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Syrian Army Enters U.S. Base In Northern Al-Hasakah (Photos)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) continued on October 19 its deployment in the northern al-Hasakah countryside to counter the ongoing Turkish-led offensive on the region.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), several units of the army entered a former U.S. base in Qasir Yalda, northeast of the town of Tell Tamir.

Syrian Army Enters U.S. Base In Northern Al-Hasakah (Photos)

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Syrian Army Enters U.S. Base In Northern Al-Hasakah (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

Syrian Army Enters U.S. Base In Northern Al-Hasakah (Photos)

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Units of the Syrian border guards were deployed in several newly-established positions between Tell Tamir and the town of Ahras, located 15km to the northwest.

Syrian Army Enters U.S. Base In Northern Al-Hasakah (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

Syrian Army Enters U.S. Base In Northern Al-Hasakah (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

Syrian Army Enters U.S. Base In Northern Al-Hasakah (Photos)

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The SAA’s deployment in northeast Syria began last week following a breakthrough agreement between the Damascus government and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). The initial agreement allow the army to enter most of the region with the aim of countering the ongoing Turkish-led offensive.

Earlier today, the SAA repelled an attack by Turkish-backed militants on its newly-established positions in the vicinity of the town of Tell Tamr. This shows Damascus commitment to the agreement with the SDF.

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Johannes Kuehn

Great to see ….


God Bless Syria!

Cronos Sin Apellidos

Las bases estadounidenses abandonadas se ven chulas.


Turkey must allow Syria to take over now of its oil fields south east Euphrates river.


Kurds have nothing to say anymore.

It is the US and their NATO partner Turkey now, who made their deal especially to keed as much of NE Syria under NATO control and away from Assad and Russias control.


That would be appropriate NATO behaviour, but syria and russia are quietly taken over kurdish territory. The western media help-the-kurds-from-trump meme and some turkisch nato puppets try to focus on Turkey and the US while syrians are establishing facts on the ground. On Saturday, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said he would discuss the Syrian government forces’ deployment to the “safe zone” during talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Sochi. But then it will be too late and he knows it.

Smith Ricky

This is beautiful


Syria goverment must ask Kurds (ex-USA-Israel puppets) to get rid of their yellow flag and to adopt Syria flag by heart, and to allow SAA to take over of Syria oil fields south-east Euphrates river.



Kurds have nothing to say anymore.

It is the US and their NATO partner Turkey now, who made their deal especially to keep as much of NE Syria under NATO control and away from Assad and Russias control.


When I first began to follow this war, around the end of 2014, the mere idea of what is occurring now might not have even gotten a laugh. It was completely out of the question. I still remember seeing the photo from the UN on September 29 2015, if I have remembered the date and place correctly, of then Secretary of State Kerry giving President Putin the riot act speech, almost pointing a finger in his face, while Secretary Lavrov was looking on it. The look on Vladimir Putin’s face is a classic moment of modern history. It may one day rank up there with the bust of Augustus Caesar.

it is disconcerting that while US foreign policy finally gets it’s justly deserved dragging through broken glass, that very few in the US seem to want to repair it. And so, the eventual US retreat from Al-Tanf will also end up being of the same result as all the efforts to overthrow the Syrian government have been; a complete waste of lives, resources and time far more usefully applied towards the betterment of the human race.

I tip my hat to the SAA.


Excellent post John. Times have changed for the better indeed. :)

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

yes, i had started following the war around the beginning of 2017, on this site and almasdar and others, and since then SAA has kept winning and winning and winning :)))


Great comment. Just like the Vietnam War, after 15 years wasted of American involvement they were back in square one with the peace talks that they should have followed from the start that would have avoided the whole mess associated with that war.

As with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a complete waste of lives, resources and money. There’s a ton of things that could have been done with US$10 trillion instead of being wasted on some rubbish ‘global war (of) terror’ which really was a 21st century version of resource grabbing attempt involving oil and rare earth minerals used in billions of tech devices.

