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MAY 2021

Syrian Army Fully Liberated Southwestern Syria From Militants (Map)

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Syrian Army Fully Liberated Southwestern Syria From Militants (Map)

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Following previous advances against ISIS in the Yarmouk Valley, the Syrian Army developed their operation breaking the terrorist group’s defense and established full control of the entire area of southwestern Syria.

According to pro-government sources, about 100 ISIS members surrendered to government troops. This allowed to gain control of the villages of Beit Irah, Qusayr and Kowaya, which had been in the hands of ISIS.

Some sources say that about 25 of the 100 surrendered ISIS members were executed by locals and ex-members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) that were particiapting in the Syrian Army operation.

The total death toll of ISIS during the battle for the Yarmouk Valley remains unclear, but according to some local sources, over 1,000 terrorists were killed.

Syrian Army Fully Liberated Southwestern Syria From Militants (Map)

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  1. Michał Hunicz says:

    Are Daesh terrorists immediately executed? Or they are judged and then hanged. I mean a situation when a regular army captures terrorists.

    1. ruca says:

      Even worse. They are all forced to have sex with Netinyahoo and his wife.

    2. S Melanson says:

      Apply to them what they apply to others. Hang them, and then judge them.

      1. ruca says:

        Not much to judge after you hanged them :D

    3. Promitheas Apollonious says:

      Judge them what for?

    4. Julian Clegg says:

      According to the report, the ones who were killed straight off had the bad luck to be captured by vengeful local people or dodgy former Free Syrian Army units. Those captured by better-disciplined army regulars would be slightly better off.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        Surely the NATO narrative is that the ‘rebels’ are all loved by the Syrian locals :)

        I wonder in the BBC,CNN will show that they are not loved much at all :)

    5. jorge says:

      The lasts seems that are going to be changed by the druze women captives.

    6. FlorianGeyer says:

      Iraq has tried and convicted many foreign ISIS recently and they are being hanged.

  2. Michał Hunicz says:

    Excellent job! On the road to Idlib boys!

  3. Dr. Ronald Cutburth says:


    1. You can call me Al says:

      Brilliant. In return, I try to equal that one.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        Superb Al :)

    2. Tommy Jensen says:

      US/Nato 60 Countries Coalition Operation Inherent Resolve Freedom are ready with a new alternative plan G.

      Americans NEVER give up which you also can see for yourselve in all S. Stallone´s movies.

      THIS time Assad will lose and the history books will look at America as a winner nation of winners because when we wanna win, we win!

      1. Tom Tom says:

        ‘cept for that time when Adrian didn’t want Rocky to fight, n’ he gave up n’ stuff. Also Vietnam.

      2. Luke Hemmming says:

        Lol yes the US and ISRAEL are up to plan G! because plan A FAILED plan B FAILED plan c FAILED plan D FAILED plan E FAILED plan F FAILED now it’s plan G which statistically is probably going to fail also also.

      3. Sven says:


      4. temujin1970 says:

        Tommy boy. Kindly crawl back under your CIA funded rock.
        Your nation is in the throws of collapse and a nacent civil war. It will be fun watching americunts kill each other in the streets ?

        1. Barba_Papa says:

          You do realize he was using sarcasm, right? He’s quoting Sylvester Stallone movies for god sakes!

      5. antoun says:

        sacred trool patriotic sionist kkk gay friendly lgbt in the ass uhuhhuh!! :)

  4. BL says:


    1. 1691 says:

      Do you mean the holoHoax? Ah, shame.
      Congratulations Syria!

      1. BL says:

        none of you guys understood the sarcasm :(

        1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

          you right, we did not.

        2. Igor Dano says:

          i do not see any sarcasm there.
          For yews it is a tragedy, like a new hollowcast.

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            The Yinon Plan is buggered, yea.

        3. FlorianGeyer says:

          I did :)

      2. ruca says:

        HollowCast. It’s all very bad acting.

    2. Feudalism Victory says:

      Well it couldnt happen to a more deserving group.


    3. Promitheas Apollonious says:

      which one, the one that never happen, or the real ones, who all seem to over look and never mention?

    4. Julian Clegg says:

      In what sense is it?

      1. BL says:

        It was a joke, I was pretending to be a typical hysterical Jew on the verge of mental breakdown after realizing my ISIS pet project has been completely wiped off the map and the future looks bleak, which reminds of memories of the Shoah!

    5. FlorianGeyer says:

      Indeed , the ‘holocaust’ was just a bad day in a labour camp in comparison :)

  5. S Melanson says:

    On to Idlib. So Erdogan, what you gonna do? Ball is in your court.

    1. Feudalism Victory says:

      Yes. That is a good question.

    2. You can call me Al says:

      For me. Get that dessert place cleared first.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        I have felt for over a year now that the Syrian Desert is a de facto open prison that has served well for the Syrian government. There have been a few breakouts but generally the lost of SAA lives and the infrastructure that was saved have been positive.

