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Syrian Army Fired Precision-Guided Missile At Greater Idlib In Rare Attack (Photos)

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Syrian Army Fired Precision-Guided Missile At Greater Idlib In Rare Attack (Photos)

File image.

On October 23, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) fired a precision-guided missile of an unidentified type at a warehouse located in the southern outskirts of the town of Ma’arrat Misrin in the Greater Idlib region.

The warehouse was likely a covert position of al-Qaeda-affiliate Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib.

The wreckage of the missile indicate that it was of Iranian origins, possibly made locally in Syria. The Roman number “IV” can be seen on one of the missile’s pieces. Roman numbers are used as assembly marks on all Iranian and Syrian-made missiles.

The missile, which had a small diameter, may be a guided version of the Iranian Fajr-5 or Fajr-4 artillery rockets, or a copy of the Fat’h precision-guided missile, which is a downscaled version of the Fateh-110 missile.

The circular error probable of the unidentified Syrian missile appears to be extremely low, most likely less than 5 meters.

The attack on Ma’arrat Misrin, which is located in the heart of Greater Idlib, proves that the SAA can strike any target within the region from a safe-distance with high-precision.

This capability will be especially important if Turkey intervene to stop a new operation by the army and its allies in Greater Idlib, as it did in February of 2020. The Turkish military does not have the means to intercept such precision-guided missiles.

The attack also confirms that Israel’s repeated strikes on Syria have failed to destroy the country’s domestic military capabilities, or even to weaken its military cooperation with Iran.


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Chris Gr

From twitter we read that HTS has both Turkish and Iranian weapons. And from the past, we know that Iran took some Al Qaeda members out of prison and were sent into various countries including Syria. So I was right to point out that Turkey and Russia want Syria united while US and Iran want it divided.

Rhodium 10

Stop fake news


daesh chris is desperate to get us iranians on board with his terrorists but at the end he remains only a pathetic delusional liar in fact daesh chris will end up dead and that not so far in the future

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

Farbat is the definition of terrorism!


At pdf forum I read a lot of things too, but never believe them. Dalit people say a lot of things, but can we buy it?

Last edited 1 month ago by Ahson

I don’t care what it was as long as it turned the terrorists to rat shit.


Good news. Hopefully they are mass produced and ready for use on hts rodents.

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