While US was busy fighting Taliban long after the ‘2nd death’ of Osama Bin Laden, China was tactically mining rare earth minerals a few valleys away and making money off it. The past 2 decades of the 21st century was a story of wasted resources by the west.

The (dead) western civilization pays attention to completely pointless and degenerative culture like transgenders, ‘being offended’, gender pronouns, extinction rebellion, fake environmental concerns, 72 genders and gender studies. There’s no point hoping for a revival, let the west learn from its mistakes. Those who do stupid childish things and along with it the relevant consequences, they deserve those consequences.

Eurasia is not burdened by these things and puts its attention on the New Silk Road and things that matter to raising the standard of living. If you want to see the general direction of civilization, see what it puts its attention to.


Thank you SOF.

Panthera Pardus

is it this the photo you are referring to ? https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/09/30/444679327/russia-begins-conducting-airstrikes-in-syria-at-assads-request?t=1571566543007


That is the one. The photo of the decade for sure.

Kristy Rain

Ive been following since 2011 and didnt know what to make of it until 2012/13 when i first saw footage of how organized and professional the syrian govt was when ANNA news put GoPro’s on tanks. I was however, suspicious when the Obama admin wouldnt acknowledge ISIS or even ISIL and refused to even name them as any kind of threat to the region and instead said they believed a group called korazan was the real culprit and its been spawned by the Assad govt. I wasnt totally sure and it made no sense so i picked no sides until Andre Filatov’s work began to show up on my feeds and then I really got interested when the ‘good guys’ were abusing locals in towns they took over and mass executing the saa soldiers and ‘shabihah’ they were capturing in large numbers. it was disgusting.

I immediately abandoned all western news agencis for good in 2013 and prayed for the russians to come and rescue their ally. everyone thought i was a lunatic and still do to this day :/ no one i know believes me and says im either getting fake news from weird sources or i dont know enough and i should just leave it alone


Hello Kristy. In 2010 I was looking at Libya and trying to weed out information sources. My search for the truth had just begun. When you started to look at this, nobody knew what the hell was really going on in Syria, except the people who caused it. Hillary made that comment about just giving the rebels some raids and first aid kits; a complete lie.

I understand how you may have felt. In 2014 many thought I was off my rocker too. It was a lonely place for those who stood up in the earlier years and said this was wrong. I wish you well and all good things in life that are possible.


Yeah me too! Their best argument is there is nothing you can do about it. So much for their sacrosanct democracy!

Aleks Chernyy

America did a smart thing getting out of Syria. Trump, who is in fact a very stable genius removed US forces from harms way for a possible strike on Iran, thus removing the Iranian ability to retaliate against vastly outnumbered Americans in Syria. This decision puts Turks and Syrians/Iranians at direct odds. Russia is sort of stuck in the middle. While everyone in the media is crying about spilled Kurds, the truth is no one cares about the kurds. They served their purpose. Why waste American money and lives to fight NATO allies? Of course everyone prefers to leave a conflict a victor but in this case, the price of war is too great just to establish a socialist ethno state with a soft spot for terrorism in turkey. Russia certainly achieved its strategic objectives, in terms of preserving Syria. Handing this token victory to Putin to improve Russia/US relations is just smart.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Nobody is going to be striking Iran.

Aleks Chernyy

I hope not, but in the event US chooses to strike Iran, keeping forces in Syria would give Iran asymmetric options for a response against vastly outnumbered troops surrounded by hostile actors. Same can be said of al tanf, and other places where US troops are present.


