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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army Forces ISIS To Withdraw From Farm Area Near Al-Hajar al-Aswad In Southern Damascus – State Media

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Syrian Army Forces ISIS To Withdraw From Farm Area Near Al-Hajar al-Aswad In Southern Damascus - State Media

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The Syrian Army and its allies have forces ISIS militants to wthidraw from a farm area near the Al-Hajar al-Aswad district in southern Damascus, the Syrian state-run media reports.

According to the reports, government forces have liberated the farm area west of the ISIS-held district. They have liberated the al-A’laf area and a number of buildings near it.

Fierce clases in Al-Hajar al-Aswad have been ongoing since May 1 morning, when the Syrian Army and its allies resumed attempts to capture it. MORE HERE

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You can call me Al

Bravo heroes.


Get rid off Saudi Zionists, Israeli migrants and ISIS. These three are one group.

Iran:Just Got S-400 anti-aircraft Missile System From Russia


cue complaints from over there <=====


This doesn’t mean Russia will jump to use them – they’re hardly in the business of giving away their strategic advantage. But this should keep zionist aircraft out of Syrian sovereign airspace for now.

Semper Prudens

This is an old video showing nothing more but the fact that 2-3 years ago the Russians brought S-400 to their own air base in Syria, to protect their own personnel and equipment located there. So, you are spreading fake news.


USA and Israel spent 10 billion training ISIS Terrorist Rebels in Syria
Published on 28 Nov 2015. Now who are the main terrorists? US and Israel because they create and train all terrorists ISIS, Al-Qaeda etc.


Quelle surprise, as the French say.


Couple of reports on the US military’s Islamist/militant training camps, operating in Jordan for proxy war against the Syrian state – from a US Special Forces veteran’s SOF news and info website:




US-backed alliance launches ‘final’ battle against IS in Syria. “Our forces with the forces of the international coalition have started the last stage” says Syrian Democratic Forces. Is this US led coalition operation legitimate without the permission of Syrian government? Absolutely no because the US led coalition is the coalition of perverted leaders.

The Latin Mass

The Assad government should have a rehabilitation program for the ISIS members. Have a redone Call of Duty where Israhell is the Nazis you fight against. You are a Wahhabi and your fellow soldiers are Shia. For every zionazis killed in the video game, you get rewarded 72 virgins in the game counter. When you turn on the Muslims and start to murder your fellow Muslims, you lose all the virgins and have to start over.

Shylo Duffy

Great idea for a game…

Shylo Duffy

This is the type of news I pray for..Well done Syria…


All those elements and groups that take weapons and finance from foreign states are committing treason. They should be punished under terrorism act of Syria.

ISIS are non Muslims. ISIS are terrorist members of Israel. Israel is a headquarter of all types of terrorists. They have learned from Mossad Israel that how to torture and brutaly murder a Muslim soldier. These terrorists have also converted normal citizens to terrorists by injecting drugs into their blood.


Dear God Rob, will you please shut the f#ck up and kill yourself already you vile hate filled pitiful excuse of a human.. You’d be doing the whole world a favour.


The right resolution Article 51 of the UN charter resolution – 3324 from 29th November 1978 and the General Assembly resolution 3246 from 29th November 1974 reaffirm the legitimacy of the people struggle for the liberation from colonial and foreign domination and alien subjugation by all available means including arm struggle.

So UN allows Syrian, Palestinians and Yemenis to obtain all effective weapons and support from Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan etc and free themselves from US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Zionists and from their proxies. A 1% mindful person will never tolerate bombing on funerals, on wedding parties, the blockade to stop them from obtaining food and brutality on small kids and womens.


Saudi Kingdom jumped in the war against Palestine to support the Israeli migrant state of Israel.
Saudi crown prince reportedly said
Palestinians should take peace proposal or ‘shut up. Peace proposal means recognition of Israeli migrant state and to let Israel to grab more lands, demolish more Palestinian homes and built new homes for new Israeli migrants.

It was against Saudi constitution to recognise Israeli migrant state but now they have exposed their hidden faith that Saudi Kingdom are actually Zionist non Muslims. Till this time Saudis joked with world Muslim community.

I was previously in doubt that these Saudi morons fueling sectarian violence in the Middle East states for Israel. In 1900 Israel had no power to sneak, murder and occupy land in Palestine. This was Saudi traitors behind Israel. I am not sure that how these Muslims pray behind these non-Muslim Zionists.


Shame on all Muslims and especially on their leadership that not retaliating to Israeli brutality on unarmed Muslims in Palestine. Even they don’t condemn them. They are so much scaring from Israel. There is no difference between ISIS and Israel because Israel are in fact ISIS terrorists.

On 27/04/2018…. 3 martyred and 800+ wounded in Gaza demonstration.
Israeli migrants use snipper rifles and live ammunition.
During this five week demonstration: 45 martyred of which 4 were children and over 6,400 injured of which 500 were children.

The demonstrations will continue until the 15th of May, Nakba Day. Donald Trump has announced his plans to arrive for the US embassy move to Jerusalem.

Hussein Ahmad

2018 will be the year that almost all the militant held areas west of the Euphrates will be recaptured by the Syrian army. The following years they need to focus primarily on regaining the dams and oil fields stolen by the SDF.

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