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Syrian Army Disrupts ISIS Offensives in Deir ez-Zor

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The Syrian Armed Forces repelled several attacks of terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group on the two main airfields of the Syrian Army in Deir ez-Zor and Sweida.

Syrian Army Disrupts ISIS Offensives in Deir ez-Zor

Several attacks, planned by terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group on the two main airfields of Syrian troops in Deir ez-Zor and Sweida, were disrupted by the Syrian Armed Forces. As result, terrorists suffered heavy losses.

Syrian fighter jets struck IS terrorists, stationed near the Deir ez-Zor Airport, while they were preparing for an offensive on Syrian troops, deployed inside the airport. Terrorists’ positions in al-Rashidiya, al-Hwaiqa and al-Hamidiyeh districts of Deir ez-Zor, as well as their gatherings in Panorama, located west of Deir ez-Zor, were also attacked by the Syrian Air Force. As result, a number of terrorists were killed and wounded, and their military hardware was destroyed.

Several airstrikes were also carried by Syrian aircraft on positions of the IS terrorists in al-Hosseiniyeh and Hatla in eastern Deir Ezzur, as well as in Jabal al-Tharda and al-Jafreh, located south of eastern Deir Ezzur province. Several militants lost their lives during the airstrikes, which also destroyed their military equipment.

At the same time, offensives of the IS terrorists in the vicinity of Tal al-Sheikh Hassan and the al-Tha’ala airbase, located in Western Sweida, were repelled by the Syrian Army. About two dozen of terrorists were killed in fierce clashes with Syrian soldiers. Positions of terrorists in Tal al-Ashayhib also were shelled by Syrian troops. Scores of militants were killed, while many more of them were wounded.

On Wednesday, the Russian Aerospace Forces also pounded IS terrorists’ positions, located in the east of the province of Deir ez-Zor. As a result, militants suffered heavy losses. Russian fighter jets struck defense lines of the IS on the Thardah mountain. Several terrorists were killed and wounded.

At the same time, the Thayyem oilfields and a power station, located near, were also attacked by the Russian air power. As a result, two technical trucks, equipped with anti-aircraft machine guns, were destroyed and more than 20 IS terrorists were killed and injured.

The military situation in Deir ez-Zor remains stable, as the Syrian Army is always alert in this area, while fighting in the city of Palmyra in Homs province has intensified, as Syrian troops let their guard down.

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Deir ez- Zor , is the immediate priority along with a Palmyra mop up. While the territories west , and southwest of Aleppo do require a big push back , and the troops are there , this will be a long term operation

Deir ez-Zor first of all , because if it is lost ,( to ISIS or any other force) , the Raqqa – Deir ez-Zor combination instantly creates “Sunnistan” . As we know Raqqa is already engaged by US/Kurdish troops. Secondly but equally important is the lucrative oil fields just southeast.

This operation should not only secure the airport , but both sides of the river , and the oil fields. My most humble salute to the SAA , and friends , a big WELL DONE.


Deir ezzor is critical for syria. Syria does not have much oil and gas but what it has is mostly found near deir ezzor. About 75%. Of course they can get help from iraq once mosul falls, but that battle is going badly.

Once again ISIS and Nusra are coordinating. The ISIS offensive was quickly put together to divert resources from aleppo in spite of US led kurdish threats to assault raqqa. In fact, every time the kurds and the west declares raqqa a target they instead hold back and watches them stage these attacks.


So the ISUS reinforcements have arrived from Mosul (build up of force around Deir Ezzor and Palmyra). This is what the US hoped for. SU/RU will have to divert more air power to these areas. Perhaps more heavy strikes from russian bases will do the trick! Deir Ezzor has held up very well, but was doing better before ISUS/US airstrike. I was not aware that ISUS had an air force! SAA is reinforced by air drops and planes landing at night at airport? Palmyra can be helped by freed up forces from W Gouta. I assume that infrared and thermal targeting work much better in the syrian desert in the cooler months of winter? = Night hunters

Rodney Loder

Mosul is stagnated compared to Aleppo and the Damascus Environs, if the YPG want to redeem themelves and save Kurds from the Wild Card Turkey, now is the time to distance themselves from SDF, if Trump pulls the plug the Syrian Kurds will have zero credibility, later might be never, IS and other Armed Syrian Rebels won’t disappear they will reevaluate the situation and hopefully join their Brothers fighting for Syrian Unity with the SAA, they will feel let down badly and Kurdish attachment to Foreign Powers especially israel which SDF is will be like a red rag to a bull.

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