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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army Enters New Town In Eastern Ghouta. Second Batch Of Faylaq al-Rahman Fighters Leave Toward Idlib (Videos, Photos)

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On March 25, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces entered the town of Hazzah in the western part of the Eastern Ghouta region following the withdrawal of Faylaq al-Rahman and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) fighters, the Syrian state TV reported.

Syrian pro-government sources reported that the SAA had discovered several field hospitals, ammo depots and a network of tunnels in the town of Hazzah.

Currently, Faylaq al-Rahman and HTS still control the districts of Jobar, Zamalka and Irbin. The three districts are set to be handed over to the SAA within 48 hours.

In a related development, 47 buses carrying the second batch of Faylaq al-Rahman and HTS fighters departed from Irbin toward the northern governorate of Idlib. According to Syrian pro-government activist, 3,378 fighters and civilians were aboard the buses.

Syrian Army Enters New Town In Eastern Ghouta. Second Batch Of Faylaq al-Rahman Fighters Leave Toward Idlib (Videos, Photos)

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Syrian Army Enters New Town In Eastern Ghouta. Second Batch Of Faylaq al-Rahman Fighters Leave Toward Idlib (Videos, Photos)

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So far, over 4,000 fighters and civilians have left the Eastern Ghouta region towards Idlib governorate. More than 3,000 others are expected to leave in the upcoming hours under an evacuation agreement which was reached on March 23.

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Zainab Ali

God is the best of all planners – victory has always been with syria and her true allies

Bjorn Metaal

Bin smokkin crack?


Why? It seems that evil is not on winner path in Syria. So, plans of God are good!


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loool god? that man made pos ? get out of here! LOL!


And just earlier there was a report on how Rebel groups around Idlib are fighying each other. I wonder what the addition of thousands of Rebel soldiers and civilians already divided among themselves will do to that area…


So true, However, it truly doesn’t matter. After Ghouta is cleared, the army will shift focus to Southern Damascus, capturing the entire area. After that, the Deir Ezzor desert. And after that, it’s pretty much game over as the SAA will be able to redeploy and hold strong. Idlib will become the primary target of negotiations.

Ray Douglas

Slight correction needed there. The southern border needs to be sealed to prevent the US from sending arms and terrorists into Syria.


If they is killing each other, there is not problem. Let them continue in this way, before a full attack to this area comes.


With any luck they will all kill each other in internecine fighting.

It would be no different if the street gangs of the USA were all armed with military weapons and deputised as Police :)

In fact that’s a good idea :)


excellente news and tomorow douma yes!!


We hope this proceed really fast. There are several more pocket to clean them of terrorists, but the main war could be with USA-kurds and Turkey.


More supply fighters for Erdogan.

Oscar Silva Martinez

Less civilians casualties in Ghouta


Luckily SAA and Hezbollah casualties have been very low as well. Some of the liberated towns are intact. However, the green buses are a good investment opportunity as the terrorists are frequent riders.

neil barron

You mean more infighters for Erdogan Pillagers Incorporated.


Well done SAA!


Afrin is doomed. Karma is too powerful.

matew ivanson

thats dirty game, fcking Erdogan-Putin deal transfer of population Ghouta-Afrin, Kurds ll suck fcking game, green buses going to Afrin and Kurds going to nowhere, Haley get the fuck


Why are you fighting karma ?? XD.

matew ivanson

fcuk american dirty politics, save Douma from green buses, can you hear Haley or fcuked fake promises, dirty rats all of you american politcans

neil barron

I can read that you can’t write no cognition here.


kurds in Afrin are going to Iran. XD.
There are 3.5 millions syrians refugees in Turkey.

Michał Hunicz

Douma will also reconcile.


Yep – just matter of time – maybe even be matter of days.


Operation Damascus Steel is a complete success for Syria, the Syrian people, the Syrian Arab army and for president Assad. Thank God all the barking stayed at barking and they were afraid to bite. Full victory is within reach and the Syrian army has become the most formidable fighting power in the region. Battle hardened warriors trained and equipped by Russia.

Concrete Mike

Nice looking buses. That silver one in third picture is pimp


For CIA employees.

Ray Douglas

When you throw a lot of snakes into a barrel there is bound to be fights. I say, throw in a few more snakes. The snakes from Ghouta.


Let them kill each others between terrorists in Idlib.


These worthless terrorist headchopper cowards move around so much in green buses that the Syrian government should be selling them weekly bus passes and making money. Shameless terrorist scum!


Isn’t it odd that this report , now three days old , hasn’t been mentioned in any of the big MSM sites like WaPo and the NYT ?

“Burned to death in a bunker: Horrifying images show civilians incinerated after ‘regime forces bombed an underground shelter in Eastern Ghouta with NAPALM’ ”


How do you not make a big deal about the Syrian forces using napalm and white phosphorus ? The reason , apparently , is that the above is another White Helmets fabrication , and the fact that the big news outlets aren’t touching it should be a reality-inducing revelation to White Helmets fans.

Is it possible that the MSM is finally growing tired of looking stupid whenever they rely on terrorists as their sources ?

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