

The SAA and the Tiger Forces advanced and captured the villages of al-Alwai, Sayyal, Ghabrah and Tall Madkok north of al-Ghabrah on the western bank of the Euphrates River while Hezbollah and the Iranian backed forces captured the villages of Hawi al-Ghabrah, al-Ashayir and Bissisat south of Ghabrah.

Syrian Army, Hezbollah Prepare For Anti-ISIS Operation In Homs Desert (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

After theliberation of al-Ghabrah, the entire western bank of the Euphrates became fully controlled by government forces. ISIS fighters are now fully besieged in the empty east Homs desert. Iin the upcoming months, most of them will be killed or captured by the SAA and its allies.

According to pro-government sources, government forces already started preparations for this operation.

Meanwhile on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces took control over  all the villages down to Khara’ij town, according to Kurdish sources. However, all the villages south of Khara’ij including the town of Hajin are still under the control of ISIS.

Syrian Army, Hezbollah Prepare For Anti-ISIS Operation In Homs Desert (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

According to unconfirmed reports of the Syrian oppositions and local sources ISIS fighters are now withdrawing from the eastern bank of the Euphrates to the al-Jazeera region in western Iraq.

The remaining ISIS-held areas will likely be cleared in the upcoming months thanks to the rapid advance of the SAA, the Iraqi Army and the SDF. However, the terrorist organization still controls small pockets in the Syrian governorates of Hama, Damascus and Daraa.

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It will be very interesting to see if the Syrian government coalition moves east from here to contain the SDF advance, and block them from adding anymore territory to their Israelistan secession project.


It will but as things now stand , is it worth getting into a shooting war with the Kurds before the reality of US unreliability and betrayal encourages the Kurds to enter into genuine diplomacy with the Kurds.

IF the US fails to support the Kurds removing ISIS there would be a reason to enter the East bank of the Euphrates .

Mind you it appears that the Russian air support on the East bank recently in support of the Kurds has replaced US air support.

Perhaps the US air assets are too busy flying their proxy terrorists to Europe, Asia and North Africa :)


Yes the reports from the former SDF spokesman about SDF cooperation with Russian elements of the Syrian government coalition in clearing Isis areas are encouraging. How that will effect the SDF declared secession project is unknown. But if there is follow up restoring government administration in SDF areas, that will certainly be positive.


As sure as the sun sets tomorrow, there will never be a succession project.

Too many factors make that a dead end even before it starts

Assad has a hosts of options most of which will see the demise of the Kurds except one is to go back to status quo before the war for Kurds to be part of Syria and live as Syrians.

That is the ONLY way to get the US to leave within firing a single shot


There obviously already is a secession project, or most of the area east of the river wouldn’t be a no go area for the SAA. The Russians have the ability to impose a no fly zone over Syria, or Lebanon for that matter, on an as needed basis, even for the mighty USAF. Whether that will be necessary remains to be seen. I’m sure that it’s a concern for the Jew baby rapers in particular.


Like I said , the Kurds’s original succession plan is dead even before it starts.

I do not agree that Russia will go along with it as the Kurds are very aligned to the US and only moron leaders will allow that when Assad is winning . The succession is also a no no for Turkey and Russia does not want to lose Turkey like US has lost Turkey. Kurds’ interest for Russia is tiny compared with interests with Syria, Turkey and Iran .

First and foremost , the Kurds would be no match for Assad’s forces which includes Iran and let us assume the Russians be neutral as long as US does not come in.

Don’t talk rubbish about no fly zone in Syria … There is no such possibility.

Let’s see if I am right or you are right the Kurds can succeed in having their own state. This plan by US has already failed after losing and you expect them to get it ?


They already have seceded, the SAA isn’t allowed into SDF areas according to multiple reports. Whether the US will provide the SDF air cover in the event of hostilities with the SAA is an open question. If they do, then a no fly zone will need to be established to prevent the USAF from providing air cover for the SDF.

The Russians can prevent NATO incursion into Russian airspace. They can do the same thing in Syria to keep the US coalition out if need be.


Of course right now they would not allow. The negotiation has not started yet.

Now let me Know what cards do the Kurds have to insist that they can secede?

It would be the most dumb Assad to allow. If he had allowed that in the first place, with is the difference then between Kurds and terrorists?

So take it as real. There is an understanding that the priority is to kill terrorists and then negotiate with all opposition on how to run Syria as a whole.

No secession or federalisation bullshit.

It has already been declared by Russia, Iran, Turkey as guarantors.

So stop being so ignorant of the. Ways politics is played.

The only way for the Kurds to survive is to be under Assad.

If this fails, sure as the sun sets tomorrow, Assa and allies will attack aided by Turkey.


Only peer counter measures can neutralize the reported 13 US coalition bases, including the Jew baby rapers, operating in Israelistan east of the river. Yes the situation is fluid, but right now it looks like almost all of that area is out of reach to the SAA. So in that respect the secession occurred years ago when the SAA withdrew from these areas. Some up near the border were never overrun by Isis, the areas that were overrun were cleared by the SDF, and blocked to the SAA by the SDF. That’s secession by any rational definition of the term.

Most of the contained areas in the west of the country are also in a state of secession, which is being contained and reversed by various means. The Kurd attempt is different in that it’s a much larger contiguous area similar to what was done in Iraq with US backing, including military bases with advanced weapons including aircraft. That’s much different than the contained areas in the west, and poses a much greater threat to Syrian territorial integrity.


I already told you the will never be any secession in Syria?

You still stupidly repeat that line. What then ate the Kurds compared to terrorists and Assad fight only terrorists and not the Kurds?

