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JUNE 2023

Syrian Army Drawing Plans To Liberate Saraqib (Video)

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The Syrian Army is drawing plans to liberate not only Maarat al-Numan in southern Idlib, but also the  town of Sarqib in the northeastern part of the province.

Pro-government sources speculate that the recent decerase of hostilities on the contact line between the army and militants in southern Idlib is only a temporary measure needed  to evacuate civilians. After this, government forces will reportedly resume their operation to liberate Maarat al-Numan on the M4 highway and push to eliminate militants in Saraqib, which is located north of Maarat al-Numan, on the same highway.

Syrian Army Drawing Plans To Liberate Saraqib (Video)

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Music to my ears


Enjoy it :) I think I hear the tunes of “Time to – say good bye” sung by the last headchoppers and their sick supporters from Globalist money masters. Hopefully their farewell song is heared when they are put 6 ft under….


LOL yeah ??


“recent decerase of hostilities on the contact line between the army and militants in southern Idlib is only a temporary measure needed to evacuate civilians”

Logical ! Assad have repeated so many times the highest importance of the efforts to avoid killing of Syrian civilians. While many of people and false experts here have the habit to immediately accuse Putin or Russia for “betrayal” In short accuse them for everything. Bashing and blaming Russia for everything is in good old Western (MSM) tradition, to which they obviously mentally belong. Like killing of terrorist was never priority for Russia.

George King

Actually Maarat al-Numan is on the M5 highway and Saraqib is located further North on the M5 at the junction of M5 (runs north to south) & M4 (east to west). Saragib is the Achilles heel of any resistance left and the key to cleaning out West Allepo further North of Saragib. Obviously M4 will be the drive to clear out the resistance in Western Idlib from M5 across the M4 to Latakia and the Turkish border area west.

northerntruthseeker .

Absolutely…. I have long said that Saraqib is the key to the entire pocket, for if the SAA can grab that vital transportation/communications hub, the entire pocket could collapse.


I hope that when the M5 highway is liberated, the SAA will liberate Jir ash-Shughur and take the M4 highway from the east and west simultanesouly. With this move a huge pocket south of it will be created and can easily be liberated.


Once Idlib is liberated thats the beginning of the end, are the US going to be allowed to stay at Al Tanf & the oil wells.

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