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Syrian Army Faces ISIS Coutner-Attacks From Area Controlled By US Special Operations Forces, SDF – Russian MoD

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Syrian Army Faces ISIS Coutner-Attacks From Area Controlled By US Special Operations Forces, SDF - Russian MoD

The Syrian Arab Army 5th Assault Corps’ ISIS Hunters are in the Deir Ezzor area

Syrian government forces have faced fierce ISIS counter-attacks from an area controlled by the US Special Operations Forces and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, north of Deir Ezzor city, spokesperson for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov said on Tuesday.

“The closer the end of the ISIS in Syria, the more clear it is who is really fighting with the ISIS and who has been imitating this fight for three years. So, if the US-led international coalition does not want to fight against terrorism in Syria, let it just be out of the way of those who are doing it continuously and effectively,” Konashenkov told media.

The Russian general said that over the past day, Syrian government forces crossed the Euphrates River and expanded “the seized bridgehead” east of Deir Ezzor city.

He added that despite a tough resistance of ISIS members, government forces have liberated 60km2 on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. The most serve ISIS counter-attacks and shelling have been conducted from the northern direction where the SDF and the US-led coalition operate.

According to Syrian commanders’ reports from the front line, the Syrian Army encounters the most severe counterattacks and fire from the northern direction. That is, where SDF forces and US special operations units are located, who are allegedly administering medical aid to these militants instead of liberating Raqqa. You don’t have to possess profound military knowledge to see consistency in all these ‘coincidences’,” the spokesperson said.

Konashenkov added that water discharges from the Euphrates dams controlled by the US-backed forces hamper the government advance north of Deir Ezzor.

Thus, the water situation on the Euphrates has deteriorated dramatically in the past 24 hours. As soon as the Syrian government troops began to cross the river, water level in the Euphrates rose within hours and the current velocity nearly doubled to two meters per second,” he said. “Since there have been no rains, the only source of such changes in the water situation is man-induced water discharge at dams upstream the Euphrates. These facilities are held by opposition groups controlled by the US-led coalition.

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  1. Brian Minavi says:

    I don’t understand why none of these reports are not submitted to the UN to reveal the American backing of ISIS?

    1. bcbingram says:

      What ?

    2. G Jetson says:

      You have to wonder why countries do not trust America and its double standard policies.

      On the one hand, it stand before the world (at the UN) and preach high moral standards and authority.

      But on the other, it is engaging in dirty military tactics to overthrow governments who do not submit to their rules – like Iraq, Libya and Syria.

      1. MarshaDHaggard says:

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    3. christianblood says:

      Very well-said, indeed! Thank you!
      Satanic, pro-ISIS U$A and its EVIL, barbaric policies must be exposed to the whole world!

    4. Bru says:

      the UN is mainly run by the US…

      1. Tudor Miron says:

        “the UN is mainly run by the US…” which is run by Zio cabbal.

      2. Richard M says:

        Like all ‘oars, UN belongs to the highest roller. That’s largely US, but China and Saudi are also high rollers.

    5. Rob says:

      America cannot win by changing label and uniform of terrorists.

    6. Pave Way IV says:

      I’ll have Saudi Arabia look into this outrage at once!. That Trump – Saudi orb thing was a ceremony at their new Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology. These guys are the experts. They will be furious if the US was actually supporting ISIS. After all, who has suffered from extremist terrorism more than Saudi Arabia?

      “Touch the Saudi King’s orb, Trump… Touch it… TOUCH IT NOW!

      They even have a web site: https://etidal.org/ It doesn’t look like they have coffee mugs or t-shirts yet, but I’m keeping an eye out for them.

      1. Richard M says:

        Freaking Eye of Sauron! That’s what Trump touched! LOL

    7. Richard M says:

      It wouldn’t help. When US was caught on video escorting ISIS convoys of fighters and oil tankers, Psyops just fabricated lies about the vids being US copters escorting Libyan “moderate rebels”. Typical Orwellian Doublespeak and obfuscation, AKA Plausible Deniability. Plenty of US simpletons will believe whatever propaganda they are spoonfed, while the vast majority just want to drink, watch football and really don’t give a fkcu either way.