Another blog from the retired diplomat M. K. BHADRAKUMAR with some interesting inside information from diplomatic sources on what Assad has told Russia Friday concerning the Turkish invasion: https://indianpunchline.com/us-stokes-the-fires-of-turkish-revanchism/

Another proof that my stance, that this is not Erdogan doing some secret plan by Putin, was more true than some here still want to believe.. Although Bhadrakumar also thought before this events were good for Syria and Russia, the US Turkey deal changed everything, and therefore leads to a toally different conclusion:

“The extraordinary US overture to Turkey regarding northern Syria resulted in a joint statement on Thursday, whose ramifications can be rated only in the fulness of time , as several intersecting tracks are running.

The US objectives range from Trump’s compulsions in domestic politics to the future trajectory of the US policies toward Syria and the impact of any US-Turkish rapprochement on the geopolitics of the Syrian conflict.

Meanwhile, the US-Turkish joint statement creates new uncertainties. The two countries have agreed on a set of principles — Turkey’s crucial status as a NATO power; security of Christian minorities in Syria; prevention of an ISIS surge; creation of a “safe zone” on Turkish-Syrian border; a 120-hour ceasefire (“pause”) in Turkish military operations leading to a permanent halt, hopefully.

The devil lies in the details. Principally, there is no transparency regarding the future US role in Syria . The Kurds and the US military will withdraw from the 30-kilometre broad buffer zone. What thereafter? In the words of the US Vice-President Mike Pence at the press conference in Ankara on Thursday,

“Kurdish population in Syria, with which we have a strong relationship, will continue to endure. The United States will always be grateful for our partnership with SDF in defeating ISIS, but we recognise the importance and the value of a safe zone to create a buffer between Syria proper and the Kurdish population and — and the Turkish border. And we’re going to be working very closely .” To be sure, everything devolves upon the creation of the safe zone. Turkey envisages a zone stretching across the entire 440 kilometre border with Syria upto Iraqi border, while the US special envoy James Jeffrey remains non-committal, saying it is up to the “Russians and the Syrians in other areas of the northeast and in Manbij to the west of the Euphrates” to agree to Turkey’s maximalist stance.

Herein lies the rub. Jeffrey would know Ankara will never get its way with Moscow and Damascus. In fact, President Bashar al-Assad told in unequivocal terms to a high-level Russian delegation visiting Damascus on Friday, “At the current phase it is necessary to focus on putting an end to aggression and on the pullout of all Turkish, US and other forces illegally present in Syrian territories.”

Is there daylight between Moscow and Damascus on this highly sensitive issue? Turkish President Recep Erdogan’s forthcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Sochi on October 22 may provide an answer.

Clearly, the US hopes wrench Turkey from the Russian embrace. Moscow’s studied indifference toward the US-Turkish cogitations betrays its uneasiness. Conceivably, Erdogan will expect Putin to take a holistic view, considering Russia’s flourishing and high lucrative economic and military ties with Turkey and the imperative to preserve the momentum ofRussia-Turkey relationship.

If the US policy in Syria in recent years promoted the Kurdish identity, it has now swung to the other extreme of stoking the fires of Turkish revanchism. This is potentially catastrophic for regional stability. The heart of the matter is that while Turkey’s concerns over terrorism and the refugee problem are legitimate, Operation Peace Spring has deeper moorings: Turkey’s ambitions as regional power and its will to correct the perceived injustice of territorial losses incurred during the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire. The ultra-nationalistic Turkish commentator (and staunch supporter of Erdogan) wrote this week in the pro-government daily Yeni Safak:

“Turkey once again revived the millennium-old political history on Anatolian territory. It took action with a mission that will carry the legacy of the Seljuks, the Ottomans, the Republic of Turkey to the next stage… It is not possible to set an equation in this region by excluding Turkey – it will not happen. A map cannot be drawn that excludes Turkey – it will not happen. A power cannot be established without Turkey – it will not happen. Throughout history, both the rise and fall of this country has altered the region… the mind in Turkey is now a regional mind, a regional conscience, a regional identity. President Erdoğan is the pioneer, the bearer of that political legacy from the Seljuks, the Ottomans, and the Turkish Republic to the future.”

