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Syrian Army Destroyed 3 Car Bombs, 17 Militants in Western Aleppo

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Syrian Army Destroyed 3 Car Bombs, 17 Militants in Western Aleppo

Today, the Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nura, the Syrian al-Qaeda branch)-led alliance Jaish al-Fatah has launched the 2nd phase of its offensive in western Aleppo.

The militant alliance attacked the pro-government forces in the areas of Minyan, al-Assad and 3000 Apartment Project (3000 AP). By now, Jaish al-Fatah has used 5 vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) to break the Syrian army’s defenses:

  • 2 VBIEDs reached targets in Minyan and 3000 AP;
  • 3 VBIEDs were destroyed by Syrian troops.

Following VBIEds attacks, Jaish al-Fatah militants were able to enter the Minyan area. Pro-government sources call this a tactical retreat and say that over 10 membrs of the group are currtently besieged there.

Some 17 militants have been reported killed since the start of today clashes.

A VBIED explodes before reaching target in the 3000 Apartment Project:

Syrian Army Destroyed 3 Car Bombs, 17 Militants in Western Aleppo

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With every extra day that syrians resist the war by terror the situation gets more desperate for the Illuminazis. This is why:

Introduction – added Oct 2016
Illuminati overtime: when reducing headlines serving theater about the future returns the present.
Psy-op working for the illuminati web of disinfo reposts an article by russian media: “Russia is Ready for War”.
Last Prophet replies:
Russia airforce already massively used by the IV Reich since Sep 2015.

Reminder from Oct 2015:

Learn about Illuminati overtime: when it started; its KEY event and its consequences.

Illuminati overtime
It officially started 2007, at the moment when illuminati were no longer able to supply oil at will, because of the exponential curve for oil production costs.
In other words: when oil prices made it impossible to cover-up the collapse of global demand, visible from idle factories (from Detroit to Beijing) to cranes (from Hamburg port to the psy-op staged as “boomtown Dubai”).

Illuminati overtime: Duration and chain reaction
What was not scripted when it started: how long it would last and how its key event would impact tactics and expose BIG LIES.
Part of the chain reaction:
– HOW Armageddon started at the end of the day;
– having to “sell” oil below production costs to extend it; to what lengths this last resort tactic would have to be pushed to.
– to what lengths the BIG LIE of an undefeatable IV Reich (alias New World Worder alias international community) would be exposed.

Most important event of illuminati overtime
It was the start of Armageddon as a real battle, instead of the scripted theater, a staged confrontation between NATO and Russia.
It reached all its stages first in Syria 2013 and two years later in Iraq: cities reduced to rubble by air bombings against civilians.
First major cities to become ghost towns: – Syria: Homs 2013; – Iraq: Tikrit 2015. Reminder: Iraq’s Fallujah was partly reduced to rubble by US jets and ground troops in 2004, yet most people stayed.

Illuminati overtime: consequences
1. Treasonous acts by the illuminati puppets playing head of government pushed to the utter limits.
2. IV Reich resorts to the military of its “enemies”
3. As implied in the previous points: Illuminati theater reaches the ultimate stage of grotesque.

IV Reich resorts to the military of its “enemies”
1. Iranian and Hezbollah as IV Reich ground troops in Syria and even more strikingly in Iraq, where the Baghdad puppet government was oficially installed by the US at the cost of trillions.

2. Russian airforce in the leading role in Syria since Sep 2015
Illuminati forced to use russian jets in a leading role to try to crush the rebels, one year after the US leading coalition had officially entered the syrian skies.
A milestone for the consequences of illuminati overtime and beyond: it’s the first time ever that russian and US airforce are bombing the same area.

3. From those dressed as communists (China) to south americans dressed as “leftists” (Brazil): supplying thousands of mercenaries to the IV Reich military branch dressed as “UN peacekeepers”.


Marek Pejović

i’m sorry but this is still unacceptable. 2 passed!? that’s horrid!
WHY can’t there be specialized MANPAD or maljutka teams stationed in strategic places or every 100 meters? why?

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