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Syrian Army Eliminates Infamous TOW Operator In Northern Hama

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) killed an infamous TOW anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) operator of the National Front for Liberation (NFL) during the ongoing clashes in the northern Hama countryside.

Pro-government sources said that Ahmed Qutaish was trying to target SAA vehicles in northern Hama when army units hit his position, killing him and destroying his TOW launcher. Qutaish was reportedly one of the best ATGM operators in the NFL.

Syrian Army Eliminates Infamous TOW Operator In Northern Hama

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The last few weeks witnessed an extensive use of ATGMs by the NFL, that targeted the army battle tanks, vehicles and positions to support the repeated attacks by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

According to a recent report by the Reuters news agency, Turkey has supplied its proxies in northern Syria with loads of ATGMs, including US-made TOW missiles, in order to stop any advance by the SAA.

Despite this Turkish support, the rate of ATGM strikes decreased over the last week. This indicates that the SAA is handling this threat more or less efficiently.

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Tudor Miron

One more rat down. Very good.

You can call me Al

If you hover over your upticks, there are 4 people that have voted for your comment, yet it states 3.

W now have a conspiracy on SF.

John Whitehot

i think it just has to do with some latency in registering upticks. In this moment it looks legit for me, 6 pluses and 6 users.

Tudor Miron

I think it has more to do with the way disqus is working. I appreciate people supporting my view but there’s no obsession about it.

Joe Dickson

The thing about rats is there are always more to take their place.

John Whitehot

until there is no more and large cats patrol all the alleys and backstreets.

Stinky Man

Don’t be fooled Turkey the US and of course Israel are in bed together helping the head choppers in their effort to overthrow yet another freely elected government.

Harry Smith

As long as USA supports Kurds, Erdogan has no other way but seek an alliance with Iran and Russia. I think Idlib it’s all about political influence over the region. Erdogan just allowed Al-Qaeda to exist on the territory he thinks is controlled by the Turkey proxies. But it was the catch 33.

When Erdogan said his proxies are controlling the territory, Putin already knew that Turkish proxies controls nothing. So the deescalation zone was just a try to satisfy Erdogan’s ambitions, while Kremlin knew it’s just matter of time when US controlled HTS will start the offense.

If Idlib goes under Assad control, the only think Erdogan has to concentrate are Kurds and SDF. So current offense is just desperate try of US proxies to give some more time for Kurds.

John Whitehot

“As long as USA supports Kurds, Erdogan has no other way but seek an alliance with Iran and Russia”


Erdogan siding with Russia and Iran is something that has a much more strategic value.

It appears clear by now, what has happened with Turkey:

Zionists lied to them into becoming a main party among those that started the Syrian civil war. Clearly throughout the zionists man in Ankara, PM Davinoglu – one of the most fervent supporters of a Russophobic/Sinophobic policy of expansion of Turkey into mid-Asia.

Only later, Erdogan realized that if Turkey were to fight against Syria for Israeli, US and Saudi interests, the zionist side would have replaced him with Davinoglu, when Turkey would come out and claim the “promises” that the clique made to them before the war.

The “coup”, was probably a desperate attempt at putting Davinoglu in power, after Erdogan received intelligence from Russia and China about the zionist plan.

In addition, Erdogan realized that for Turkey to fluorish economically, the only strategy is to become part of the Chinese silk road – otherwise the country would have been exposed to financial attacks by the likes of Soros and co.

So don’t believe zionist and cryptozionist medias when they try to picture Turkey as a country that will betray his partners at the first occasion. Turkey has won an important battle against this scum, and it’s on course to free itself from them for good.

Harry Smith

Historically, Turks are not the allies you can trust to.

John Whitehot

the status of Turkey in respect to Russia, China and Iran is not that of an ally, but that of a partner.
Countries which are partners agree to disagree on some aspects, but share a number of strategic interests, which come before any other consideration.

in this context, Turkey has made certain agreements, because its survival as an independent country depend on them. Russia and China have literally given Turkey the way to avoid becoming a zionist enslaved nation.

Zionists are particularly concerned with the situation with Turkey, because in their view, they fear a “domino effect”, where all the European countries sooner or later decide to drop the US as a master and instead go for a common foreign policy that suits their interests.

That’s why the zio-media attacks on Turkey’s position in Syria in regards to Russia have been particularly reckless.

Also the choice Turkey made, to buy S400, knowing that they would be kicked out of the F-35, is a matter of deep concern with the US MilInd complex. That’s because the risk of the F-35 becoming exposed as the fraud it is in front of the world has changed, from “very unlikely” to “very likely”.

Turkey has chosen to be independent from the empire of debt that the west has become. For that, they have my respect, even if I can’t agree with certain choices they made in regards of supporting ragheads.

John Whitehot

this kind of news always leaves me rather skeptical.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


John Whitehot

Because I know how military propaganda works.

In the west especially, there has always been the tendency to create myths about enemy combatants, because, if exercised inside certain limits, this practice gives some advantages.

For example: during the Vietnam war, the US military propaganda invented news about a certain Vietnamese pilot of MiG-17s, dubbed “Colonel Tomb” (Tomb is not even a Vietnamese name).

This “ace”, was credited with like 20 kills of USAF/USN Phantoms.

Now what’s the effect of that?

It gives US pilots an excuse, for when their comrades are shot down in air combat. All of a sudden, where there is a US plane shot down by a Mig, “colonel Tomb” is responsible.

And when it’s needed the most, they give the story a “happy ending”.

In this case, “colonel Tomb” is engaged in an air battle by the USN ace Ritchie Cunningham, who after a lenghty combat, puts a sidewinder in Tomb’s Mig, killing him.

So they create an “american hero” out of the story.

After decades:
All North Vietnames air force records of the war, showed that no “colonel Tomb” ever existed. Some NV pilots became aces, with some of them scoring many kills in Mig-17 and 21. Some of them perished, some survived. But on the other side, Richie Cunningham was forever the “American Hero” killing the best NV pilot.

Now, this scheme has been re-used in many other contexts, especially by US/UK subjects.

Another example: during the 80ies, US and UK attack subs patrolled the Northern Sea. The western navies came out with a notice, that the Soviet Northern fleet had a Victor 2 SSN skipper which was incredibly good, and dubbed him “the prince of darkness”.

No one knows if the “prince of darkness” ever existed, but the effect on US and UK submariners was that everytime they were outsmarted by a Soviet sub, they had the excuse they met the “prince of darkness”.

So, I’m not saying that the killing of the raghead missileer is just propaganda, in fact, it’s probably true. But the significance of these single events must be put into the broader context of an entire engagement, if not an entire war.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

well i think SAA is actually trying to win the war, not make up myths and blame losses on some mythical enemy, but for the other cases, yes probably


Another non-replaceable head chopper goes into oblivion. This is not sustainable by AQ and kin.


If they were strong you pull that guy back and he spends his days training others. The core group of long time fighters miss it when one of these go down. Demoralizing!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

All that U.S. education gone up in smoke.


If there aren’t any tanks on the battlefield and most soldiers are on foot, then ATGMs are pretty much useless. I think the Houthis are showing the way in asymmetric tactics. Mind you, the SAA are doing pretty well I think – not committing manpower, instead using a russian-style artillery sledgehammer to smash everything


Nice Good Kill, Good Kill…

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)



What weapon the SAA use to destroy the TOW ?

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