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Syrian Army Foils New Militant Attacks In Northern Hama

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Syrian Army Foils New Militant Attacks In Northern Hama

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On January 3, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) foiled several militant attacks on the government-held part of the northern Hama countryside.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), a group of Jaysh al-Izza advanced from its positions in the opposition-held town of al-Lataminah in order to attack nearby military posts. However, the SAA detected the group and targeted it with “suitable weapons” forcing the militants to flee.

Later, a group of radical militants attempted to attack SAA positions protecting the Christian town of Mahardah. The attack also failed as the army targeted the militants with heavy machine guns killing and injuring many of them.

A day earlier, the SAA carried out a series of precision strikes on vehicles and positions of the militants in the northern Hama countryside in response to the repeated violations of the Russian-Turkish demilitarization agreement.

Syrian pro-government sources warned on January 3 that Russia and its allies in Syria are not willing tolerate repeated violations by the militants for a long time. The sources said that if Turkey fails to fulfil its commitments soon, the SAA may implement a militantly solution to reinforce the agreement.

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Feudalism Victory

Probably better to start from defensive positions let the attacks run out of steam

Willing Conscience (The Truths

January 7 is Christmas day for the Orthodox Christians, how long after that date would it be appropriate for the Russians to start an offensive, a week, 2 perhaps, maybe even 3, we’ll find out some time after Russian Christmas day. The Russian Santa delivers presents to all the good children on ‘New Years Day’, but he’s also got another sack of goodies for the nasty ones too, that he’ll deliver sometime after Orthodox Christmas, a really big sack, and he won’t be delivering them via the chimney either, he’ll just drop them straight through their roofs, Merry Christmas, HO HO HO.

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