Read this to the full this article came out today to confirm what I have been saying


They are hitting at US and do you think Turkey will allow Kurds to have their own area?

If so, stop replying ,don’t waste my time explaining to kids


The Kurds already have their own area secured by 13 foreign bases. Because they’re not actively attacking the government, and are only blocking the government from reentering the areas that the government withdrew from. They’re being left alone for the time being while the government gets rid of the regime change elements that are attacking them.

The Kurds have a replacement secession government operating under US supervision that they’re trying to legitimize. Almost all of Syria east of the river is outside of direct government control and is under the control of a US/Kurd government. That fits the dictionary definition of secession. The article that you provided, and the arguments that you make do not prove that secession has not occurred. They only prove that efforts are being made to cancel it.


I conclude you do not know the meaning of secede . You take occupation as such while the treu meaning is when they officially declare as such .

The fact is as Russia stated, negotiation between Kurds and Assad central government and it has already been established a United Syria.

The end is let’s see how much the Kurds will get rewarded but under a sovereign Syria.

No other way


The Kurds don’t allow the Syrian government to operate in the areas that they control, they’ve set up a completely separate government, that constitutes formally seceding from the rest of Syria:

“se·cede səˈsēd/Submit verb withdraw formally from membership in a federal union, an alliance, or a political or religious organization.”

“the Constitution of Syria and the Constitution of Rojava are legally incompatible with respect to legislative and executive authority.”


Richard M

Far smarter to employ Sun Tsu’s strategy and let the enemies fight each other. Ottomans and SDF will inevitably war.


No way !.. because it is not part of USA-Russia agreement.


I see a number of fronts coming on one by one where Kurds have not been resident before: – Al Thawrah & Raqqa & areas South of the Euphrates River (including the dam + Power station) – The area North of Raqqa halfway to the Turkish Border – Manbij and areas West of Lake Assad – Eastern oil Fields East of a line from Deir ez-Zor to Al-Hasaka to the border with Iraq

I am not sure which one will come first but they will be picked off one by one.

Probably the first ones will be the ones whjich leave the SAA shorter front lines with Natural Barriers such as the Manbij area and the Raqqa area.

Then the Oil Fields North of Deir ez-Zor which give the government much needed revenue. Especially when Iraq will deny the Kurds and support.

Then pushing the Kurds out of what has normally been Arab areas of Syria. The SAA will gain support by local tribes and Militis when they do this. . .

But I am only guessing.


Before one starts guessing, maybe one should start with reading ethnographic maps. Manbij , tel Abyad and Raqqah are up to 35% kurdish.


LOL – “UP TO” 35%. Meaning Lower than 35% in most cases. . .

Which means over 65% NON KURDISH. . .

PS. Do you believe in Democracy?

PPS. Is 65% greater than 35%?

You are just so funny.


he’s just a netherfuckian


Kurd Majority Areas



Interesting indeed. Not Likely though.


This is not a winner takes territory kind of warfare.

Now all fight terrorists and SDF not considered as terrorists hence Russian help.

When fight over , and negotiation settled all will become Syrian territory.

Syrian Kurds will remain as Syrians in Syria as before which is the only way Kurds can live in peace.

So whoever takes an area is not like in Libya, you own it .


The SDF is the lesser of two evils using the enemy of my enemy is my friend scenario. Now that Isis is effectively history, where things go from here is an open question. The next few weeks should give an indication of whether the SDF is going to change their tune and stop being so insolent, or whether more coercive means are going to need to be employed to restore government administration in SDF areas.


Read this article today….by Turkey

Exactly what I posted and reasoned about the true situation



It would be best if they just ignore Israel.


Yes, Israel is looking for an excuse to launch a major attack to disrupt the SAA but politically they cannot do so. Once Syrian control over her lands ,including the Kurdish problem are resolved then Israel can be challenged if she continues to bomb Syrian positions.


as tempting as it is to exact vengeance on them right now, i agree. syria should wait until all pockets are cleared before dealing with israel

Cheryl Brandon

Cant’ ignore; But, yes. they need a larger response both above and underground!

Joe Doe

SAA should clear the packets first, before going to Idlib province


Yes, i think it would be beneficial to SAA, there is only a very narrow ISIS frontline at the moment in the border area, but very likely SDF will took over. SAA would focus on other parts of the country pretty soon, without the need to move troops here and there, which is a very huge benefit.

There is no logical sense to go to Idlib first, as the ISIS area simply between them. As it’s a desert, looking at Iraq rapid advance, it can be cleared suddenly within a week. (If there is no too many ISIS troops there – very likely the majority was going to Iraq)


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Bobby Twoshoes

Pockets, it was a typo, just like when you say “foundation” instead of “found” you hypocritical piece of shit.




This is so good news. On this day victory congratulation to all Syrians, Russians, Iranians, Iraqis, Lebanese, Palestinians and to all those who helped Syrian government in this war against America and Israhell. Don’t divide again, be united for super power. God bless you all, ameen.


Finally the confirmation SAA was not involved in Al Bukamal at all.


Lol , you moron , these are simplified graphics, SAA together with Hezbolah and pro govmnt militias have launched an assault on Al Bukamal from T2 pumping station.

Bobby Twoshoes

You disinformation whores are out in force this week, all competing to push the same utter nonsense about al Bukamal. This article isn’t even about the liberation of the city but don’t let that stop you posting irrelevant lies. I know you gotta earn those shekels for Hanukkah and judging by the amount you post they can’t be paying you much.

Cheryl Brandon

SAA and Hezbollah seem to have a plan to clear up Homs Desert; Good luck! They need specialist night teams!

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