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JUNE 2021

Syrian Army Destroyed Faylaq Al-Sham Vehicle In Latakia With Russian-made Kornet Missile

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Syrian Army Destroyed Faylaq Al-Sham Vehicle In Latakia With Russian-made Kornet Missile

The Syrian Army has destroyed a vehicle belonging to the Faylaq Al-Sham militant group near Jabal al-Kurd in northern Latakia with a Russian Kornet missile, according to pro-government sources.

The missile fully destroyed the vehicle allegedly killing 5 militants. Some pro-government sources speculated that the target was hit from a distance of about 7 km.

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Trut Tella

Well, that seems like a less than entirely responsible use of aid, without seeing context.

AM Hants

Nice one.


Yes.. The same effect has a tree when the driver kicks into it..
Was THIS a News worth?

Pave Way IV

It was newsworthy if they hit it from 7km away. That means the Syrian Army has been supplied with and are using the newer Kornet-EMs for the first time. Tandem HEAT version – range 8km, thermobaric version range 10km.

Toyota-encased head-choppers (and SAA for that matter) have a general tactical awareness of the 5.5 km or so range of the standard Syrian battlefield ATGM -the Kornet. You don’t casually put either your rusty armor, your prized HiLux or your head-chopper leadership within that range of the SAA without considering the ATGM risk. Likewise, there must have been some perception of safety (at least from ATGMs) by the head-choppers beyond 5.5 km. Now they have to adjust their usual scurrying about to yet another 4.5 km further away to avoid an unexpected flash barbecue and splitting headaches. This will also give the SAA the upper hand in counter-ATGM ops if they’re aware of one that needs to be taken out.

I think the -EM is compatible with the previous Kornet launcher. I’m kind of curious why Russia hasn’t supplied the -EM to Syria until now. The SAA already had the Kornet-equipped Tigr-Ms, right? Maybe they didn’t and just got new Kornet-D Tigr-Ms.


“Syrian Army Destroyed Faylaq Al-Sham Vehicle In Latakia With Russian-made Kornet Missile”

Bravooo! …
Tell us when the Syrian Army shots down an Israeli9 F-15 or better F-35 with a Russian-made S-300..

Daniel Miller

Dose syria have the money to pay for the S300? No? then STFU.


Syria has not money right now, but it will have plenty when economy starts to work.

Bubba Junior

Seven km? If that’s the case,GOOD SHOT!

Chris P

When will the Russians start their Nuclear Test near the Border of Jordan, and beside the Golan heights? That is the real question, never mind shooting down the Jews, or playing games with the Americans. This will take place soon, it really depends on how far people are willing to tempt fate. The Cuban Missile crisis was real and Nuclear Bombs are real too. We focus on Chemical weapons yet forget about Uranium. When will the NK’s sell Nukes to Iran, or did we think this is not possible? What will the Americans do and the Jews? They create this amplification of violence and will destroy their economies in the process. One threat of Nuclear testing and the American Economy is in serious trouble, never mind sanctions on Russia. We must really consider how far to push the quiet Putin. Trump should go piss on some whores and stop jumping all over the place


The answer to your question is…. never.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)



Ah Israel knows the Kornet very well, it took out 49 Merkava tanks in Lebanon in 2006… And that was about 3 generations ago.


This should worry both the jihadists and the Turks.

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