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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army Detained 36 Suicide Bombers Attempting To Leave Eastern Ghouta Among Civilians

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) detained 36 suicide bombers wearing suicide belts that were attempting to sneak among civilians leaving Eastern Ghouta via opened hummanitarian corridors, the state-run news agency SANA reported.

“Army units have arrested 30 terrorists with suicide belts since locals of Ghouta started to leave through several safe corridors,” SANA quoted a military source as saying. According to the sources. militants were aiming to blow themselves up “in buses or makeshift centers in order to accuse the Syrian state.”

Six women were among the detained bombers.

“Four of them were wearing the belts while the other two put the belts with their belongings as a child was also booby-trapped with 5 kilos of explosives by terrorist,” SANA writes.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russian forces had prevented a series of suicide bombings in Eastern Ghouta. The foiled attacks were aimed against militants and their families leaving Eastern Ghouta under the evacuation deal reached in the area. Russian military found seven belts on March 26, 32 belts on March 27 and nine belts on March 28.

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Zainab Ali

great foresight syrian army – be wary of more cowardly zio losers in the near future


bravo SAA! are saving the thousand civils!!

Murtadha Mustafa

Great News, But how Syria Govt can cope with these SAUDIA DAESH TERRORISTS? they must shoot them in the head to get rid of them. We must not allow terrorist breath? Clean the Planet from Terrorist & who is behind them??? the USA, Israel, France, UK, Germany, Turkey, QATAR, SAUDIA DAESH ISIS Wahabi, De mestoura of so called UN. all of them are involved in this Globle War on Syria


Send them straight to Nikki Haley with the belts on.

klove and light

LOLOLOL yes best remark in a long time brother…. high on weed and imagining nikki haley giving out freedom and honour medals and then booom lol


This is FAKE NEWS. It was Putin who forced Assad to allow the rebels to keep their weapons AFTER surrendering in the first place. A suicide bombing ‘false flag’ against the rebels’ OWN people would make less than ZERO sense.

The REAL story is that Putin orders these wahhabi terrorists to be released, so they can fight another day.

But let me give you a VERY troubling fact. Embedded with these rebels are british SAS agents in disguise- who look like the locals and talk like the locals. These SAS agents will ALWAYS surrender in the end, but only in the guise of ordinary ‘rebels’. Putin knows they are there and Putin has promised Britain he will protect their lives. So we have an answer as to why Putin is so determined to force Assad to allow the rebels to leave WITH their weapons.


I have ignored your comments just like thousands of others here on SF but it seems that you don’t get the message: we are not buying your bullsh*t.


It’s the only way he can earn a shekel.

Promitheas Apollonious

the only logical explanation, for your condition I can think off, they must have dropped you on your head, at birth.

Rakean Jaya

This is the last time i seeing your comments since i will block you from now on. It’s little bit tired to see nonsense and bullshit from you.


Read the actual article – it says, ‘…36 suicide bombers wearing suicide belts that were attempting to sneak among civilians leaving Eastern Ghouta via opened humanitarian
corridors…’ It is not referencing the militants involved the negotiated surrenders and relocation to Idlib. The rest of your comment is your usual ridiculous and fraudulent anti-Putin crap.

Jim Prendergast

Starlight you seem to have forgotten how the terrorists attacked their own evacuation buses leaving Aleppo. It was the most extreme faction trying to control the more moderate faction with terror. That is how they work. Watch what they do in Idleb.

Bubba Junior

May I ask where this angel comes from? I was told that the only way that the “moderates” would evacuate was with their kalashnikovs and 60 rounds of extra ammo, I guess to keep from getting busted ten feet down the road. In terms of equiping a fighting force, logististics,ammo stockpiles ect the rebels left with NOTHING, just their lives!

Promitheas Apollonious

good work.


We DO know Putin has ordered Assad to allow the ‘rebels’ safe passage WITH their light arms? Don’t believe me- google it.

We DO know the rebels consider grenades ‘light’ arms?

Now draw you own conclusions, using the FACTS. I don’t recall one occasion when the ‘rebels’ blew up their own people – I recall many when they mass murdered local civilians they had previusly rounded up- to blame on the ‘regime’. I recall the ‘rebels’ attacking buses full of innocent civilians from the OTHER SIDE.

Here’s a clue for the clueless. If the rebels wanted to blow up their OWN people, they had plenty of chance to do this BEFORE surrendering. It would be the most pointless and hopeless kind of false-flag to do it AFTERWARDS. No-one has every accused Assad or Russia of using suicide bombings.

Now had the plan been to dress up rebels in the uniforms of militias fighting for the government, and then had these militias attack the buses as they travelled to their safe havens- now THAT false-flag would make sense.