Trump is unlikely to pay attention to the irredentist instincts in Turkish regional policies. Trump’s immediate concerns are to please the evangelical Christian constituency in the US and silence his critics who allege that he threw the Kurds under the bus or that a ISIS resurgence is imminent. But there is no way the US can deliver on the tall promises made in the joint statement. The Kurds have influential friends in the Pentagon. (See the article by Gen. Joseph Votel, former chief of the US Central Command, titled The Danger of Abandoning our Partners.) Nonetheless, the main outcome will be that Turkey feels it has western support for its long-term occupation of Syrian territory.

All in all, it’s a “win-win” for Erdogan insofar as he got what he wanted — US’ political and diplomatic support for “the kind of long-term buffer zone that will ensure peace and stability in the region”, to borrow the words of Vice President Pence. A Turkish withdrawal from Syrian territory can now be virtually ruled out. State secretary Mike Pompeo added at the press conference in Ankara on Thursday that there is “a great deal of work to do in the region. There’s lots of challenges that remain.”

Pompeo said Erdogan’s “decision to work alongside President Trump… will be one that I think will benefit Turkey a great deal.” Arguably, US expects Turkey’s cooperation to strengthen its strategy in Syria (and Iraq) where it seeks to contain Iran’s influence. From Ankara, Pompeo travelled to Jerusalem to brief Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. “


Everyo.b. this was also on/in the thinking of mine, but I also holds other options to, namely that UssA is of course creating their own reality, but how sustaiable is that, and to what cost. Turks must be aware of what is costs to have an occupation army going, this bleeds cash, and cash isnt something they have much of, and the long term consequencess of ignoring their neighbors will bleed them even more, and now when the turists etc to pipelines are coming into be, how can Turkien continue, for an while, yeah, for decades, nope, and for the AmeriCunts, the problem is whom controls the imperial banana republic, I dont bite into this Impissment spectacle, its just theater, and all the insane DemoCrautic delutional whinig and theater, is just pathetic, and they will make it dead certain Trump will use DNC to wipe His ass with, because they, the polticians are dumb enough to belive in their own propaganda, pimped by an MSM that nobody anymore watches nor belives, like CNN. The Ukraina is an freak show, nothing else and they are already loosing that, but this are just divertions, because one thing isnt debated, the one thing that rules the Imperial banana republic foreign politics, ISISrael. Anyone saying anything else is either lying or isnt paying attention. Then we have Saudi-barbarians and scums like UAE and others like em, because fighting Iran I think is an price non of this are willing to risk or take, iit will set the entire region in fire, and I know IDF is week, and despite their cocky propaganda will be crushed by Hezb and others relativly rapidly, the days of hegmony is dying as we speak, the Yemen war should ring some bells.

To the Turks, the people is bleeding, ordinary people have nothing, and is depending on an steady rise on the overal economics, and if the war goes sour, then the people will bleed even more, and turists starts to boycot Turkia then what. I guess, IMHO that, the northern parts incl Eastern, will be solved in some weeks from now on, what remains is the central and south eastern parts witch is controled by the Imperial banana republic, and they are already flying to ISISrael to confirm their future agenda despite the loss of the Kurds, witch is of course to safe guard the terror state ISISrael, and forget the ISISrael Minor, that pipe dream is dying or will be gone in the near future, but the present Pompeous sacks of shait will have Iran as their exuse, of course, and we all know why, because the Tribe controls the Imperial senat. Why do you think the Brits are drooling bullshit, the French are drooling bullshit, the Germs are drooling bullshit, because they are told to do so, and they do it, since they get their orders from the MSM.

And we all know why, because of the Tribe, and the Tribe have them by their balls, since they own the banks and have total control over the MSM.

All wars are bankers wars. Jesus, most of you are ignorant. That, is da problem, everything else is consequencess of this rotten scums grips on the polticians balls. The only remedie is Gallows or Guiljotins.