        The time has now come though to eradicate the pocket and the US in Al Tanf will be put on the spot as the clandestine ISIS gangs there will be very unhappy if their pals in the Syrian desert are not given sanctuary in the US occupied Al Tanf.

        ‘Oh what a tangled web the US weaves as she attempts to deceive the world ‘. :)

    3. FlorianGeyer says:

      Erdogan has left himself a way out by proclaiming at Astana that the borders of Syria should be maintained.

      He would rather that was not the case I am sure but events on the ground will dictate what happens of course. He also has to be mindful that circa 25% of the Turkish population are Kurds and if they ‘ found ‘ supplies of ATGM’ s etc it would create massive disruption within Turkey.

      The SAA has captured so many NATO weapons and ammunition from ISIS /Al Nusra and the FSA that a plausible deniability could easily be made if this weapons ended up in the Turkish Kurds hands :)

      ‘ It woz the Yanks wot dun it. Honest guv, it really woz’.

  6. Raptar Driver says:

    Thank you S.A.A and your allies Russia, Iran and Party of God; your victory is a victory for the free world!

  7. Lupus says:


  8. SurfshackTito (TheSecular) says:

    Operation Basalt wasn’t too long and not too bloody as the previous offensives.
    and ISIS didn’t make it to August!
    The Syrian Government didn’t just gain its territory in the south back.
    But it also has gained new man power as well!

    1. palebluedot says:

      Excellent point. The former turncoats (and cowards) now have a chance to redeem themselves.

      Let’s hope they avail themselves of it, and help drive Obama’s jihadis and Turkey out of northern Syria.

  9. Andrei says:

    Well done ??????
    You shouldn’t leave anyone alive,no forgiveness,they kill over 200 innocent people last week including Children and Women

  10. Attrition47 says:

    Idlib, Al Tanf or that bit of desert west of the Euphrates next? After that is the interesting question. Will the Syrians call the US bluff and begin the liberation of Syria-east-of-the-Euphrates?

    1. jorge says:

      Idlib and the rests of ISIS in the Homs desert and in Swaida.

  11. Rob says:

    Al-Jaafari in Sochi: The Turkish authorities have not only committed military occupation and aggression in Syria, but have violated international laws, including the replacement of Syrian identities by Turkish identities, and reiterated what Israel has done in the Golan Heights. This is serious crime if its proved.

    1. AJ says:

      Well if they have replaced Syrian identities by Turkish identities then those people can be evicted as illegal aliens when the SAA retakes the area.

      1. goingbrokes says:

        Jaafari is referring to the native Syrian refugees in Turkish camps who are being forced to use Turkish passports. If anyone “rebels” against the Turkish running of the camps, they can be put to a Turkish prison. Normally countries simply deport “aliens” who rebel, but the whole game has been that Syrian refugees are not allowed to travel back to Syria in order to weaken Syrian government. Also, Turkey can’t justifiably stop Syrians from returning to their country, but if they are technically Turks, they can be stopped from crossing the border (back to Syria). It is a dirty tricks campaign to weaken Syria. For the same reason a few years back a wave of refugees were released on Europe – again so that they could not return to Syria.

  12. Rob says:

    Jaafari: The US backing the ISIS militants who carried out suicide bombing and attacks that took place in Syria southern province of Suwayda, killing over 255 Druzes.

    Jaafari: We insist on asking the United States and its allies to withdraw from Syrian territory because their presence is illegal.

  13. Rob says:

    Iranian interior minister: Trump is not trustworthy for talks.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      He has a point :)

  14. Rob says:

    SAA and allies first wipe out all ISIS cells from south Syria and then liberate Jawlan Heights from ISIS I mean Israel. ISIS, Israel, Al-Qaeda, SDF, YPG, Peshmarga etc all are US and UK forces.

  15. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

    SOUTHWESTERN Syria is called “The Golan Heights” the auther does not know this fact.
    Southwestern Syria is currently occupied by a combined forces comprised of ISIS/Jewish militants.
    Not even Russia is powerful enough to move this squatting camp of ISIS/Jews from South Western Syria.

    1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

      I disagree with you, but time will tell us all.

  16. Ed says:

    Sorry, I’m not that familiar with the locations but why is there still a huge area of Daesh occupied land in the middle of the red govenrment controlled area? (Just to the right of Palmyra)

    1. Richard M says:

      Remote desert, mostly uninhabited. A few bandits hiding out there makes it an unsecured area. After Deir ez Zor City was liberated, SAA focus was on Euphrates Valley and the nearby oilfields. SDF was staging a competitive drive for the same oilfields so Orc hunting in the desert became less of a priority.

      1. Icarus Tanović says:

        Let’s Napalm them, aigh?

      2. Ed says:

        Thanks for your reply Richard M.

