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Syrian Army Gains More Ground After Repelling Large Counter-Attack In Northern Hama

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued its advance in the northern Hama countryside on August 8 and captured the village of Sakhar, its key hilltop and the nearby silos.

Pro-government activists said that Syrian special forces infiltrated militants’ defenses in Sakhar in the early hours of the morning, forcing them to withdraw from the village and its surroundings.

Syrian Army Gains More Ground After Repelling Large Counter-Attack In Northern Hama

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A day earlier, the SAA repelled a counter-attack by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) on its newly-established positions in the town of al-Zaka. Sources affiliated with the elite Tiger Forces said that the terrorist group suffered from heavy losses in the failed attack.

“The Tiger Forces eliminated the militants’ offensive on al-Zaka from the direction of al-Lataminah, which consisted of seven vehicles, a battle tank and two BMP vehicles,” a Facebook page affiliated with the Tiger Forces said.

The SAA will likely advance further in northern Hama in the upcoming few hours, as militants’ positions in the region are reportedly collapsing.

The SAA’s advance is a major blow to HTS and its allies, which depicted the recent ceasefire as a “victory,” claiming that the army can’t advance in their territory anymore.

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Smith Ricky


Kire Stojanovski

Excellent! Having the high ground in their hands, now their way is opened to advance in any direction they wish. If they choose NE direction they could even encircle Khan Sheikhun and make one BIG pocket!


Yeah they could let the terrorists starve to death then and bomb the pocket to hell and liberate it!

Kire Stojanovski

Especially if they can open another front on the East, on the town of Khuwein, this would be even more viable option!

Alexey Leonov

It’s better this way …HTS &co will send best forces here to be destroyed after that all fronts will be filled with second grade units and than should start whole front attack from all sides .

Zionism = EVIL

They should be using the high ground to cut off the Turkeys and expose the M5 route to ATGM and artillery. The Hezbollah and AnsarAllah are masters of taking advantage of the terrain. The topography of northern Idlib is hilly with ground foliage cover and the SAA should be inserting small teams after bombing the crap out of large terrorist formations. It is not a large area and we talking barely 3,000 sq kms of operational area.

Kire Stojanovski

And if not that BIG pocket, they could at least capture Kafr Zita and encircle Lataminah itself.

Zionism = EVIL



excellente news!!! :)

Zionism = EVIL

Like the Yemenis, the SAA should be cutting off the Turkeys supply lines. The north-south axis M5 road is very vulnerable to artillery fire and ATGM from the hills the SAA now controls. Perhaps, the SAA needs some AnsarAllah advise on how to shut down major transport corridors. Syria prior to the Americunt, Turkeys and Zionist terror campaign had a pretty decent special forces capability, which should be used for behind the lines operations. Northern Idlib is hilly with good ground cover and even heliborne forces would be quite effective. In 1973, despite Zionist “air superiority” the SAA special forces conducted an audacious heliborne operation and captured Mt. Hermon on Occupied Golan, only to be backstabbed by the traitor pimp Sadat. In Lebanon 1982, the Syrian pink panthers and their Gazelle and Milan ATGM teams were very effective and took a heavy toll of the Zionist scum. It is time the SAA rely more of small special forces teams and took advantage of their local terrain knowledge.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Pretty soon that OB post at Murak is going to be left the little piggy in the middle, it’ll soon be left all alone with no rebel friends at all nearby, and only the fresh from victory SAA to keep them company. Hang on a sec, if there weren’t any rebels left at all around Murak, wouldn’t that also mean there’d be no real reason to keep the Turkish OB post here either, Go SAA GO. Bye bye to the Turkish soldiers at Murak, start packing your bags now because it won’t be long before you’re leaving, bye bye.

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