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Syrian Army Enters Two Villages South Of Tell Rifaat Following YPG Withdrawal – Report

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Syrian Army Enters Two Villages South Of Tell Rifaat Following YPG Withdrawal – Report

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On February 24, units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) entered the villages of Tell Shaeir and Fafin south of the strategic town of Tell Rifaat in the northern Aleppo countryside, according to the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Aleppo 24. The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) had reportedly withdrawn from its positions in the two villages ahead of the SAA deployment there.

The Russian news outlet Sputnik reported on February 22 that the Damascus government and the YPG had agreed on the transfer of control over the town of Tell Rifaat and the villages around it to the SAA. However, YPG officials are yet to confirm or deny Sputnik’s report.

The Damascus government and the YPG reached a similar agreement under which the YPG handed over all of its positions inside Aleppo city to the SAA on February 22. The YPG justified its withdrawal saying that its fighters were redeployed to the Afrin area.

The Tell Rifaat town and several other Arab villages around it are among the main goals of the ongoing Turkish Army military operation against the YPG in Afrin. Due to this, handing over these Arab towns to the SAA should a blow to the Turkish operation, as most of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters joined the operation to recapture these villages from the YPG.

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The SAA movement into Afrin area is slow and smart.

Don Machiavelli

Hopefully Syria will be Syrian and Syrian only.

Samantha Green

YPG should withdraw from ABORTION RIGHTS respecting Turkey and defend against abortion banning Syria or go east if they can and finish off abortion banning ISIS. SDF is silly to fight Turkey and should simply withdraw south or East before them, in mutual defense of ABORTION RIGHTS.


Jonathon Cohen:
Not sure why you are responding here? LOL

Samantha Green

Both OP and comment are about YPG withdrawals near Afrin.

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

Meanwhile the green terrorists have linked up the fronts in the north west. The Kurds in this region better hand over the rest of what they have and remove any reason for Sultan Erdogan to remain in Afrin. Control of the region is key to securing Aleppo and we know that the bloodthirsty Ottomans want to bring the war back to that city.

Mahmoud HAm

We know from history that Kurdish leadership are always stupid and wake up late to the reality. If they handed Afrin to the Syrian Army when it was discussed with them with the Russian they would have been in a better position. Now it is too late for them and if they make a deal with the Syrian Army about East of Euphrates then they will act smart but we know that they are stupid and they will wait until disaster comes on their heads


If Kurds hand over complete region to SAA one year ago then whole Syria could be liberated with in few months but Kurds have trusted in Washington and Israel. Therefore, so many Kurds have died and also they have lost so much Syrian land to Turkey and Washington.


There are US, UK, French and Israeli army and intelligence hiding behind terrorists in East Ghouta. There is also indiscriminate air strikes against civilians in Afrin Syria, Palestine and Yemen. Why they are not human or they are not aware.


The Kurd’s commanders have decided so late that Turkish invaders have killed so many Kurds and have taken one dozen villages. This will happen in the East Syria too because Washington want to keep whole land including Oil and Gas fields with himself. Washington are not fighting for Kurds but for own interests.

Mahmoud HAm

One more time the Kurdish leadership proved to be stupid and their willingness to be used as tools in the US or Israeli hands make them even more stupid and will loose severely


You are absolutely right.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US knows the Kurds well and use their stupidity against them since it’s no challenge with people of low and limited intelligence.


Israeli bastards vs children of Palestine

US and Israeli terrorists should have to be disarmed as soon as possible otherwise these bastards will kill many civilians in the world. A meeting should have to be called in independent state like Russia or China etc. to think about it because world loosing significant number of important lives every day in US and Israeli brutal terrorism.


Famous Pakistan Air Force PAF Pilots Who Shot Down Israeli Jet Fighters – Air Commodore Retired Sattar Alvi
During 1967 war Pakistani pilots shot down a total of ten Israeli jets without losing a pilot or aircraft. During the 6 Day War in 1967 Pakistani pilot Saiful Azam on Jordanian front engaged four Israeli jets over Jordanian Mafraq air base. He shot down a Mystére commanded by Israeli pilot H. Boleh and damaged another that crash-landed in Israeli territory. Two days later, Jordanian airforce commander sent Pakistani pilot Saiful Azam to help Iraqi airforce. There they shot down two of the Israeli attacking planes.

During the 1973 war, on Syrian front the PAF pilot Flt. Lt. A. Sattar Alvi was flying a Syrian aircraft and shot down an Israeli Mirage in air combat. Similarly on the Egyptian front, PAF pilot Flt. Lt. M. Hatif , flying an Egyptian MiG-21 shot down an Israeli F-4 phantom in an air combat. Pakistani Air Force did not lose a single pilot or aircraft in any of the wars.


Dubai Airshow 2017 (Day 3) JF-17 PAF Flying display.
المقاتلة الباكستانية JF-17 Thunder
الصواريخ الباكستانية النووية |Pakistani nuclear missiles

Pakistan Aeronautical Complex making fighter jets JF-17 block-1 and block-2.

Before 1970 Pakistan condition was worst than Syria and Iraq but when Pakistan realize that US is just waisting their time then Pakistan approached to China and Russia for help and started joint military production facilities in Pakistan, then in 1998 by their own efforts they have tested first 6 nuclear weapons, then missiles and then their own fighter jets JF-17 block-1 and block-2.


Liwa Al-Baqir is just a small terrorist group. The turks will definitely take them out just like how they did once and also the Americans took them out in Deir Ezzor.

they are Cannon fodders at best. There is no deal over anywhere in Afrin canton. All these recent articles of Liwa Al-baqir was waste of time

Real Anti-Racist Action

This is good news. Between the brave-SAA and the brave-Turks, the Kurdish domination over 1/3rd of Syria is beginning to thaw. Both should continue working on the two fronts to shrink back Kurdish power that declared independents. So that Syria can be made whole once again.
Kurds are the original ISIS of Syria. ISIS and Kurds must disappear, and the civilian population of both ISIS and Kurds must be reintegrated into Syrian-standard-Patriotism.

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