    8. Mahmoud Larfi says:

      Because UN is too busy writing investigations conclusions based on White Helmets and Al-Qaeda reports on how the Syrian Regime is using nerve agent and dropping barrel bombs on helpless civilians.

      1. Brother Ma says:

        Well done Mahmoud.

    9. Lumen says:

      Why not make it official? Because its Bullshit. A Handful ISIS hides somewhere and attacks SAA, and the Russian just would like to seek and destroy the remaing bits for themselves, but cant, since SDF is “officially” there. Thats all. A bit complaining about “incompetent” SDF which is “unwilling” to fight effectively. At least, so he thinks.

  2. bcbingram says:

    I do not want the USA doing anything in the middle east WITHOUT the express written permission from the legal government.

  3. G Jetson says:

    Is it the YPG advancing to Deir Ezzor or the US special forces advancing to Deir Ezzor.

    One thousand is a lot of fighters!!!

  4. MD Ranix says:

    as expected desperate zio losers with desperate measures by the devil led coalition – while lapdog govts and useless entities keep silent on their terrorism

  5. Peter Moy says:

    The useful, stupid puppets of ISIS don’t realize that they are on the losing side and doing the dying for the US. Death is the correct fate for these morons while Uncle Stupid and the warmongers are laughing their asses off at the Pentagon. No pity for these idiots.

  6. Xanatos says:

    US special forces providing medical aid to ISIS?
    That’s a very serious accusation. I can’t believe us forces would directly aid Isis without some evidence.

    Deliberately sabotaging attempts to cross the Euphrates? That’s very likely. Disgusting, since it aids Isis, but likely, given past behavior.

    1. Graeme Rymill says:

      It isn’t a serious accusation. It is rather the obligation of all countries who have signed the Geneva Convention:

      Article 12, second paragraph, of the 1949 Geneva Convention I provides that members of the armed forces who are wounded or sick shall be “cared for by the Party to the conflict in whose power they may be … [T]hey shall not wilfully be left without medical assistance and care, nor shall conditions exposing them to contagion or infection be created.”

      Article 15, first paragraph, of the 1949 Geneva Convention I provides that “[a]t all times, and particularly after an engagement, Parties to the conflict shall, without delay, take all possible measures … to ensure … adequate care” of the wounded and sick.


      1. Richard M says:

        Applies to soldiers. Not terrorists. ISIS can nibbles have no use for prisoners except torture/murder propaganda and occasional ransom.

        1. Graeme Rymill says:

          Lol that’s how the US justifies Guantanamo Bay…says they are terrorists not soldiers!

  7. Rafik Chauhan says:


  8. Jesus says:

    If US, SDF and ISIS forces are imbedded together, they are all terrorists and and need to be eliminated. Accidental bombings can become the norm, Russia is well suited to deal with US Air Force, the Mig 29 SMT will take care of the F-16, and Suk 30,35 would take care of F-15.

    1. Ilies Bekhtaoui says:

      mig 29 and su 30 and 35 stay home and s-400 takes care of everything

  9. Hide Behind says:

    Being as how the SDF, what a misnomer moved freely through ISIS held territory, an area under 24s put together.
    AND those U.N. Gladys smiled and nodded like bobble heads and cheered that pile.7 satelite and drone coverage, with US sic. “Advisors” fully embedded within their fighting arms”, all while ISIL troop have moved in conjunction with SDF both to converge at same point in time to attack Syrian force, the release of dam
    Waters, yup, we know it was all unplanned.
    Today Trump addressed??¿¿the U.N. security council, and the pile of Bull Sh.. was higher than what Powel of Iraq invasion fame and he/she Haley

  10. Richard Noel Hedditch says:

    As I have always said – the American dogs love their ISIS scum.

    1. christianblood says:

      Very well-said, Sir!

  11. Kell says:

    Mmm cnts!

  12. chris chuba says:

    I’m going to say that the U.S. and SDF don’t really control the area but just want to claim the highway junction so that the SAA can’t have it. Now this is totally irresponsible but this fits in how I think they really operate. We don’t fight, we do information warfare.

    The Russians should inform their counter-parts that the Syrian army needs to pacify the area and then inform them that any U.S., SDF, and friendly units have to evacuate within some time limit (BTW I don’t believe that they are really there, it was a Potemkin offense).