      3. PZIVJ says:

        I was thinking SAA was holding this area open, to have a place to bus ISIS to if there might be some agreement? A place in the desert to dump your trash if needed. :D

        1. Richard M says:

          Plenty of room for Orcs in Wahhabistan! :D

    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      You have been here long enough to know what is going on in the desert Ed, so again you are just attempting to sow Zionist discord to new readers here Ed.

      1. Ed says:

        Oh fuck you Florian, you ignorant cunt. I was just asking a simple question that I genuinely didn’t know which I guess you are unable to answer. Yes, I’ve been here long enough. Long enough to realise that this website is home to ignorant self opinionated shits like you, so please do yourself a favour, grow the fuck up and stop talking out of your arse. Moron.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          Tis kike types such as you who always resort to profanity that makes one realise where the real problem lies as it has done for over 3 millennia Ed. :)

          1. Ed says:

            Okay lets clear the air a little. I know the 2 things that people most despise on here are Jews and Americans, and I’m neither. I come here often to get updates on certain situations as well as a better understanding of what is going on. I GENUINELY and HONESTLY didn’t know about that area in Syria which is why I asked the question, as I knew someone on here probably would. I didn’t expect to get turned on as if I was the bad guy and was wasting people’s time.

          2. FlorianGeyer says:

            Informed and decent Americans and Jews are not despised here.
            Those that are rabid Zionists or as thick as two short planks are.
            There are many that post here and often do so to a given narrative. They are fairly easy to spot and expose.

            Most of us here are seeking the reality of events of all types and have a very low opinion of the Western Corporate media that only seeks to peddle the official US/UK/NATO,Israeli narratives.

            In general terms ,whatever the US Coalition of Terror rails at the Syrian government and allies about IS in fact what the US/Israel and their vassals ae actually doing themselves.

            The US fully expected to have created a failed state akin to Libya in Syria three years ago and to have had placed preferred warlords in Syrian towns and their environs. English kings and queens few hundred years ago used this form of control and it worked when backed up with extreme cruelty .

            There is documented evidence that the US Coalition goal of further Balkanising the Middle East was planned decades ago. Unfortunately for the US, the attempt to strip Russia of her national assets was largely thwarted under the leadership of President Putin who has pulled Russia back from the brink of de facto IMF debt enslavement and the destruction of her military and scientific prowess.

            Always look at what the US Coalition actually does and not what they say they do. To do this one must ask ourselves ‘what and who in the world today are we not allowed to criticise ?
            They are the tools, cults or people who seek to control all that we do for their own benefit.

  17. The Farney Fontenoy says:

    I actually thought ISIS would put up more of a fight, looks like either a few cooler heads realised there was no point in dying for nothing, or more likely they simply didn’t have any manpower left, either way, I’m delighted for Syria! There’s still a fight up north, but for a lot of people who were living under terror in SW Syria it’s a giant sigh of relief!

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Circa 1000 of the ISIS bastards did die.
      That’s about 93% of the total ( 1100 ), including the 25 that the locals lynched :)

      1. PZIVJ says:

        No doubt many any hiding out among the population, but not all of these are diehard ISIS either (some felt pressure to join up because they lived in area).
        Still 1000 is a great number. :)

    2. goingbrokes says:

      When the 800 so-called White Helmets were “evacuated” via israel a couple of weeks ago, it is certain that 90% of the evacuees had nothing to do with WH. It was a strategic withdrawal of the most valuable assets, i.e the Western and Israeli component of the jihadi leadership. The hapless Daesh members drawn from Arabs and muslims all over are not valuable so they were left behind to put up a final fight (no doubt with promises of heavenly delights). The evacuees are now sipping refrigerated drinks in Amman. The force left behind is clueless and without true morale, so they were sacrificed.
      The SAA is clever to transport them, because they will spread the word that the promised rescue didn’t come and the erstwhile leaders seem to have disappeared without a trace. The mystery of their existence on the israeli border without being attacked by the zionist entity is no longer a mystery. The penny is beginning to drop even to the thickest skull. There is nothing quite as demoralising to an army than the dawning knowledge that their glorious project was BS from the start, and that they have been played.

  18. Richard M says:

    Why were only 25 of 100 executed? Unless they are some top ranking honcho, and unless they are willing to become a co-operating asset in destroying ISIS, hang ’em high.

    1. Icarus Tanović says:

      Send them to Israel ?? to visit Golda Meier, Ariel Sharon and soon Natanyahu s grave. And to USA. All shit started with those, and it supposed to stop there.
      Now, blow your selves up, bitch ass degenerates.

  19. gustavo says:

    Congratulation to Russia aerospace force and SAA for this victory. The war is not over, keep moving fast, strong. brave, and without mercy.

  20. temujin1970 says:

    Music to my ears

  21. John Whitehot says:

    i don’t do keyboard warrioring, but looking at the map, why the isis pocket southeast of Aleppo has been left untouched?
    shouldn’t it be a relatively quick and achievable objective to attain in the short term?

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