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Syrian Army Develops Advance In Rastan Pocket, Liberates More Areas


Syrian Army Develops Advance In Rastan Pocket, Liberates More Areas

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies have been slowly developing their advance on militant positions in the so-called Rastan pocket in northern Homs, which was launched on April 15.

On April 15, government troops liberated the villages of Qantara, Qunaytirat and Izz al-Din, according to pro-government sources.

By April 16, the SAA and its allies have established control of the village of Beit Ray and Jinn Mountain as well as entered the area of Wadi Khanazir.

However, local sources indicate that the SAA’s force in the area has faced a series hit and run attacks from militants affilated with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda). The SAA gains are still shaky and government troops will have to secure their positions.

Another problem for the SAA is that almost all elite pro-government units are currently deployed in the Damascus countryisde where they had been involved in the operation in Eastern Ghouta.

The situation is developing.

According to pro-government sources, the advance is aimed at pressuring local militants to accept a full reconciliation agreement and to lay down the arms or to withdraw to other militant-held areas.



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  • antoun

    excellentes news the SAA will be couped in two parties the pocked djihadist of north homs!! yesss!!

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    Give them heel and then some.

  • Barba_Papa

    >>Another problem for the SAA is that almost all elite pro-government
    units are currently deployed in the Damascus countryisde where they had
    been involved in the operation in Eastern Ghouta.<<

    Of course that was also the case in Idlib, where local SAA forces were also advancing on their own before the redeployment of elite units from Deir Ezzor. They still managed to take a village a day for several weeks before the redeployment happened. I suspect the current advance is happening for the same reason in Idlib, they found that the Jihadi forces in the area were weakened and no longer capable of putting up enough resistance. To the point that category B and C SAA units can now advance on their own.

    • Bird of Prey

      The SAA, as well as the ‘Tigers’, have now conquered Syria 20 times over! At least that’s what you would think if you believe what you read in Kremlin-outlet SF. For years now, SF has been reporting on endless victories by Asshat forces…but then you hear that there is fighting on the outskirts of Damascus! In reality, the SAA, as well as the pathetic Tiger-kittens, are the world’s most pathetic fighting force. Peshmerga women are 10x the fighters that these losers are.

      • Concrete Mike

        Yes yes nice proclamation there bud, you too,stupid to look at a map son? You ever done any urban or mountains combat? Doubt it.

        Let’s look at your buddies tsahal for a model of a modern army? Shooting white phosphorus on those filthy Palestinians that will show them.

        Face is your are with the evil, when you can’t justify what your doing and focus on slander that means your just as bad as Isis or nazis or commies or whatever floats your boat.

        Syria is protecting a pluralistic society with somewhat gender equality ( that’s a gray line there let’s not open this box). We support a society that protects all faiths genders and whatever.

        You advocate for racist monsters that will stab you in the back first chance, and all you say is asshat forces. You know how,your buddies treat their women do,you??? How the fuck can you look your mother in the eye knowing what you do? How,do,you sleep at night?

        Your just a clown trying to mislead us for your masters. We are not that stupid here.

      • David BlackBeard

        ok little bird , go back in cage now …. do you wanna proof to be stronger or a better fighter , go fight then … or u want to say u are better at tactical stuff , ok then … go ther join the army or become an advicer , show how briliant u are mister couch general

      • US-Navy Revert Shia
      • Jim E Swatton

        Junk talk.

      • That Guy

        Lololololol. Nice try kid, now fuck off and go drink you Kool Aid.

      • Bob

        Another bad loser – the militants are collapsing pocket by pocket. Bad luck, chump.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Well here is another problem there is supposed to be a false flag event being prepared in Alrastan Talbiseh in “Southern Hama” according to a Syrian Journalist and he gives the name of the one carrying it out. Russian airborne are expected to deploy in the region in Deir ezzoir there equipment is arriving by ship.

  • Rob

    Syrians and their allies should bother US, UK and France so much that they leave Syria.