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Although the US puts great store on Information Warfare, it is in itself vulnerable to reality and the US is on the wrong side of truth to avoid that scenario.
      I would think that the vast majority of Americans and Europeans have little interest in the Syrian war and quite likely none at all. If that premise is correct the propaganda is only being accepted as ‘fact’ by those who support the US Coalition warmongering anyway.

      The only way for the US to whip up a frenzy of Nationalism would be to sacrifice a few thousand US citizens in a False Flag or otherwise connived death of Americans :)

      1. hhabana says:

        Most Americans have no idea where Syria is and many oppose any involvement. I’m sure many are clueless as well and don’t know what to think. This is why Obama held his finger off the trigger. Using the various special forces is much different than sending thousands of army, marines, etc. You are not going to hear the media talk about their actions. The media has limited its coverage of Syria, yet they still mostly portray Russia as the proverbial “bad guy.”
        Unfortunately, U.S Govt. is on wrong side and this is for Zionist, expansionist, and corporate reasons. Those of us that respect sovereignty of Syria, or any country, oppose this war.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          I agree and its at times such as these when failing empires are most dangerous. The US is akin to a drunk mindlessly flaying out at all around them.

    2. Vitex says:

      The Russians are proving quite effective at disinformation, without being as histrionic as the US state department trolls are

  13. Nigel Maund says:

    The US totally controls the terrorists and hence their actions are those of a terrorist State. This is so because the US citizenry are largely ignorant as to actually who controls the US behind the managed news curtain and the political puppets in Congress and the Senate. The SAA and RuAF are perfectly within their rights to destroy the SDF should they face any real oppostion from them. The US & SDF actions with releasing dam water are little other than war crimes; regardless.

    Hey US – don’t think we know all your dirty tricks? – wrong we know you for what you are – very dirty and totally dishonest. Those who created ISIS will only feign “fighting” ISIS.

    1. Graeme Rymill says:

      Releasing dam water is a war crime? It seems you are seeking to redefine the term “war crime” to include any activity you disapprove of! lol

      1. Tudor Miron says:

        Where did he say that this was a war crime? On the other hand, this is a crime against international law and sovereign Surya.

        1. Graeme Rymill says:

          Um…when he said “the US and SDF actions with releasing dam waters are little other than war crimes”…..

          1. Tudor Miron says:

            OK, I have to agree with you on terminology but do you say that what SDF and US are doing in Suria is not a crime?

          2. Graeme Rymill says:

            A war crime? No

          3. Tudor Miron says:

            “do you say that what SDF and US are doing in Suria is not a crime?” – I have to repeat :) Do you see word “war” in the above quote? Would you answer my question?

          4. Graeme Rymill says:

            Crime is too vague as to be meaningless when referring to conflict.

          5. Tudor Miron says:

            There’s nothing vague about US evil doings in Surya. It is a crime for amy sensible human being. It may be meaningless to you but than I feel sorry for you.

      2. Dustil schmit says:

        It fake anyway the water release.

        1. John Brown says:

          What ever Mossad, you racist supremacist!!!

      3. Richard M says:

        So if Syria sends troops to open US dams and flood cities it will be okay? Of course it is a war crime. Using military action to attack civilians is the definition of war crime. It isn’t only bombs or bullets. Gas or bio-weapons used against civilians is also a war crime. If you have a neighbor living uphill from you and he builds a reservoir and after arguing with you he bursts the dam flooding your home and property is that okay?

        1. Graeme Rymill says:

          No cities have been flooded…

      4. Nigel Maund says:

        Try and think about it before reacting as though this were a normal high water release of pressure on the dam following heavy rains, as, for example, in Texas of late. The US and SDF released dam water to disrupt SAA military action against the world’s most notorious terrorist organisation, ISIS, that, to boot, the CIA created. So what does that make the SDF and US? Pro terrorist war criminals? …….because that is the corollary that most intelligent people would infer.

        1. Graeme Rymill says:

          “War crimes” has a specific meaning. Claiming a dam release is a war crime without showing any evidence of civilian casualties is a nonsense.

