Syrian Army Eliminates Terrorists Around Al-Tanaf & Captures Others In Homs Desert (+18 Video)

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has eliminated a terrorist group, which had advanced from the US-controlled zone around al-Tanaf and attempted to reach residential areas south of the city of Palmyra, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on January 17.

“As a result of the continues, careful monitoring of US-backed terrorist groups in the area of al-Tanaf on the Syrian-Iraqi border … The authorities eliminated a terrorist group that attempted to sneak out from al-Tanaf in a car towards the desert of al-Hublah, 70km south of Palmyra, at night,” the SANA’s reporter in the governorate of Homs said.

The SAA targeted and destroyed the terrorists’ car killing two of them. One of the dead terrorist was identified as “Elias Yuns Hammud Hilal,” an Iraqi ISIS member. The terrorists were armed with several machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and an explosive belt.

A second group of terrorists was ambushed and captured by the SAA while it was trying to sneak out from the ISIS-held pocket in the Homs desert. The group, which was captured in the area of al-Taliyah, consisted of three terrorists armed with a heavy machine gun and a sniper rifle.

Syrian Army Eliminates Terrorists Around Al-Tanaf & Captures Others In Homs Desert (+18 Video)

Click to see full-size image, by the SANA

The Damascus government and its allies believe that the US-led coalition and its local proxies are allowing ISIS cells to move freely within the 55km de-escalation zone around al-Tanaf. In order to confront this threat, the SAA stepped up its military presence in eastern Homs and around al-Tanaf, where Russian forces established a new base recently.

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They escape to Mambji to kill the Americans who leave the city against the will of their master Netanyahu.

Zionism = EVIL

Must have been a big car to hold all this weaponry. The biggest terrorist base in the area is the Americunt occupation base at al-Tanf where they train and send headchoppers into both Syria and Iraq.

Bill Wilson

LOL! It’s more like the US spotted the fellahs trying to slip thru the desert and gave the SAA a heads-up on what they were driving and riding along with their general direction of travel. The US set up bases and posts in that area primarily to block the flow of weapons and munitions being smuggled in from Iraq and Jordan since it contained the best roads and the most direct routes into Syria. Their presence forced the smugglers to take longer routes around them to the north along crappy roads and thru rough open desert where they had to travel slower while hoping that their suspensions and tires wouldn’t get ruined along the way.

Zionism = EVIL

Americunts are the biggest sponsors of terrorism regionally and globally. That is a sad FACT!

Bill Wilson

It must be profitable or our government wouldn’t be doing that!

Zionism = EVIL

and also the goddamn Jew parasites have crawled up Americunt dumbass. There is a report that Jews and their Bilderberg corporations control over 90% of dwindling Americunt wealth. Warmongering and a police state is big business.


More likely the US supported the fellahs trying to slip thru the desert.
And were caught dead by SAA . :)

northerntruthseeker .

Only a Hasbarat fool would make such a ludicrous comment like this one!

Alan Foo

So ignorant

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