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Syrian Army Enters More Towns In Northeast Syria To Support SDF


Syrian Army Enters More Towns In Northeast Syria To Support SDF

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On October 18, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued its deployment in the country’s northeast region to support the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which were facing a Turkish-led attack.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), fresh units of the army entered several towns in al-Hasakah in the afternoon.

“The Syrian Arab Army entered new towns in the western countryside of Tell Tamr west of al-Hasakah province, including al-Salamas and Umm al-Khair towns,” a report by the SANA’s reads.

A day earlier, the army began deploying rocket launchers in northeast Syria. This step confirms its determination to stop the ongoing Turkish-led attack on the region.

The SAA’s deployment in northeast Syria began last week following a breakthrough agreement between the Damascus government and the political wing of the SDF. The initial agreement allow the army to enter most of the region with the aim of countering the ongoing Turkish-led offensive.

So far, the SAA, backed by Russian forces, has established bases in the strategic towns of Manbij, Kobani, Ain Isaa, Tabqah and Tell Tamir. Smaller posts were established in dozens of other areas.

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