          1. Nigel Maund says:

            No they don’t – so wrong again. Aiding and abetting terrorists, which the US does every day, is a war crime under International Law and if sufficient evidence can be gathered. which actually has happened and continues to happen, the US will be prosecuted in the International Court of Den Haag. Indeed, I feel it’s safe to say the US is a terrorist State like Israel and the UK. Everyone knows that ex UK Prime Minister is a major war criminal and he is extremely unpopular in the UK. The (corrupt) Establishment has tried their best to keep him out of jail. However, the facts are overwhelming and continue to dog him. I would like to see the UK leave NATO and ally with Russia and China, which is what really lies in the country’s interests. But the UK are utterly joined at the hip to the US and Israel and will sink with them both. The MSM has had 60 years to brainwash the UK public concerning the “Special Relationship” with Washington. I believe it’s increasingly a “crock of s#$t!

          2. Graeme Rymill says:

            Only individuals can be convicted of war crimes not countries

          3. Nigel Maund says:

            Then like WW2 it will be the major figures in the US Administration – like Nuremberg.

          4. Graeme Rymill says:

            That will never happen. The The United States is not a participant in the International Criminal Court (ICC) which tries individuals for war crimes.

            The ICC operates under the Rome Statute https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/States_parties_to_the_Rome_Statute_of_the_International_Criminal_Court

            31 countries have signed but not ratified the Rome Statute. Four signatory states—Israel, Sudan, the United States and Russia—have informed the UN Secretary General that they no longer intend to become states parties and, as such, have no legal obligations arising from their signature of the Statute.
            41 United Nations member states have neither signed nor acceded to the Rome Statute. Some of them, including China and India, are critical of the Court.

            The United States would likely refuse to cooperate with an ICC attempt to try US government officials for war crimes. A non UN based tribunal could be set up. again though it is highly doubtful that the US would cooperate. If the UN Security Council tried to force the issue the US would simply veto.

          5. Graeme Rymill says:

            Many people say Tony Blair should be tried by the ICC for war crimes for his actions leading to the invasion of Iraq. That also will never happen:

            “More than a decade ago, the former ICC prosecutor explained
            that he had a mandate to examine conduct during the Iraq war “but not
            whether the decision to engage in armed conflict was legal”. Luis Moreno-Ocampo added: “I do not have the mandate to address the arguments on the
            legality of the use of force or the crime of aggression.” Since then,
            the crime of aggression has been defined in the ICC’s governing statute.
            However, this provision has not yet been brought into effect and will
            not be applied retrospectively. So there is no prospect of anyone facing
            charges of aggression arising from the Iraq war.”


          6. Nigel Maund says:

            Graeme, I have to concede that sadly you’re right! Justice exists only for the poor ordinary folks all the so called “elites” are above the law. So as Gerald Celente so often says its a case of “Just Us”.

          7. Graeme Rymill says:

            See the case of Nicaragua versus US in the International Court of Justice:
            No mention of “war crimes” which are for individuals not countries. Nicaragua won the case but the US blocked enforcement of the judgement. Even if Syria took the US to the ICJ and won the US would block the judgement.

    2. Dustil schmit says:

      Anyone who believes Konashenkov lie about water discharge is an extreme ignorant and he probably should be relived for that dumb excuse lie.

    3. John Brown says:

      Its not the US its racist supremacist Jews who run the USA Moron.
      Americas Jews Are Driving Americas Wars
      “And if someone’s feelings are hurt, too bad. We don’t need a war with Iran because Israel wants one and some rich and powerful American Jews are happy to deliver. Seriously, we don’t need it.”

      1. Nigel Maund says:

        When are you going to grow up and stop resorting to insults such as “moron” when you feel it’s appropriate? Invariably I note you shoot first before analysing the facts or thinking matters through carefully.

        Numerous times on these pages, I have stated that the US is controlled by “Zionists” as opposed to Jewish vested interests; namely the “International Banking Cabal” dominated by the Rothschild’s and Rockefellers (who are also Zionists) as well as other important banking and corporate groups such as the Agnelli’s. The ordinary Jew is not a part of the conspiracy, and there a many good hearted normal Jewish people protesting about what is going on as much as you are. Please don’t play the game the cabal want you to play by accusing Jews or African Americans or some other religious or racial group so that they can scream racialist or anti – semite! They then wheel out the Holocaust and call you a Fascist.

