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Syrian Army Establishes Full Control Of Eastern Qalamoun After Militants’ Withdrawal (Map)

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Syrian Army Establishes Full Control Of Eastern Qalamoun After Militants' Withdrawal (Map)

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On April 25, according to pro-government sources, the Syrian Army established a full control of the Eastern Qalamoun region in western Syria after a withdrawal of the last batch of militants from the area.

However, the Syrian Defense Ministry still has confirm the control of the region in an official statement.

It’s important to note that a large number of militants remained in the area in the framework of a reconciliation deal reached between Damascus and them. These militants have surrendered weapons and hosen to settle their legal status in the area. Some of them will joint the pro-government National Defense Forces.

The Syrian Army also received a large number of heavy weapons and missiles that had been in the hands of militant groups operating in Eastern Qalamoun. MORE HERE

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totally excellentes news great victory for damas!!


Oddly enough livejihad map had this area reddened as full government control days ago. And usually when it comes to SAA advances they’re the slow ones.

northerntruthseeker .

This is another outstanding victory for the good guys..

Now the SAA can concentrate on the Rastan pocket further north next!

MD Ranix

great news – victory is God given to syria and her true allies


Good job BOYS !
It’s time to cleanse DARAA from the filth now !


After East Qalaman the next could be
1) Yarmouk pocket then
2) Rastan and then
3) ISIS in Homs.

This operation could complete in May 2018. Then Syria will have enough soldiers and weapons to bouldly use at other fronts like Idlib, Daraa, Golan Heights, Al-Tanf, Raqqah, Deir Ezzor and Hassaka etc.


i would let the americans sit in al tanf

perfect target for iran
waste of money
its basicly an useless desert
and syria could always accuse the USA of invasion

SDF region will face insurgencies iraqi style

Idlib is a no go because of the deals with turkey

so it comes down on Daraa


I think, from now on, the Syrian army will just need to move their warriors and fire power close to the remaining terrorist enclaves and demand them to leave or be destroyed and the terrorists will have no option but to leave.


The terrorist filth in Daraa are directly supported by israhell ! let’s hope they leave without a fight, to avoid SAA & allied casualties.


One more pocket successfully cleared! Despite all aggression and outside interference the liberation won’t halt no matter what. Syria’s sacrifice will be a great legacy for all the people who stand up for their rights and demand to live more decent lives, going against any type of oppression, in this case imperialistic.

Michał Hunicz

Rastan Rats Next!


This is another huge success for the SAA and company, congratulations!

At the rate that things are going, in another month or so, all of the interior pockets in western Syria will be cleared. With only the Isis pocket west of the river remaining. Which won’t hold out long when the time comes to clear that. Once that’s done, then the border clearing operations can proceed without having to worry about the interior pockets anymore.


I have to admit I’m coming around to these “green bus” deals. I’d still prefer if the jihadists themselves were sent to their virgins, but what to do with their families and other Allahu-Akbar hangers-on? You can hardly massacre unarmed civilians by the tens of thousands, and yet if you put these people under the rule of the Syrian Govt against their will, they’d be a long-term security risk. Sending them off to greener pastures, ideally ultimately NATO territory, may be a smart move of the loyalists.


Excellent news. Now Syrian army is emerging and those days are not for away that they will liberating 1) Idlib, 2) Daraa, 3) Golan Heights, 4) Al-Tanf, 5) Ar-Raqqa, 6) Hasaka and 7) Deir Ezzor from Anglo Zionist terrorists.


Rastan and the ISIS pocket in Homs will be liberated in May, 2018




wow just 1 isis pocket left around damascus
1 left only


Nicely done.


The withdraw will not be the end of this, like Afrin there will be a significant number of people who would neither withdraw nor surrender. As such there will be much insurgent activity and some of the men that are now in the pro-government militia will be secretly helping the geurillas. However, I doubt this low level fighting will receive much press coverage since the SAA wants to look like they’re in total control of the situation.

HighLord Gaz

Rastan next I hope…. then maybe Daraa?

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