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Syrian Army Entering Deir Ezzor Province

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On Firday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies, supported by Russian and Syrian air forces warplanes, captured Wadi al-Wa’r, Al-Wa’r Dam and Al-wasta at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

According to pro-government sources, the  SAA has deployed in 20-30 km from the T2 strategic station east of Albuqmal Cityat the Syrian-Iraqi border.

In the eastern Homs countryside, the SAA seized the Zahr Abah area east of the Arak gas field and deployed in only about 25 km from Al-Sukhna town.

From its side, ISIS claimed that it was able to kill two Hebzollah fighters and captured another fighter east of the Arak gas field. If confirmed, this was the first time when a Hezbollah fighter was captured by ISIS.

Syrian Army Entering Deir Ezzor Province Syrian Army Entering Deir Ezzor Province Syrian Army Entering Deir Ezzor Province

According to unconfirmed reports, the SAA advance on the Syrian-Iraqi border is greater than it has been officially announced. According to pro-government sources, the SAA has already managed to enter the Deir Ezzor province after capturing Wadi al-Luweiza.

However, the only thing that is certain is that the SAA is already about to capture the T-2 station and the strategic road between it and the T-3 station south-west of Arak gas field.

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Gabriel Hollows

He should have gone down fighting, now ISIS will use him for one of their snuff videos.

Cowards die in shame.


maybe he tried….he is in a very bad state there…all covered in blood. maybe he could not fight due to severe injuries. in my opinion he is more of a hero than a coward.


If you were there, as it would appear as you seem to know the exact circumstances of his capture, why didn’t you lift a finger to help him?


Without knowing any details of what happened you come here and judge someone who has put his life in danger by actually fighting Saudi and CIA backed insurgents. If that wasn’t bad enough you imply that he did something that was cowardly. What is your source of such detailed information? Or is it now a sin to simply survive a battle? Even if you are unconscious? You insult people who fight this cancer. I hope you are young and thoughtless, because in every other case your insult should have severe consequences.


The force is weak in this internet warrior.

Gary Sellars

Thats unfair… he could have been incapacitated, eg a concussion from a blast.

Cowards? Shut your fucking mouth. This dude is fighting for HIS people and risking HIS life. What the fuck are YOU doing?


This man is not a coward.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Hello Hollows, I know he is just a Goyim, and you are the Jewish-master-race-member.
But could you show a little respect for a loving father who has given his all to protect all monotheist from all walks of life…
As a devout follower of my personal Lord and Savior Christ Immanuel, I show full respect to my fellow Monotheist.

Hassadnah Abraham

Thanks to Putin help to restore International law . However Putin must help to send more new tanks for SAA and helicopter too. All out war must be continued against US sponsored terrorist.

Leon De Elias

When you are fighting coward motherfuckers like these,you should kill them as many as you can and leave a saving shot for yourself rather than your relatives see you bleeding out in some the worst beheading videos for propaganda purposes..


leave a saving shot for yourself

you really dont know who this peoples are
shot yourslef is consider suicide
suicide burns in hell fire forever

Leon De Elias

Better if you are taking with you as many as you can,so you have buddies in the hell.. ;)

Toni Liu

Better for him saving one magazine and playing fake death then suddenly stand up when those shit stain aproaching him and take as many as he can before get shot to death, thats more better than suicide with gun shot to the head

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Looks like he was hit by an explosion not much he could do to escape at the time ,still a brave hero .

Real Anti-Racist Action

I agree with you, or maybe a round went through his helmet and gave a pressure know against his head. He may have been dazed or out of it for a few minutes till they already ran up on him.
I feel bad they have a picture of his son and address. Now Israeli agents of fake-monotheist may go hurt his family also.
I am sure ISIS is more thirsty to hurt a Hezbollah member then any SAA member, and they had some SAA solders for dinner literally.
I hope some how a serious firepower effort is laid to either kill his captors and free him or kill him in the process as well before they torture him to horrifically. They pry plan to amputate body parts while they clamp his arteries and demand to know Hezbollah secrets.


Both identity cards belong to one and the same person by the name Rami, born in 1988.

Valery Grigoryev

I pray for him.
Let the God gives him quick death.
Better may be exchange for some captured ISIS beasts.While this is unlikely…

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