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Syrian Army Fights ISIS In Homs. SDF Rejects Deal With Damascus

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Clashes between government forces and ISIS terrorists have continued in central Syria since July 2, when ISIS cells stormed army positions in eastern Homs. In response, the Syrians supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces launched a security operation in the desert. Sporadic clashes and airstrikes were reported in the area over the next few days.

On July 4, ISIS terrorists even ambushed a unit of the Syrian Army in eastern Homs. The military reportedly lost contact with 25 soldiers in eastern Homs. As of July 6, their fate remains unclear. It’s likely that, members of the dispersed unit are now returning to their permanent positions in the province.

Pro-opposition sources claim that over the past week, at least 20 soldiers were killed in clashes with ISIS members. Pro-government sources do not provide details regarding army casualties, but say that government forces were able to destroy 3 ISIS vehicles and neutralize up to 10 ISIS members.

As the Syrian government fights ISIS on the western bank of the Euphrates, the US-led coalition conducted a raid against the terrorist group in the town of Husayn on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

On July 5, US helicopters landed near the town and US forces assisted by members of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) detained at least 4 suspects.

Meanwhile, the SDF leadership declared that it does not see a possibility to reach a comprehensive political agreement with Damascus because the government wants to restore full control over the provinces of Deir Ezozr and Raqqa in the framework of such a deal.

SDF Commander-in-Chief Abdi Şahin better known by his nom de guerre Mazlum Abdi declined such a possibility claiming that the Kurdish-led group wants to keep control of all the areas that it has seized. Abdi is a member of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which seeks to create an independent Kurdish state in southern Turkey and, if it’s possible, include into it territories of northern Syria and northern Iraq. Therefore, such a position of the SDF leadership is not a big surprise.

In 2019, the Syrian Army came to northeastern Syria to rescue the SDF from the Turkish military advance when the group then abandoned by the US-led coalition needed it. However, after this, the Kurdish leadership once again turned back from the Syrian people selling its loyalty to Washington for weapons and a share of oil revenue from the US-controlled Syrian oilfields.

Infighting among Turkish-backed militant groups erupted in the provinces of al-Hasakah and Raqqa on July 3 and July 5. Tell Abyad, al-Yabisah and Ras al-Ain are the man hot points. At least 5 militants and several civilians were killed. The main source of tensions is the intra-militant competition for control of roads, agricultural lands and trade in a small chunk of area occupied by Turkey in northeastern Syria. The funding from Turkey decreased after the de-escalation of the conflict in this part of the country. So, Turkish-backed fighters are now looting the captured areas to obtain the needed financial resources.

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Jens Holm

Another very biased version. Assads never came to the Turkish borders to rescue any SDFs.

Things about Tabqa, Raqqa and northers DEZ are against all facts and Assads negosiating with PKK in Turkey makes no sense.

Assads not even negociate as well.

It semes as if the author dont understand why USA is there in the first place as well as only the Baathist has got and oil from those fields for corruption purpose only. The thieves are blaming SDFs as thieves but actually it was the ISIS thieves which took it and the inhabitants named SDFs took it back to the people living there.

I would say SDFs are less thieves then Baathists ever was and has intensions for.


Many “ISIS thieves” have exchanged their burkas for SDF uniforms and US-procured weapons. So SDF thieves and ISIS thieves are quite difficult to diffirentiate really, both stink of Ziowahhabi piles of shit.

Jens Holm

Old fake news of the worst kind.


No, baby, facts, which seem to discomfit you.

Jens Holm

And pigs can fly


Assad being though on negotiations may be a sign that Trump got tired to support the Kurdish alone and wants to step back, taking in consideration that they do not fully support US interests in that region either – to block all traffic between Iran and Lebanon.

Jens Holm

All that already is very well descriebed, because Trump in his election campaign promised to take all troops out – and no matter what – did.

SDFs certainly has fullfilled all demands and askings from Assads apart from the YPG+J part tryed to take Al Bab.

The one which has not are the USA, which by Obama(and Hillary) promised Kurds and SDF that USA would remain until some agreement for no invasion from Assads was reached which is one country but the people living in SDF could have local decidings by local parlaments with an upper decider(which now is 95% PYD).