I can even smell the coming revolution, never forget this, wars are when the Gov and political scum class tells us whom the enemy is, revolution happens when people finds out them self whom our enemy is, and its buring everywhere this days, most indiginous, apart from the few that our MSM suports and you think they are eh….. not controlled, huh, are there people that f…. stupid, but this, are minore, compared to the vast number whom is kept under the radar, and not mentioned in the MSM unless they simply condem em as criminal thugs, of course, but the undercuret is massive and will grow exponential. I am for the first time, since I started to read and write, seeing an tiny ray of light. WE the People are coming, and my humble advice is about Gov, scums, hang em all. Freedom is never given, freedom must be taken.



How poignant, the US withdraws their human shield for the Kurds and they collapse instantly and suddenly become capable of a deal with the SAA. Such a lesson for treasonous assholes around the world. Now for the retribution against all those who sold out the Kurds to the Yanks, that could get ugly. Seems only a matter of time when the Ukraine goes the same way.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

No matter what the US says to Erdogan his safe zone it will never exist, and they couldn’t deliver it to him if they wanted to. Nearly half a million Kurds live in the areas Erdogan wants to turn into a safe zone to rehouse the Syrian refugees living in Turkey, where the hell are they going to go, could Assad rehouse half a million people in a few months, I don’t think so. And what about the Arab population that also live in these areas, they don’t want the Turks there either, they’ll make Erdogan’s safe zone as much of a nightmare as the Kurds will. The Kurdish ALF operating out of the Tall Rif at area make Erdogan’s resettlement programme an absolute nightmare in his supposedly secured areas to the west, is there any reason things would be any different in the east, I don’t think so. Erdogan’s safe zone is a complete and utter impossibility, apart from being totally unworkable if it is achieved, it will be catastrophic to all the civilians already living there and very unsafe for any new immigrants arriving from Turkey, so no one will want to live there. Turkey and it’s proxies have already stacked up a dozen verifiable war crimes that Amnesty International will take them to court on them on in the future, and with the bloodthirsty maniacs Erdogan has in his proxy army those war crimes are just going to start piling up, so I can see big problems for Erdogan soon on the international front, it’s bad enough now but it’s only going to get worse as the crimes mount up. Erdogan’s already lost Spain and Italy’s AA systems and the EU countries are lining up to stop arms sales to Turkey, EU sanctions may come next even if Trump doesn’t also end up having to do the same due to public pressure. But now we’ll also get to see why I keep saying the Arab League has become the biggest mover and shaker in Syria, they want Erdogan out and I’ll bet they get him out, and they’ll also put him in jail with the help of the Israelis and the Turkish opposition parties [who know some of his dirty little secrets]. And why can’t Assad rehouse the Syrian refugees living in Turkey, he’s already made overtures to the Syrian diaspora to return to Syria and go back to their old homes, most of Syria is already secure so most of those refugees could return to Syria without Erdogan’s help. Safe zone, fighting PKK, LOL, the PKK has been the quietest it’s ever been over the last 2 years and they haven’t been giving Erdogan any real reasons to go after them this way, so there’s much more to this than meets the eye, Erdogan has a separate agenda to the one’s he claims to have. Those 2 reasons just don’t add up to scrutiny, both are easily solvable with an open and honest dialogue with Assad, he can rehouse the Syrian refugees in Turkey, and he can also get the Kurds to stop attacking the Turks, or at the very least work out a way to assist the Turks control the border so they can’t. Why can’t Erdogan just ask Assad to help out instead of going in all guns blazing, oh that’s right, Erdogan refuses to have direct discussions with Assad’s government, he just has to go in all guns blazing. Give a madman enough rope and he’ll hang himself, Erdogan’s already tied the rope to a tree and tied a noose around his neck, now I’m just waiting to see who actually kicks the chair out from under him.

Kristy Rain

never leave an enemy stronghold intact. they should destroy these abandoned bases.

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