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Syrian Army Finishes Its Operation In Daraa With New Reconciliation Agreement (Photos)

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On March 3, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) concluded its large-scale security operation in the northern Daraa countryside with a new reconciliation agreement.

The operation, which targeted the town of al-Sanamayn, was launched two days ago. The town was under the de-facto control of local radical militants, who carried out a series of attacks on SAA checkpoints and positions in northern Daraa during the last year.

Army troops stormed al-Sanamayn in the first day of the operation. However, some militants took cover in buildings within the town’s center.

In order to avoid a bloodshed (thousands of civilians got stuck in al-Sanamayn), local figures and Russian forces launched an effort to solve the situation in a peaceful way.

A reconciliation agreement was reached within 24 hours. The vast majority of militants accepted the agreement and began handing over their weapons to Syrian authorities. However, some militants rejected the agreement and opted to withdraw to Turkish-occupied areas in northern Syria.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), at least 21 militants who rejected the new reconciliation agreement arrived in the city of al-Bab in northern Aleppo on March 3. It remains unclear if more militants evacuate.

In 2018, al-Sanamayn joined the reconciliation process following a large-scale operation by the SAA. However, some radicals within the town resumed their terrorist activities after this.

The SAA’s operation in al-Sanamayn will not likely be the last one in Daraa. The army may soon launch an operation in the town of Tafas, where radicals have been active for more than a year now.

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Lone Ranger

Good job.
Glory to the SAA and Syria.

klove and light

good Job?????? are you brain dead or on drugs or a cock sucking Zionist Putin Lover????

READ the article……ALL HEAD CHOPPERS WERE LET TO GO FREE……. some to Idlib and the others to stay……

so in YOUR account and believe, These head Choppers that stay will now Change 180degress to the better, they will no longer have radical jihadi Islamist believes from 1 Minute to the other….

LONE RANGER if you are so happy why not go down to Daraa, and pick up one(just 1 ) Family of headchoppers, bring them to your house and see what happens………

fucking isdiot mornic cock sucking Zionist cock sucker

Lone Ranger

Cry more Shlomo ;)
Thousends of dead mossadisis and Turkisis operators…
Idlib is getting smaller and smaller for you.
Next stop Idlib city…
Hang on to your microdick :)

Lone Ranger

Every headchopper will be neutralized.
When the SAA is real close to the Turkish border Erdofuck will shell his own Turkisis and blame it on the SAA, but at that point nobody will care.


Thats how to deal with complicit issues,point being unlike your zionist masonic masters ideal situation,Putin snap you again,surrender all waepons respect the legit leader,if not
go to where you want to fight against assad,that way no more bullsht,no more lies besides there are crucial battles ongoing,thats how you deals with masonic distractions,also fks un/masonic accusers up de ass,russia +syrian stocks up,you lied!
And no point argue when infact Putin booted out them no good scumbags whatever house they go,it will be of the teorrists not the syrians no more dumbass!
Every time Putin fks real masonic coksuker wannabes,you complain frantic then lie ye ass,and good news bad news for you serious blowjobs of masons isreal leader remains,
ha! No ww3,no nuclear war,you lose,serious coksukers lose,lgbtq lose,masonics lose ha!

Like as if a liar has the balls to back the truth,has right of say,either way too bad may!


Jimi ,You are obsessed with Freemasons. Every comment you write has the word masonic , mason. Calm down Brother you dont know who could be a mason and how much good he has done.


It has been strategy not to weaken a particular group but to use them to fight each other for example moderate rebels will soon be used to fight the kurds and the USA.


Also if you know history and have been in the middle East you know that Assad actually Takes his undesirables and they’ll never be found again. I lost one uncle and he was even a Christian orthodox someone made a false rumour about him and Syrian intelligence disposed of him. I just or we have to just forgive and move on and look at the bigger picture that we are in this world temporary and God will bring Justice.

Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen mossadisis operators…
May they rest in pieces…

klove and light

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol

this is getting more absurd each and every fucking day….. so here is the Quote from above

” Russian forces launched an effort to solve the situation in a peaceful way.” and

“A reconciliation agreement was reached within 24 Hours”

alreaady 2017 i wrote aboute useless Reconciliation Agreements by RUSSIA with the head Choppers…and voila………and I also treid to explain in COMMON SENSE..here again…..

Imagine….. your Brothers,father,sisiter etc…. get raped, tortured, and beheaded…….now anybody in this Forum tell me that YOU would happy and more important , anybody here tell me that YOU would TRUST These motherfucking jihadi head Choppers???????
and secondly….again, in this Forum, I challenge anybody to write that HE TRUSTS These jihadi brain washed headchoppers??????
EVERYBODY who is serious and truthfull cannot in a thousand years tell me that HE would TRUST These jihadi fucked up head Choppers…JUST fucking IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

Bashars Father also had a uprising in his time…….he dealt with it…….oyeah he reconciled…..after THE motherfucking jihadi haedchoppers were 5 feet under the Ground!
That is the IONLY SOLUTION……killem, their women and Children too, otherwise you will have to fight the same fight again 25 years later.
Putin u fucking tgreacherous Zion ist satanicv motherfucking bibi cock sucking pig.


allo you talk a lot but you don’t know syrian when this shits end a lot of people who have made agreement will desapear forever trust me

Simplekindof Man

I wish so. But just incase Syria should make a file for every single one of them and make a database accessible to all-even with a bounty,them sit back and watch the rats cannibalize….


Bibi and putin both martial artists and better men then you and your free masons ever be(period)
You speak as you live,surely that can only be the reason for the masonic narcissist to lie,
well it won’t go that way because lies are only just that for the lost,losers,dumfkd +defeateds!
Sorry mason you will be killed sooner than later,see you will reap what you sowed 21 gender?
Too bad to date Putin yet again has outclassed your wits,Crimea saw no better proof of that too!


p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 115%; }
Those refugee who do not accept reconciliation should not
think that they will go to Germany as refugee and start new live as
kings. Germany is rejecting any body. They have almost one million
of them from year 2015. The country has too many problems because of
that. They will stuck in camps forever.


Well, the German scum were/are one of the most fervent cheerleaders of ISIS/al-Qaeda “rebels” against Assad, so that’s at least something.


Syria as always showing true humanism and desire for peace, but you can’t negotiate with terrorists, those who refused to lay down their weapons should’ve been executed on the spot, or at least as soon as they left the towns they were in, instead of allowed to join the Zioterrorists’ ISIS/al-Qaeda hordes of useful idiot jihadis in Turk-occupied Syria.

Simplekindof Man

Disgusting.they should be secretly executed on the spot.


No, they can negotiate with russia do or die,either way they will end up fkd in the end but later.

Saved alot of lives yes,though many may agree with your perspective depending on tact?
Personally I’m no fan for bloodshed and certainly no respecter of any free masons 21 genders,
trust me teorrists are angelic compared to these vile gutless wonder utter sickening nwo creeps!

Simplekindof Man

These ass wipes will be walking among our son and daughter
I wouldn’t take that risk,I’d terminate their being if could right now.

Al Balog

? Turkish trolls: “Assad is an Israeli puppet for negotiating with terrorists”. I’m warning you guys, the Türkışh Pröpağanda is going to start coming, so be on the lookout.

These trolls never get old, and they just reek of stupidity and emotional outrage.


Putin govno

Assad must stay

i enjoy the bright light beaming from their faces

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And we all thought we’d seen an end to the green buses to Idlib, this article is just another reminder to never take anything for granted.
The FSA are emboldened by Erdogan’s move into Syria and they’ll be stirring crap by the bucketload, hopefully Assad quickly flushes them down the toilet before anything can overflow.
A few bullets would’ve been a lot cheaper than the buses, perhaps that’s what Assad should do with the rest of them, find out who the agitators are and then put them in a green hearse’s before they can actually demand the free bus rides.

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