Please look a bit at Sirya map, the plan was SDF to take Al Bukamal and to unite with Al-Tanf forces. SDF delayed this enough for Assad to reach Al Bukamal first and make Al Tanf obsolente. If SDF would have stretched to Al Tanf they could had an independent state by now. Don’t believe me? Think of exporting that oil to Jordan and Israel :)

Lazy Gamer

Al Bukamal seems to be the persistent target of many air and drone strikes. That plan may still be on the table.


Indeed, that’s why they still keep Al Tanf.

Jens Holm

Yes of course. Al Qaim and Abu Kamal are hostile transportcenters and will be blocked as routine.

Now it seemes that Assads with friends cant even cover the alternative T2, Sukna, Palmyra route.

Jens Holm


So much You write about it is completly upside down and filled up with propaganda lies for Assas to cover more then the biggest Iranian carpets ever can do.

It seemes You are forbidden to have sober information about it at all even its well descriebed at internet.



What can I do, Jens? I can’t love the black tents as you call them. As long as Iran and Assad bomb ISIS and Al-Qaeda, they are the goid guys in that region, along with Russia. Kurds are ok too, they are not fanatics but they just realized they were the useful idiots as Trump jokingly said that maybe if they relocate, like the infians, he will build an oil rephinery for them. Guess a mobile one, with kebap&stuff ;)

Icarus Tanović

That is never gonna happen that block you mentioned.

Jens Holm

Thats probatly true. It has happens since the disputes in Islam began and even before.

We have Persians, Arabs and Turks. Before the Turks it was the Konstantinopel Greeks.

You certainly keep Your traditions well:) Many would blamed if someone try to stop something like that.

Not even olive oil is needed:)


Probably they finally figured out the US will not be around for a while.


The AngloAmericanZioracist empire has no business there, so to show”understanding” to its presence in Syria is irrelevant.

As for your thieves views …… ROFLMAO ?


Kurds are complete tools of global Ziocorporate terrorists and their designs, Damascus couldn’t have expected to reach any deals with that kind of filth, the US left the frontline with the Turks and Russia and Syria picked the that hot potato, and then they sent more US troops to the rest of occupied Syria to “protect the oilfields” and suddenly ISIS intensifies its hit and runs. The problem was quite clear since long before Russia started bombing oil trucks in 2015.

Jens Holm

And pigs can fly.

Icarus Tanović

It is very clear what is happening.

Jens Holm

Yes, Shylockrasy has had a happening. Rotchild gave him wine and Cigars and he took it. He has been ill since then.

After 2 cigars he became green and was learned by Allah that a lot of alcohol is very goof medicine.

Ever since – still medicated – he has been acting as someone from Mars.

Even a picture of a cigar makes him turn his behind towards Mecca the next many days.

Rodney Loder

Can’t rubbish Turkey without pumping up SDF, Syrian civil war must have a settlement similar to Congo DR began late 1990’s formally 2003, negotiations still current today, there is no other possibility, Paul Kagame is a perfect match with Abdullah Ocalan.

Jens Holm

This link might do it for You, if You ant to compare.

There is a good map in it and its the best we have. Its about 50 years old and since rhen many – as in other countries – has urbanized, so the country sides now are lower populated.

One more thing is different. The Turkmen areas are reduced and many of the Turkmens there has emmigrated to Turkey because its poor land. By that Kurds has bought the poor farms or has taken abandonned land for free. By that the Afrin/Azaz has more kurds and less Turkmen in the farmland.

Its well known that its easier to make war then peace. We have many unsolved conflicts in the world.


Kurds are good at fighting ,very bad at politics. they still cant see that their beloved ally sold them to Turkey…..in fact wrapped them in gift box handed them over. They are Syrian citizens. they can only exist in Syria. their ‘Kurdish state’ dream is long gone. Turkey wont allow it, USA doesnt care any more since they only care about bribging back Turkey into Natos arms…furthermore Kurds are divided. Kurds in Iraq dont wont anything to do with those in Syria, all of them dont wont anything to o with PKK…..dead end

Jens Holm

Trump sold them as a part of his election campaign against Hillary, not USA.

Obama promised they would stay until there came some solution still making Syria to one country and SDFs was not attacked.

If Hillary had won USA certainly had remained there.