        1. John Brown says:

          You are wrong it is the vast majority of Jews today who are racist supremacists. It is only exceptional Jews who are not racist supremacists these days, a small minority. It takes me less than one second to have the Times of Israel and the Jerusalem Post prove it is not a few Jews who are racist supremacist Jews; again it is the majority according to the latest Israeli polling as I said proven fact. Oil is not a fossil fuel proven fact. Australia has a racist brown Australia policy made by racist supremacist Jews it’s a proven fact. Stick to the truth and I won’t have to prove you wrong. You seem unable to overcome your brainwashing when given new evidence some kind of cognitive dissonance or you are just an undercover racist supremacist Jew.
          Nigel using your fossil fuel theory please explain why titian has more oil than the earth has? Why is there a vast ocean of oil in the Horse head nebula???? These 2 facts alone totally destroy the fossil fuel theory.

          1. Nigel Maund says:

            I refuse to have any further dialogue with you as I’ve decided you’re a charletan when it comes to science and the Jews are not rascist supremists. Your facts you claim are proven are like so much else you come out with – they’re opinions and personal bias; and nothing more and prove my earlier comment that you’re a bigot. As for your claims of oil in the Horses’s Head nebula; such bogus “scientific claims” are getting even more wild and woollly by the day!! :DDD. All you are doing is proving me right with every new post. Yoú’re a man who like to double down on his stupidity.

          2. John Brown says:

            I provide lots of proof, confessions etc. from Jewish sources for Jews being racist supremacists and other sources for other topics. You provide no proof at all for anything you say. You simply must be right because you are a member of the racially superior, chosen, master, Jewish race. You are the first to call names, thinking that by calling someone a bigot or racist which is what you are, that can shut them up. How come even so called anti-racist Jewish groups (you) don’t allow non-Jews to join and have positions of real power (empowerment) in such organizations?
            Why does Ttian have more oil than the earth??? How does the fossil fuel theory explain that fool??
            Here is an article by a wonderful human being and non racist Jew.
            Jews Are Not a Race But Jewish Identity is Racist
            The practical meaning of this information is simple and far from being new. AshkeNAZI Jews are not Semitic and have no roots in Palestine. Needless to say that neither Alan Dershowitz nor Max Blumenthal or myself look particularly oriental. So if Jews are neither a race nor Semitic what is it that bonds them together? The answer is an extreme form of tribal ethnocentrism AKA racism. In short, Jews are not a race but Jewish secular culture is racist to the bone.
            Jewishness, Jewish Controlled Opposition, the antisemitic fantasy, holocaust vs. history, Jews and revolutions, humanism vs. tribalism, socialism vs Judeo bolshevism, current state of the world, Hitler, Obama, ISIS and MUCH more….
            Both Zionists and the so-called ‘anti’ are operating within ethnocentric and racially exclusive cells. Israel is the Jews-only State, but it opponents the JVP, IJAB, Jewish Socialist Group etc. are similarly Jews-only political gatherings.
            But if Jewish politics is racist, exclusive and often abusive, what exactly legitimizes its anti-racist mantra?.
            We were informed this week that the four major female founders of the Ashkenazis show roots in Europe 10,000 to 20,000 years ago. So do most of the minor founders, the study found. Only 8% of the mitochondrial DNA shows signs of being from the Near East.
            Gil Atzmon, of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, who led the research, argued that there had been some evidence of mass conversions, especially of women, to Judaism throughout the Mediterranean in the past. That resulted in about 6 million citizens, or a tenth of the Roman population, who were Jewish.

  14. RamboDave says:

    When looking at the map today, there are still 3 miles of ISIS controlled area that separates the SDF from the SAA. These VBIEDs probably came from ISIS controlled areas, not SDF. In addition, the VBIEDs were probably waiting there in place for days for the SAA to cross the Euphrates. Before that crossing, there was 10 miles of separation between the SDF and the SAA.

    The Russians are playing mind games with everyone. That is what happens during war and when a lot is at stake.

    1. Bru says:

      are you capable of reading? the information on this page is about constant shelling against the Syrians coming from the zio-kurds, not about vbieds….

      1. RamboDave says:

        The article is about “counterattacks” from ISIS. The losses suffered yesterday by the SAA came from ISIS VBIEDs, probably waiting in place for days. The fact of the matter is that at least 3 miles still separate the SDF from the SAA.
        ISIS still controls the area to the North and Northeast.