    • klove and light

      dont worry brother…..the Number1AssholeTOday = NATO will be more than bothered…their illegal stay in east syria is not sustainable…under no circumstances..its even far worse than their illegal occupation of libanon in the 1980´s..and the usa got BUTCHERED there with several hundred dead.Why do u think r the assholes are striking syria right now, or isarel striking syria before…once the west of syria including damascus is secured properly….the SAA and hezbollah and Iranian forces will go to the west….once they do that its gonna be pretty dam quick game over for nato…Nato including the illegal entity israel have 0 groung forces..(and dont no one bs me with those 800 special forces of the french or the 2000 special forces of the usa)..special forces can be used for (says their name) “special ops”…..but they aint no army….no match what so ever for the SAA or hezbollah or iranian forces.and as far as the so called kurdish forces mixed with former ISIS fighters…they r a fucking joke…u saw what turkey did in afrin with them..when everybody here was like ” turkey will get a bloody nose” or “turkey will loose so and so many men” all bs…the kurds have no army..they r terrorists and heroin drug pushers….and just as assad say…”the kurds will pay the ultimate price for their betrayal” well guess what this prize will be…LOL

  • US-Navy Revert Shia

    From NYC-USA
    President Assad will With his people Military of Christians.. Muslims.. Jews to… yes there are Jews fighting in History as a Country who beat back WW-3 Hezbollah which ISISraHELL Is Terrifed of Is Shook Russia & Iran Had their back https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/05b72c43e54fad9b4d43445dc60544b8d3c3c2d9bbaed613a8bd6e59e3de370c.jpg

  • Tudor Miron

    Here we go again – dissect cualdron into smaller pieces and eliminate them one by one. Love watching Syrians implementing old Russian military school traditions.

    • BMWA1

      Like Rokossovskjy and Voronov in January 42.

      • 1943? You mean at Stalingrad, yes?

  • David BlackBeard

    according to syria live map , SAA lost control of Salem village (((((((

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      yes it happens sometimes attacking and then withdrawing if they counterattack you in force. Save you casualties and you can always take back what you withdrawing from while at the same time bring back to the killing field your enemies.

      • Concrete Mike

        Another trick,is to withdraw to pull enemy forces in a trap.

        • David BlackBeard

          yeah , maybe thats the trick they did , but for me , from my point of view , I do not understand why would the start attack on that homs pocket … I really do not see why … pocket near town of Dumayar should have been better choise … less towns , more open ground easyer to advance for SAA ….they could by pressing that pocket free more forces , to make an attack on homs pocket .
          but yeah , I m not general , and I m not soldier , and I*m not there they have their reasons to do that way , I guess

      • David BlackBeard

        yeah , I know , it’s a war , a lot of stuff happening … but its feels bad when SAA losis ground , even if its temperary …

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          Ok it is several reasons that make an officer on the ground to order strategic withdrawn, but two major ones will explain you this.

          One you are overpowered by superior fire power, so you need to fall back to save your men and fight another day.

          Two it is a strategic withdrawn in order to draw back the force attacking you to a familiar ground you already know and divide its forces so is more manageable for you to destroy, by choosing where you do your battle and prepare an ambush for the ones advancing against you. The faster you fall back the faster your enemy come against you and while on the move the enemy is off balance and thinking is winning make him kind of reckless.

          We did this to the turks not once in `74. And if ever the real records come out of what they lost in that war, which is not over yet, then you understand also why I have so low respect for them as thinking people and fighters because they are not.

          • David BlackBeard

            yeap , I do agree , turks are very poor in tactical war … they have always been poor at tactics …))))

        • Tudor Miron

          That’s part of life. War is not a movie and setbacks are unavoidable from time to time. What we’ve learned from the day that Russians entered in Syria is that despite setbacks and stuff – end result is always the same. Syrian map is beconming red and black/green is shrinking day by day.

          • David BlackBeard

            that’s true

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Never rely on Jihadi Livemap they have too many viruses and you almost sound like Jihadi admin with cheering for terrorists as all these groups support Al Qaeda HTS Joulani. Beside losses are never true most of the time but only for morale use of the terrorists.

      • David BlackBeard

        you allmost sound like Jihadi … best joke I ever heard ))))

  • nilst2011

    French Volunteer: New Chemical Attack to Come Within Few Months in Idlib : https://sptnkne.ws/hq9t

    • Tudor Miron

      It’s only a question of when.

  • That Guy

    Do this pocket and the ISIS pocket in Damascus simultaneously.

  • frankly

    Don’t get distracted too much by the fireworks and Hollywood productions, keep the choppers heads down, may God help those truly fighting evil in the world!

  • Roger Snellman

    What idiot did not expect the Sunni fighters to run away when Russians and Hezbollah were coming after them. As soon as the Russians and Shia Persians leave Sunni fighters will sneak back. They will be playing this game for generations. For the Shia Persians to win they will have to kill every last Sunni in those villages so there is nothing for Sunni fighters to come back to. Is that really the direction Syrians want to take. Guess after using chemical weapons against his own people, genocide and ethnic cleansing just comes naturally to Assad.

  • Baudouin Jérusalem

    GO SAA, God bless Russia fort the support !