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Syrian Army Enters Second Town In Western Daraa Under New Reconciliation Agreement (Photos)

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Syrian Army Enters Second Town In Western Daraa Under New Reconciliation Agreement (Photos)

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On September 15, a force of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) entered the town of Muzayrib in the western countryside of Daraa accompanied by a unit from the Russian Military Police as a part of a new reconciliation agreement that was accepted by the locals.

Under the agreement, which was reached on September 14, several local gunmen who recently deserted the SAA or didn’t sign the 2018 reconciliation agreement will hand over their arms and join the reconciliation process.

The SAA will also conduct a combing operation inside and around the town. During the operation, army troops will search for weapons and hideouts.

Muzayrib was the second town in the western Daraa countryside to reach a new reconciliation agreement with Syrian authorities. The first town was al-Yadudah. SAA troops entered the town for the first time in ten years on September 13.

These new agreements in western Daraa were made possible thanks to the recent Russian-sponsored reconciliation agreement in Daraa al-Balad, the southern part of Daraa city.

Daraa al-Balad agreement, which was reached after more than two months of siege and clashes, rebuilt trust between Syrian authorities and local leaders in Daraa. Local radicals and trouble makers were also deterred.

Syrian authorities work to secure and stabilize the western countryside of Daraa will not stop at Muzayrib. More towns in the region will join the reconciliation process in the upcoming few weeks. The next reconciliation agreement will reportedly be in the town of Tal Shihab.


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Idlib's coming home

I was like “WTF, western Idlib?” then noticed that you guys made a typo.

Richard Hoard



You guys should really fix the tittle. It’s not Idlib but southern Syria, Daraa. That’s a BIG difference.


If look at ‘last edited ‘time stamps on many of spam comments can see all this spam has appeared across multiple latest SF pages within an hour. This is systematic spamming on each new page. Increasingly seems an attack to render the forum useless for debate and comment as wallpapered with junk. SF forum long been subjected to resident trolls, but seems now it is resident spammers.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

CIA-t-rolls and hasbara-ts will cry and rage 🤗


Dear friends, thank you for your comments. The typo in the title was edited.

jony boy

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