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Syrian Army Encircles 60% Of Harasta District, Liberates 274th Regiment Base (Map, Photos)

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Syrian Army Encircles 60% Of Harasta District, Liberates 274th Regiment Base (Map, Photos)

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On March 2, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) encircled 60% of the Harasta district after capturing several positions south of the Mohamad mosque in the eastern part of Harasta, and in the al-Ajami neighborhood, according to Syrian pro-government sources.

From its side, Ahrar al-Sham, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and US-backed Faylaq al-Rahman launched a counter-attack against the SAA in Harasta and captured several buildings inside the Police housing complex in its northern part.

The three armed groups claimed that their fighters had destroyed two T-72 battle tanks, a rocket launcher and an operations room of the SAA 4th Armoured Division during their advance.

In response to the counter-attack, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) conducted a series of airstrikes on positions of the armed groups in the northern part of Harasta, according to Syrian pro-government sources.

Syrian Army Encircles 60% Of Harasta District, Liberates 274th Regiment Base (Map, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Syrian Army Encircles 60% Of Harasta District, Liberates 274th Regiment Base (Map, Photos)

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The militants’ counter-attack is likely the last attempt to prevent the SAA and it allies from fully besieging Harasta district. However, with the SAA maintaining all of its key positions, the counter attack appears to be a failure.

Meanwhile, the Tiger Forces captured the 274th regiment base and established control of the crossroad near it in the eastern part of Eastern Ghouta.

Syrian Army Encircles 60% Of Harasta District, Liberates 274th Regiment Base (Map, Photos)

Click to see the original-size image

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Emily Byron

Y cant we c…we got to live together…we got to come we hot to come together…..yea c


How do you suggest we “live” with these Wahhabi jihadists. “Submit”, and allow them to kill any who will not accept their beliefs, or out of love for ourselves and our neighbors sweep them away.

John Wallace

Wow .. you should write a song with that idea and words . Sure to be a hit .. I will help a little and you can work around it .
He say, “I know you, you know me”
One thing I can tell you is you got to be free
Come together, right now
Over me
Shoot me, shoot me, shoot me, shoot me
Come together, right now
Over me

Yeah something like that but you will have to improve it but I an sure it will be a hit.


Emily im pretty sure you are a good kind of human, but you forget that there is evil in this world too, and what is the opposide of love? Do you know that?

There has to be always a DEFENSE against evil spirits and powers, dont you agree with that?

I tell you what Universe we are living in because i think you are still very young or very naive or just full of drugs.

You and i are living in a universe of duality that means there are always two things of the good and bad like Day and night, breath in and breath out, + and -, Life and Death, ebb and flow, Spring and Winter the list goes on and on you will find even more of them yourself with more life expirience.

There are humans/forces out there that are PURE evil can you yourself imagine what PURE evil is? And there has to be ALWAYS a force that is against it. The only force that cant be controlled be with is Nature/Rule of Law or BALANCE.

I give you another example, if all around you is dark and black and nobody has a light in them anymore only a small light can enlighten it up and the shadows of the figures can be seen.

One Light is enough so that everybody can see the darkness. Another example Light and Dark.

I hope this will help you to understand this World/Time/Zeitgeist a bit more. If you really want to know more search for Hidden knowledge, or Flower of Life, Secret Architecture of the Universe.

Knowledge lets you be free, gets you be more calmly and you fear nothing anymore.

A Very good channel for Knowledge is: https://www.youtube.com/user/everhungriescatgang/videos

Proud White Kuffar

good god bless russia and saa go with god’s speed to capture whole ghouta

Shylo Duffy

My heart leaped for joy reading this..God is answering our prays…

Rita Munson

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Trump looks like an Antichrist like a dajjal the false messiah, liar, the deceiver. He is an evil figure, who likes human suffering, devastation and destruction.

Putin looks like a Messiah, who likes human prosperity and development. Who rescue and protect humanity from Antichrist (dajjal).


The Jihadist getting hit from both sides :D
Good job by SAA.

Gonçalo Pena

This is going to be a Stalingrad. I hope SAA to prevail without much losses

Shylo Duffy

From you’re lips to God’s ears.

Richard M

That would be great if all Orcs left either in boxes or in prison transport trains. I think they have a good chance of getting Green Bused to Idlib though.


Hunt down the White HelMutts they and their fake chemical attacks are Syrians biggest problem as the zionists are just waiting to strike as usual,with their fake claims.


Pro Trump terrorists preparing another chemical attack in Syria.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes the question it will be a fake attack? or they attack SAA with chemicals and then accuse them that they use them on their own self or that the wind changed and backfire on them.


Quick, quick. A “terrorist” attack in the west to show that these “jihadists” hate the west. XD.


yes excellentes news!!!!


No detailed maps, no daily syrian war report…
what is this?? :(


You wouldnt even understand it if i told you.
So i will not.


better i block you orc, if i am not able not understand you. so, bye!


I dont care
Its your lose

Boris Kazlov

You scumbag will always find something to say about good news.


Yea, it’s pretty much already over at this point as the SAA have breached the main defenses of the eastern side of the pocket and are blitzkreiging towards damascus/duma.
Once duma is liberated it will be aleppo all over again for the damascus suburbs of hell lol.

Richard M

SAA should repeat this “backdoor strategy” in Idlib.

Mario Ceva

Trump and Macron are very worry about their terrorist in E. Gouta. Same unhappyness that when “fall” Aleppo

Icarus Tanović

Destroy all wahabie vermin! They intoxicating the very air we breath. Let’s stomp maggots.

Richard M

East Ghouta will be liberated completely before month’s end!

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