The PYD/SDF plane actually also is only for the SDF Syria and cover/covered the Tabqa&Raqqa&DEZ(north) Counsils by voting should decide their connection or none connections to SDFs.

That anytime was accepted unless they choose ISIS or FSA as their choise.

Another things id and was they also could choose Assads but as seen not many in those areas do support Assads at all.

And by that SDFs – if needed – would take care of the military defence against Assads as well as figthing internal guerilla by ISIS(and FSA) there.

Yerrh right. Most countries apart from USA has wanted to expell Turkey from Nato for very good reasons. Even being a good trade partner most members in EU want less connections for Turks for EU.

People should understand how few supporters some United Kurdistan has. The main speakers for that are the enemies of Kurds as well as many of the relative few in the PYD unification.

But of course its a wish having Kurdish as a recognized main language and by that also educations and members of the local things such as Majors and Counties as well as Kurdish traditions should be kept well.

Hardly none want PKK incl. YPG to take over. None certainly dont want the Barzani kurds to do that.

As a minimum we then can see at least 3 kinds of very different Kurds 1) The integrated in Turkey ones, the Marxist/Socialist ones and the Barzanis. That never can be united.

The Barzani version is&was for Syria that Kurds as majority was kept in power by the rest should hardly have any rights or – best – remove their beginds somewhere else. Barzani by that also would make total dominance in Syria being 8 millions against two in votings as well.


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Fog of War

Keep helping the Turds Russia !

Icarus Tanović

‘Damascus because the government wants to restore full control over the provinces of Deir Ezozr and Raqqa in the framework of such a deal.’ Oh really?! Syria wants its land back? What a surprise. No matter how Americans, Zios, Wahhabis trying hard to make all this situation murky waters, it is very clear to see what is happening.

Jens Holm

Someone should not steal his private property.


so the kurds again fell for some empty promises by the morons in the white house – wonder when they’ll realize that the morons think and care about the jews in palestine and by keeping the kurds from seeking some kind of deal with damascus, they keep the focus elsewhere than on palestine. meanwhile the jews have upped their sabotage activities aimed at Iran but as per usual, when the things turn around they, the jews, will meet a united middle east dedicated to bury the whole lot six feet under and no mercy what so ever.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So the SDF refuses a deal with Damascus just as the joint Russian Turkish patrols started, gee is it any wonder the SDF/SDC aren’t interested in a new deal, they’re way too busy preparing for the Turks next mesmerising maneuver, now that the Russians have happily opened yet another door for them. Joint Russian Turkish patrols in the Kurds homelands that’s be fun for someone, but the US aren’t conducting joint patrols with the Turks, they’re too busy trying to stop the Russians setting up their new bases that the Russians and Turks will use to run those joint Russian Turkish patrols from.

Putin knows the Turks are withholding water from Al Hasakah, he actually let them take over the pumping station that supplies the government areas of Al Hasakah with water, and now the Turks use that Syrian water supply to blackmail the Syrian government and Putin does nothing to stop it. So why does Putin allow Erdogan to do that, he should be bartering for more water while he’s capitulating to Erdogan’s demands about joint patrols, he should be saying ‘give the government more water or we won’t let you patrol the M4 with us’, but not a peep from Putin, and sadly the Syrian people suffer a lack of water, the Turks are actually allowed to blackmail the Syrians with their own water, what a world we live in.

The SDF/SDC isn’t half as stupid as some people think they are, Russia may as well just admit Turkey’s demands are the priority for Russia, not the Syrian government, it’s people, or the SDF/SDC, when push comes to shove Turkey wins out every single time, the SDF/SDC and the everyone else knows that.

The Turkish backed Syrian/Kurdish SNC is currently talking to the US backed SDC/SDF about a power sharing deal in Rojava, which in essence means the Turks are now negotiating with the SDC/SDF Kurds indirectly without Russian assistance, I suspect that means Erdogan’s trying to cut out the middleman [Putin] and enter a direct dialogue with the Kurds themselves, things should get interesting soon if that’s what’s really happening.

JuanPastor Pastor Diaz

LA BALA : SIRIA LA GRAN FARSA DE EEUU https://juandiaz500.blogspot.com/2018/04/siriala-gran-farsa-de-eeuu.html?spref=tw https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0aee826934660268f6f7461597c0df7d2306c2222bad1f6b521755f25511dc6c.jpg

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