Anyway you here should be asking but one question. Why, as a term of surrender, was not EVERY person surrendering and leaving STRIP SEARCHED and quarantined to ensure they remained weaponless? That is Standard Operating Procedure. Why did Putin force Assad to allow the rebels to keep their weapons?


Really? You need to ask?! Because it was part of the deal that the militants demanded. They also demanded that no green buses be used and that they be transported to Idlib. It mostly has symbolic meaning; because they still have their personal arms, it sends a message they are still in a fight. HOWEVER;

Since the fighting stopped, 11,000 militants have been cleared out of the region + 19,000 of their immediate family members. Those are huge numbers in this context, all defeated/removed from area with no need to fight, at no cost of lives or materials or time or PR. This is nearly 3 divisions of battle hardened, experienced urban fighters, who could have remained holed up in the sewers for months, and caused all sorts of losses for Syria. Their deaths would have mobilized many more of their kind to take up arms to avenge them; but with their evacuation, that pent up energy has simply fizzled away. They can now blame the regime for being nice to them and allowing them to leave in safety.

Pave Way IV

Starlight, Starlight, Starlight…. The recent two Hasbara tactics on public comment sites of

1) rabid, pointless anti-Semitism = get site shut down by US/UK/EU internet Stazi, and
2) multi-posting diarrhea to push relevant comments off the page and otherwise drive good commenters away

…BOTH piss me off. Mostly because they are effective. In your case, I’m willing to just assign it to whatever personality disorder makes you an irritating fuck in general. If you’re not Hasbara, then you’re certainly doing their job here for free.

Putin isn’t ordering Assad to do anything. Russia is considering the reality of the situation and offering terms to the head-choppers that include letting them take their small arms to the post-apocalyptic head-chopper Idlib. Why? Because they wouldn’t go otherwise – it would be a death sentence. This is a face-saving way to convince them to evacuate. It’s not like they’re going to jump off the bus enroute and start a battle. I don’t think they’re even allowed any ammo in the deal – not sure.

In any case, the risk to the SAA and allies is negligible and an acceptable trade-off for the lives saved on both sides. The head-choppers are just going to be supplied with (or buy) more small arms when they get to Idlib, anyway. Do you realize that, or did you figure by taking their arms they would simultaneously give up the will to fight?

“We DO know the rebels consider grenades ‘light’ arms?”

We DO know that you’ve been repeating that stupid-assed assertion so much that you’ve convinced yourself of it. We just wish you wouldn’t do it here. Neither the SAA nor the Russians give a damn about what the rebels think – they don’t let them leave with grenades.

“I don’t recall one occasion when the ‘rebels’ blew up their own people”

Head-choppers would kill their own mother if they felt like it. And you’re assuming the degenerate rebels all approve of the evacuation. Or that Jaysh al-Islam didn’t plant the bombers in the Ahrar Al-Sham evacuees. Or that Ahrar al-Sham didn’t put a suicide bomber on each bus as insurance to make sure the hostage evacuees (or disgruntled Ahrar al-Sham soldiers) didn’t try to escape. Or that Ahrar al-Sham didn’t strap bombs on their family members in case case the buses were seized by someone unfriendly along the route. Why would I offer such baseless speculation? Because they did it before and so did ISIS.

“…Anyway you here should be asking but one question. Why, as a term of surrender, was not EVERY person surrendering and leaving STRIP SEARCHED and quarantined to ensure they remained weaponless?”

Uh… do you understand the notion that the only way they could have possibly discovered the suicide vests is by searching all the evacuees? Or did you think they found a list naming all of the bombers that a head-chopper dropped by mistake? Rebel soldiers are searched too, but their weapons are returned before they leave. And nobody is strip-searched, for Christ’s sake. If you somehow miss an RPG, a PK or a f’king GRENADE, then your not doing it right.

“…Why did Putin force Assad to allow the rebels to keep their weapons?…”

Because Putin wants Assad overthrown by the rebels, and they’ll need weapons for that. Assad had no choice but to comply – Putin had him in a vicious headlock and kept applying pressure. Assad was on the verge of passing out, so agreed to the armed rebel thing.


Good one:
“Putin had him in a vicious headlock and kept applying pressure. Assad was on the verge of passing out, so agreed to the armed rebel thing.”

Suicide belt, never leave home without it. :)

Pave Way IV

Wife [various poses in front of mirror]: “Does this suicide belt make me look fat?”
Head-chopper husband: “Well, uh… I mean… [mutters under his breath] Snackbar!


It’s the British troops hiding amongst the women you need to catch, and give them a suicide belt, courtesy of the Syrian people.


Kill them all. Show them NO mercy!

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