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JUNE 2023

Syrian Army Encircled ISIS In Mayadin and Deir Ezzor (Overview)

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Syrian Army Encircled ISIS In Mayadin and Deir Ezzor (Overview)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies successfully encircled ISIS fighters from north, west and south inside Mayadin city in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, according to several Syrian-pro-government media outlets.

At the same time, the only bridge linking the city with the eastern bank of the Euphrates is destroyed.

So far, the SAA has captured al-Ba’um area and the Grain silos north of Mayadin city, and al-Balout and Sesame districts in the eastern part of the city. South of Mayadin city, the SAA has captured the al-Rahba castle, the Mayadin old airport and al-Rashadah district along with the the Mayadin power company and several farms.

On October 13, the SAA outflanked ISIS fighters inside Mayadin city and reached the al-Jisir – the bridge – area in the eastern part of the city.

ISIS fighters can now only move into and out of the city throw the Euphrates river that is closely monitored by the SAA and the Russian Air Force.

The ISIS defense inside the city was not effective enough to stop the SAA advance. The main reason is that most of the civilians evacuated the city days before the SAA attack on it. This gave the SAA and the Russian Air Force the freedom to target any movement of ISIS fighters inside Mayadin.

The SAA will likely capture the town in the near future and then cross the Euphrates river again towards the strategic Omar oil fields. The fields will provide the Syrian government with much needed income. Capturing it, the SAA will cut off the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) from the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Meanwhile, the SAA and its allies besieged ISIS fighters inside Deir Ezzor city after the SAA captured Marat, Kusham and Hatla villages, and reached the Aleppo roundabout north of Deir Ezzor city. The SAA also reached the al-Siyasiyah bridge that’s considered ISIS main route to Deir Ezzor city on October 10.

The SAA will likely work to eliminate ISIS units on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river north and northwest of Deir Ezzor city before launching its military operation inside Deir Ezzor city. ISIS still have hundreds of experienced fighters that controls around 40% of Deir Ezzor. However, once the SAA captures Saqr island southeast of Deir Ezzor city, the ISIS defense inside the city will likely collapse.

The next target of the SAA after securing Mayadin and Deir Ezzor city and the Omar oil fields will likely be the last ISIS stronghold inside Syria – al-Bukamal city located at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

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MD Ranix

slow but steady, and clean, well executed strategies are a norm for the tireless superheroes from the russian led coalition … victory is inevitable

Daniel Castro

People say SAA is slow, that is because they are trying to avoid excessive civilian casualties, the zionist coalition just bombs everything that moves with white phosphorus, and even then they just advance on territories when they bribe ISIS mercenaries to join their forces.


I am not so sure that slowness comes from that point, but I think it could be one of the factors. Other factors could be bad coordination, bad decisions, lack of tactic acknowlege, untold secret agreements,….I do not know, but I has been shown that whenever Russia-Syria-Hezbolah-Iran want to be fast, they are fast. Why they have been SO SLOW to get oil field in Omar ? For me, it is a mystery.

Moussa Saab

Lol, it is no mystery. The USDF were supporting/using ISIS North of Deir Ezzor city. Just as the Russian general said, the U.S were meters away from ISIS points but yet they still felt safe. When they advanced from Hasaka governerate to Deir Ezzor, ISIS barely reacted to the SDF until now, while the SAA was receiving most of the blow by ISIS.


Great news


Since most civilians are out of Mayadin, ISIS will not have human shields and will be quickly identified and destroyed by the Russian Air Force and SAA artilery.

Moussa Saab

Mayadin city is not as big as I thought, should not take more than a 8 days for Mayadin to be held by the SAA.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Lot of outlying towns there in the region so it’s spread out quite a bit.

Icarus Tanović

You Wahabie fux are done and done. Go and beg Trump and America to send you some strihnin instead of methamphetamine and cockaine, because if SAA capture your arse alive there’s gonna be a helawa party. ?


As Mayadin is being reclaimed by SAA, is anyone doubting that we are watching the last days of Daesh in Syria and Iraq? It will end the anti-ISIS coalition (that will try to hang around “protecting” their “moderate” rebels in Syria). When Daesh is gone from Iraq, will Iraq deny the Coalition their airfields and airspace? I should hope so. What else do you think will happen?



John Mason

According to AMN, Mayadin has been liberated.

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