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Syrian Army Discovered German, British Made Chemicals In Duma – Syrian Deputy Envoy To OPCW

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Syrian Army Discovered German, British Made Chemicals In Duma – Syrian Deputy Envoy To OPCW

Syria’s deputy envoy to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Ghassan Obaid during the briefing that was halt in The Hague. By RT

On April 26, Syria’s deputy envoy to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Ghassan Obaid revealed after the briefing organized by the Russian delegation to the organization, that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) had discovered chemical weapons along with German and British made chemical materials in the militants positions in Syria’s Duma district.

“In the depot with chemical weapons left by terrorists in Duma, we have found chemicals from Germany, the United Kingdom, from the Porton-Down laboratory in Salisbury,” the Russian news outlet Sputnik quoted Obaid as saying after the briefing that was held in The Hague.

The Syrian deputy envoy to the OPCW called on the organization to inspect the sites where chemical weapons and toxic materials were discovered.

The OPCW visited two sites in Duma, where chemical weapons were allegedly used, and collected samples on April 21 and 25. However, the organization has not yet confirmed if its fact finding mission is planning to visit the former positions of the militants where tons of toxic materials have been discovered.

The April 26 case was not the first time when Syria and Russia announced the discovery of chemical weapons and toxic materials in captured positions of the militants around Damascus. On March 21, the Ministy of Defense of Russian announced that the SAA had seized 40 tons of toxic material in the Eastern Ghouta region. Despite of this, the OPCW didn’t take any steps to investigate these cases.

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Who is surprise ? Macron, Theresa May, Donald Trump, CIA, MI6, DGSE, Mossad, NATO “Rebels” and MSM ?

jerry hamilton

Yes. John Bolton got to them.

Rüdiger Preiss

Surely Assad has a PC. He typed “Porton Down, Salisbury” and printed hundreds of labels, which he and his wife Asma cut out, then they drove to Douma and with a Pritt glue stick (which they intercepted from Germany) they labelled their secret chemical stockpile. Assad is such a vile man. Seriously. Why would anyone doubt Auntie May, BoJo or Trumptidumpti…

Peter Pantic

You are a Idiot

Rüdiger Preiss

And you are a genius, having managed to put 4 words together and even then with a mistake :D?

You can call me Al

Satire you dildo.




passan ghassan

Ghassan sounds like maybe he is passing gassing? Deep under the earth in crevices hidden from light only accessible by passing gassing … what would you do to save your district from jihadi body odor?




“The Syrian army has discovered a secret workshop in Eastern Ghouta that was used to produce various military-grade chemicals, according to the SANA news agency.

The footage showing a plant full of high-tech equipment located in the town of al-Shefounieh in Eastern Ghouta has been released by the state-run news agency. The clandestine workshop was used by terrorists, presumably Jaysh al-Islam militant group, papers of which were also discovered at site, to manufacture chemical munitions with equipment allegedly of Saudi origin and materials ostensibly made in Western countries. Chlorine was among the other toxic chemicals found at the building.”

– Syrian Army Finds Militants’ Plant for Manufacturing Chemical Weapons –




John Mason

That does it, send an armada to UK and Germany to destroy the factories that produce the equipment.

Daniel Castro

And some military bases and powerstations in the process… in fact these chemicals are enough reason to turn UK back into middle ages!


nothing. asnd were alsi discovered russian made weapons in the hends of jihadists. and what?

Daniel Castro

Conventional weapons are different from chemical weapons you moron, they are forbidden, and the whole motive Trump used to justify bombing Syria.



castro, the loco, those chemical are not weapons :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Daniel Castro

Those are ingredients used to create chemical weapons, so they are also forbidden.

If those were in the hands of SAA instead of mossad/al-qaeda scum everyone would point to Assad and say he was gassing civilians.


those ingredients are basic of hundreds civil roducts from chemical industry.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Yep we believe Hexamine to be a common military Chemical available to the public in vast quantities for use in military Bio chemical Research Lab at Porton Down (warfare) labs et al.

Daniel Castro

But you and I couldn’t buy them if we wanted to, we can’t even buy high grade fertilizers as they can be used for explosives.

And how the hell they managed to get inside Douma on the hands of terrorists while they were on a blockade?!

Fuck off you terrorist sympathizer zionist scum!


We not, but on black market is no problem. Similarly as as i wrote the xample of russia made weapons. nobody can blame russia, becouse somewhere on black market the jihadists got such weapons. similar is the situation with these chemicals. moreover, these chemicals are poart of civil chemical industry, therefore is easier to buy them. also by help of false firm. with weapons is not so easy. btw., when russian troops were moved from us, the soldiers sold kalasnikov with 5 magazins for 200 dollars.

Daniel Castro


It came from UK hidden as humanitary aid in one of the many ceasefires negotiated. Of course all these false flags were staged with the west.

Zionist terror knows no end.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Brand new Medes Hill-Rom medical tanks used in the mixing along with German equipment , Hexamine from the US ,looks like it all points to NATO and all authorized by General Jens Stoltenberg.


turkey gave them.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

US supplied them!!


Boris Alexander Johnson says -who will interest about true – culprit is clear , this was Russian ! Idiot with May .


Theresa may vomis beurkson while donalting markel angelic trumpets in Jerusalem. They are britney toxic.


“Chemicals” can be anything. Unless Russia can conclusively prove that these are weapons and really from these countries they really should shut up. They’re just lying like everybody else. SF is so biased, it’s ludicrous. Oh, and blame the Jew, please… repeatedly! Oh, and I recently tipped over my toes when climing stairs… turns out they were made from German cement… there you go, what more proof do you need?

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