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Syrian Army Gives 48 Hours To Jaysh al-Islam To Accept Evacuation Agreement, Masses Forces Around Duma

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Syrian Army Gives 48 Hours To Jaysh al-Islam To Accept Evacuation Agreement, Masses Forces Around Duma

Fighters of Jaysh al-Islam around Duma district, Illustrative image

The Syria Arab Army (SAA) gave Jaysh al-Islam militants in the Duma district of the Eastern Ghouta region a 48 hours’ notice to accept an evacuation agreement, several Syrian pro-government news outlets reported on March 30. If the group refuses to do so, it will face a large-scale military operation.

Pro-government sources said that units of the SAA’s 4th Division and the Republican Guard along with the Tiger Forces and other pro-government forces are currently taking offensive positions around Duma.

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) and the Russian Aerospace Forces will also take a part in the upcoming military operation against Jaysh al-Islam, if it refuses to accept an evacuation agreement, according to Hussien Mortada, the reporter of the Iranian al-Alam TV.

Murtada even speculated that Russia may even launch cruise missiles against the militants in Duma district. However, this is very unlikely.

The ongoing negotiation between Jaysh al-Islam and Russia have not witnessed any progress so far, as the group insists on staying in the Duma district and forbids any of its fighters from leaving. Due to this, the SAA and its allies will likely implement a military solution of this issue when the notice ends on July 2.

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Russian cruise missiles on the La Farge Cement Plant would be a wake up call for France !

Concrete Mike

Now your talking

Bobo Voxar

this LaFarge which payed ISIL a racketeering tax?…

Michał Hunicz

July 2? Please write these articles correctly.


April 2.


Under common sense, it is better for the lives of these foreigners to accept reconciliation for their families that waiting and all the time looking their routs for coming back home.

You can call me Al

What were all the other comments you made about – showing off with your language skills ?.


Like a lot of commenters on this site, he likes to pretend that his opinions are important and worth noticing, hence the extra effort to translate into different languages.


Arabic, Turkish and Dutch.


Rob…ssstt…don’t tell anyone but here is the Dutch version…just Google translate…

Onder gezond verstand is het beter voor de levens van deze buitenlanders om verzoening voor hun eigen gezin te accepteren en een persoon die altijd wacht en de routes bekijkt om terug naar huis te gaan om ze levend te zien. Deze jagers zouden in plaats daarvan voor hun eigen gezin moeten zorgen om voor niets te sterven. Als ze levend terugkeren naar hun eigen familie en naar hun eigen geliefde, dan wordt dit succes genoemd en als ze voor niets sterven, zal dit totale falen en verliezen worden genoemd.


Thankyou, of course I myself use google translate.

You can call me Al

Blimey – you are not Tony Blair are you ?.

Anyway good for you on he languages.


وتحت المنطق السليم ، من الأفضل لحياة هؤلاء الأجانب أن يقبلوا المصالحة لعائلاتهم التي تنتظر وطوال الوقت يبحثون عن طرقهم للعودة إلى الوطن لرؤيتهم على قيد الحياة. يجب على هؤلاء المقاتلين أن يعتنيوا بعائلاتهم بدلاً من أن يموتوا من دون مقابل. يجب أن يفكروا في ماضيهم وحاضرهم ومستقبلهم.


Sağduyulu olarak, bu yabancıların hayatları için aileleri için beklemeyi kabul etmeleri beklenir ve her zaman onları canlı görmek için eve dönme yollarını ararlar. Bu savaşçılar ailelerine bakmalı, sadece hiçbir şey için ölmemeli. Geçmişlerini, bugünü ve geleceğini düşünmeliler.


Onder gezond verstand is het beter voor de levens van deze buitenlanders om verzoening te accepteren voor hun families die wachten en de hele tijd op zoek zijn naar hun routes om terug naar huis te komen om hen levend te zien. Deze vechters zouden voor hun families moeten zorgen in plaats daarvan sterven ze voor niets. Ze moeten nadenken over hun verleden, heden en toekomst.

Deo Cass

48 hours expire on April 2nd not July 2nd, 3 months later.

You can call me Al

Thank God you said it, I thought I had finally gone insane. Cheers.


Jaysh al-Islam are too fearful to negotiate to Idlib – Islamist rivals HTS will wipe them out there.
It is not going to end well for Jaysh al-Islam either way.


Smaug, Jen Holms, and Mountains must be crying on their keyboards right now.

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