    2. Tudor Miron says:

      Dave… Zio cabbal is playing mind games and it seems to work on you.

  15. Russian225 says:

    Flatten them. US and their lapdogs crossed the line

  16. Kell says:

    Maybe its time for the Tigers to halt – go back North to Ghanim Ali and swing through there and Maadan pushing the filth across the river and straight into the SDF flank – geeze sorry about that


  17. Bru says:

    the regime late (compared to the Taliban ) born baby is still useful to them… always the same who create and arm terrorist groups…

  18. LynFSN says:

    These djihadists are such stupid tools, the West so damn 100% corrupted and even open about it…..its sad. They are really asking for big trouble

  19. Miguel Redondo says:

    Very easy. Put a battery of TOC-1 in bearing and solve the problem , give the americans 60 seconds of advance info to try to escape.

  20. Deo Cass says:

    The US Zio/Nazi colonial invaders of Syria had been bombing bridges connecting both banks of the Euphrates river from the moment they illegally invaded Syria with the excuse of combatting ISIS. Therefore they had already in mind to prevent the Syrian government forces from reclaiming their territory from the US Zio-Nazi “sturm troopers” of ISIS who change name and flag according to the orders imparted by their Zio-Nazi handlers. The US tyranny has been exposed to what it really is. A creator and supporter of terror. The Syrian government forces must not be deterred. They must commit the bulk of their forces to reclaim the only remaining life-line of Deir Ezzur city and Syria, namely the oil and gas fields on the Eastern banks of the Euphrates river. Without them Deir Ezzur would become a dead city since the industrial zone of Deir Ezzur has already been invaded by the US/Zio/Nazi Kurdish slaves. Russia however has the means to overcome the obstacle of the Euphrates river by using airborne troops and air dropped military veihicles and tanks, a technique which Russia has perfected. So go Syria go. Take back what’s yours and of the Syrian people and don’t let the colonialists steal it from you.

  21. That Guy says:

    Now it is very clear who is who.

  22. Dustil schmit says:

    Sure sure they flooding with water that does not exist. I mean power and water are extremely low with drought in progress and turks damming the river up north but they have enough water to flood SAA YEA RIGHT.

  23. VGA says:

    lmao I love it when the russian MoD is trolling like this :D

  24. Langaniso Mhlobo says:

    Fuck the USA bomb areas were the terrorist SDF and USA is.Bomb any movement at water pump stations.

  25. RichardD says:

    Both Isis and the SDF are Jew world order supported. The SDF publicly and Isis secretly. It’s all Hegelian regime change theater. Different actors working for the same criminal cabal towards regime change.

  26. goingbrokes says:

    SDF sergeant to the commander: “Commander, sir, are we ISIS today or SDF, men want to know which clothes to wear!”

  27. DJ Double D says:

    As I wrote previously, the SAA is having trouble developing real momentum across the river. Having read what General Konashenkov wrote, it is now obvious to me why.

  28. PZIVJ says:

    The SAA bridgehead is still moving forward while the SDF is doing nothing.
    Excellent, the Deir Ezzor front is expanding in both directions! :)

  29. χρηστος says:

    once again US playing dirty

  30. John U Azubuike says:

    Why would American forces support the terrorist network in Syria ,terrorist that even beheaded your own citizens, if proven that American forces support the Isis terrorist, then America has lost the admiration sane people world over has for her.

  31. Justin says:

    So the question is, how does one cross a river that is flowing fast?
    I don’t think these floating bridges can handle such conditions yes?

    Also, if there are 900 US SF in syria, we can easily assume they are targeting the SAA!
    Whats the point in allowing this?
    Just bomb them, kill them and get it over and done with!
    If the US send aircraft to counter, shoot them out of the sky!
    What can they do? Threaten nuclear war?
    They just have to deal with it! Need to start using the DeZ airbase ASAP!
    We all knew this was coming and when the time came, we knew what needed to be done! Either the US bombs the SAA and Russians or the Russians bomb the SDF!
    Fuck it! Time for some dead US forces!

  32. Cheryl Brandon says:

    THE USA army are dressed in military wear but, they are actually terrorist/ OIL thieves of the USA! They need to be taken out!

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